Ultimate Guide on Digital Marketing Strategies: A Complete Guide

Digital technologies have revolutionised the landscape of marketing. Electronic devices gradually started to influence post-purchase decisions. People seeking suggestions to Google, and social channels creating greater opportunities to tattle and share stories, this paved way for a new era in marketing. The wide reach has intimidated most entrepreneurs/ marketers to wisely use this channel in creating a strong brand presence. An opportunity is a mere reflection, of the need to create a strong plan of action. With increasing demand, online marketers need to come up with riveting digital marketing strategies to compete and retain a sizable market share.

Let’s see how to create a digital marketing plan for your online enterprise

Digital Marketing

Every strategy needs to have set goals/ milestones and a clearly defined plan of action. The goal needs to be achievable. Most newbie entrepreneurs tend to make the mistake of setting unrealistic goals, goals that cannot be materialized into reality. The outcomes will most likely doom the initiative or will anguish the inspiration.

Great business entities with aspiring goals have created wonders. The secret is a written draft of the goal, and a timely milestone detailing what needs to be achieved at the set intervals. Most entities fail to brainstorm and create an action plan.

Why a buyers persona is important for digital marketing

Now we know the importance of setting goals. It’s time we learn why we need to consider creating a persona when setting goals. Every business is unique, this preeminent nature of business itself is the strength and weakness. Consider you got inspired by the digital boom and thought of setting up a startup in the eCommerce realm. So, Now you are an eCommerce service provider. Being a technology provider you need to know what segment/ populous are you targeting.

Your goal needs to be framed around your customers. A customer oriented strategy gives you the best result. If you don’t map your business objectives around the key stakeholders, then its given that you are lost in the entrepreneurial journey. A buyer’s persona helps you identify your target customers. In case of a premium eCommerce platform provider, based on the kind of technology you provide your target customers will vary. For eg: In the initial stage you technology is focused to enable and encompass online stores that are into clothing business.

The technology/ themes you created are specifically suitable for apparel industry with wide customization, virtual trail stores, etc. The theme layout may not be suitable for starting an online grocery store. Or your initial strategy is to create a reputation in the apparel industry and slowly expand to other segments.

Targeting grocery shops with a premium theme customized for apparel store is not the best practice. It can increase the operational cost and will increase your bounce rate.

Map your customer journey

Once you have the buyers persona in place, create a keyword matrix and a marketing funnel. It helps you to mentally create an overview of how the leads/ prospects move along the customer journey. A customer journey plotted with a keyword matrix help you strategist multiple marketing plans. The strategy to attract leads for your online apparel store will be different from the one that you use to inspire and motivate the lead to become a loyal customer.

The awareness, consideration, and decision stage will succour at times when deciding what strategy best fits individual stages of a customer journey.

Trust factor in the eCommerce business

The word commerce carries an added weight of monetary transaction. Trust plays an important role in initiating a commerce. Consider the likelihood of you entering into a monetary transaction with an entity of unknown existence. Near to zero isn’t it. It’s natural that people prefer to do business with establishments that have a reputation and are trustworthy.

In case of eCommerce business, your website is the first point of contact. People need to feel safe, secured, and empowered on your landing page. Most eCommerce stores make the mistake of creating an unpropitious website. The home page instead of convincing the customer creates enormous confusion. Beware, The visitor only needs the slightest reason to exit your website and move to your competitors. Most website homepages give ample of options.

Factor in the UI and UX element when creating an eCommerce. Recon the fact that we live in a digital world that paramounds the importance of customer experience. Make sure that every action on the website will take the user one step closer to the end objective, which will be a purchase for an apparel store.

Optimize your PPC campaign

I believe you have dabbled a bit in online marketing, and expect that you would have come straight on with PPC. Pay per click is the most effective way to drive instant traffic to your website. Most digital marketers have sagaciously used this channel to generate quality leads and online sales.

This marketing channel is widely explored by online marketers. PPC when done wrong can cost you a huge amount. This marketing channel needs to be addressed carefully. The best option is to learn it yourself, (you will get continuous support form Google) or you can hire a reputed digital marketing agency to do the work for you. Make sure that you go through their previous work and muster some credence.

Importance of support team

Digital campaigns can bring targeted traffic to your sites. Most of the traffic needs to be convinced before they make a purchase. As a fairly unknown digital enterprise, you need to acknowledge the fact that you are not Jabong or Myntra which has a sizeable market reputation. In case of an online startup, your support team plays an important role in convincing the leads. Educating them the benefit of entering into a digital commerce with your establishment. For eg: Your support team can educate the customer by detailing why this particular material is best suited for the climate. A personal interaction will create confidence among people, once people are confident they are most likely to buy from you.

Social media for Brand voice and social engagement   

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Social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, has metamorphosed into an online marketplace. People visit these channels on regular basis and share their stories. Social media are widely used by multiple business entities to create brand awareness, and even to sell their products. Every business entity needs to know the fact that social media is not a channel to be treated as broadcast media. It’s a channel where you need to interact engage and convert customers. Root your presence, and then slowly build a relationship with social followers.

How SEO strategies benefit you in the long run

Search Engine Optimization is the best and the most affordable marketing strategy available to bring quality leads to your website. Organically ranking on SERP for high quality contextual based keywords can add great value to your bottom line. Imagine you ranking first on SERP for a keyword “buy apparel online”. WoW, that’s kind of a great deal.

SEO is quite a broad term. There are numerous elements to consider. The first being the domain authority of your website. Websites with good domain authority could rank better when compared to those with lesser authority. Yes, it takes time to build good/ exceptional domain authority.

High-quality article, Google loves an article that adds value to the reader. For an online apparel store, you can write an article on diverse topics like, How to select a bridal saree, Quality material for baby clothes, etc. If what you create is a link worthy asset then slowly you will start to move up the SERP.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is were you synergize your marketing plans by effectively considering how you can leverage a domain expert and add value to your business. Influencer marketing is not something that you could do in wisp. It needs time and significant effort. May the question arise, Why? Show some empathy, put yourself in the influencer’s shoes. Think, on an average how many emails, SMS, phone calls, Social media queries, the influencer gets. Why should the influencer notice your pitch?

With people spamming every possible electronic channel, it’s of baseline importance that you need to personalize your pitch. Make sure that your message/ request is unique from the pitched he gets regularly. If you are trying to contact the influencer via email, then make sure that the email is curated in such a way that the subject line is compelling enough to intimidate the influencer to open the email. Draft and revisit the email before sending, never send a partially sketched email. It irates the receiver, you don’t want to sway your influencers mood.

Integrated Offline and Online strategies

Let’s revisit the case where your target customers are fond of creating an online apparel store on your platform. Considering few entrepreneurs are having a brick and mortar setup. You need to take the opportunity to formulate a plan to integrate your online and online stores. The greater the visibility, higher the chance for customer interaction.

Club your online shop with your physical apparel store. Let people find your presence online and visit your offline store. The intangible factor in the lifestyle business itself can be challenging. For e.g. : Most people prefer to try the clothing before they jump into a decision to purchase, they just want to make sure that the clothing will look good on them. With increasing online scam and news about fake products its better if you wisely use your offline presence which could promise people a quality.

On the contrary, you can also make use of your offline store to promote your online business. Club your offline promotional activities with your online store. Encourage people to buy your products online. Collect their information using a SaaS based lead management tool and keep them engaged. Fr e.g. : Send people seasonal offers and discounts.

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