Uber Clone App: The Good Side and The Bad One

Taxi apps have become quite the phenomenon in the world his days. It is no longer a basic application. It has become a sophisticated system of transportation across the globe. People all over the world are today dependent on one app or another. There are so many taxi apps in the world today and yet the hunger for more is continuing to evolve.

This is probably the biggest reason why more and more people all over the world are buying Taxi apps or building new ones to set up their own business of this kind. However, have we spent a minute to consider how profitable or fruitful this could actually be?

Let us examine some of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of having such an application.


Big Happy points

Dependence on Smartphones

The biggest happiness point of such apps is the fact that the dependence on smart phones has increased. Therefore, people have begun relying on mobile based applications for their every need. This automatically translates to higher incomes as the number of people booking taxis is ever increasing.

Cash Less Payments

Another whopping happy point is that such apps have made cash transactions obsolete. Although the app does give you the option of making cash payments, but it essentially allows people to quickly get down from the cab and rushing to wherever they want to go, without having to wait to prepare change and to give it to the cabbie.

GPS Location

Now, your customer isn’t wasting time in explaining the address by giving strange landmarks. Even a cabbie from a different country altogether can start driving at a new place. This is because the application allows him or her to see exactly where he or she needs to go on the map.

Drivers Love It

There isn’t any bargaining or haggling involved. Although we like to believe that the drivers have a monopoly on the rates and charges, they are usually left holding the shorter end of the stick. Because of the client’s continuous banter, they succumb to the prices. However, because of this app, there is no requirement for any discussion from any end. In fact, the driver doesn’t even know how much the charges are for a particular trip until the trip gets over.

The Pain Points

Not everything is as glorious as we would like for it to be. Although there are many things that an app based business for the taxi industry that facilitate its growth, there are a few damaging things as well.

People scared of the word CLONE

Uber Clones are the easiest way for someone to succeed in the taxi market. The taxi app based on the Uber Clone Script is one that has been tried and tested millions of times and therefore makes sure that there isn’t any operational problem in it. Yet the moment the word clone is attached to it, people get scared of its legalities.

It’s a lot of work

People like to believe that just because their business is based on an app it doesn’t require an office or any effort. It is in fact quite the opposite. Building an application is a lot of hard work. Unless you’ve bought a readymade app, you will have to set up an office and employ a team of developers who are working on your app. If you ignore its importance, then you will end up jeopardizing the success of the app.

Destructive to the general state of the industry

Competition at a very high level in any industry can be destructive towards the overall pricing for the market. This means that when there are too many players selling the same item, the market focus is customer centric rather than Service Provider centric. Each uber clone app aims at increasing their user base by offering better and more attractive prices. This might in turn end up hurting the overall pricing of the industry.

Looking at the big picture

When you look at the whole picture, you will find that the pain points are fewer than the happy points. There is a lot that such apps have to offer. But before one considers entering this business, one has to be absolutely certain that they have studied and evaluated all the pros and cons.
It is never nice to suddenly come across struggles when you have already set up shop. Read, research, study your competitors and most importantly take trials of the application. If you are building your Uber clone yourself, be patient. If you are buying a developed app then make sure that you collect the Uber Clone Script too!

Author Bio: Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solution and on demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.

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