How These 7 Unique Features Can Make Your Fitness App Stand Out?

“This content is for health enthusiasts and fitness experts, who want to make fitness application. From this content, they can know 6 unique features that can make their fitness app stand out.”

Today, almost all the people are looking forward to getting their desired body as a few years back, fitness becomes a new religion for people to adopt. However, getting the desired body and becoming fit is not easily possible; therefore, various people prefer to use fitness applications that are obtainable.

Currently, app stores (Google Play and Apple App Store), have thousands of fitness applications on the app store that claimed to deliver highest quality service to its users.

What’s the Future of Fitness App Development Market?

As per the recent report by research2guidance, it is expected that the market for fitness and health apps will grow by 15% by 2020 from 10$ billion to 31$ billion. Thus, you can imagine how much competitive the fitness market will be in the future.

So, if you have any fitness application or fitness app idea in your mind, you need to know the unique features that help you to get attention of maximum users. You also need to understand how will your fitness application stands out from other apps? In this blog, I have listed 7 exclusive features that you can include in your app and make it unique.

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Key Features to Include in Your Fitness App to Make it Successful

Fitness App

1. Tracking and Activity Log

One of the most important features to consider when developing fitness tracking applications is tracking and activity log that can reduce the total cost of app development. By including this high-end feature in the app, you don’t have to connect your app to the smartphone sensors for getting users’ health data.

Rather than this, you can make use of HealthKit and Google Fit APIs to access health data that collected from iPhones, Apple Watch and Android devices. They can manage and store complete information, including:

  • Duration of activity and exercise
  • Number of steps walked
  • Total number of calories that burnt
  • Heartbeat rate
  • Favorite Exercise

2. Guide Through Animated Trainer

If you want your fitness application to get the attention of fitness enthusiast, it is must that you guide your app users through animated trainer for all the exercises that are mentioned in the app. Through animated trainer, you can make it a lot easier for your app users to follow the instructions and they can do exercises without any mistake.

It would be an amazing feature for the app users as they can get a complete guide through the trainer, explaining what to do step-by-step. Animated trainer, considered as the most useful feature, is a great choice for all those people, who are new in the fitness industry and trying exercise for the first time.

3. Voice Control

Along with animated trainer in the application, you can include voice control feature in your application as it is would be the most useful feature, making the app more convenient for users. Using voice-control feature-based fitness app, users can easily pause and resume training and switch between exercises to understand more clearly. They can listen to the voice commands carefully and follow it to perform the exercises as mentioned.

4. Geo-Location Functionality

Geolocation Functionality

Geo-location functionality is also an exceptional feature that you can include in your fitness app as wearable apps and fitness apps that are aimed at tracking actives sports activities can take benefit of this feature hugely.

Moreover, social fitness apps can also take benefit of this technology and give suggestions of new connections or events that are happening nearby. For example, it would be good option to show a map of free facilities in the area or upcoming sports events like marathons, etc.

A social running application can also feature a map of well-known routes recommended by other users and matchmake a user with a running mate, who nudges nearby. Nutrition applications can also feature a map of suggested healthy eating spots with top reviews and recommendations from the community.

However, including this high-end feature can increase the overall cost of developing a fitness app, but it will delight your users, resulting in increasing user engagement rates and opportunities.

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5. Push Notifications

While making a list of features to include in fitness application, you should consider push notification that plays an important role. It will notify users about the upcoming events, new social requests within the application or plainly remind them to stay well hydrated throughout the day. Moreover, users can check push notification anywhere and anytime without opening an application as they can go through it easily.

6. Sleep Tracker


Sleep Tracker is another most useful and essential feature that widely used in today’s busy lifestyle. It tracks the sleep of users, giving complete information about it like deep sleep and the time when user didn’t get the sound sleep. It also gives information about the moments when user was active during his sleep.

If you have included this feature in the app, the users also need to wear the band and activate it before going to sleep. In the morning, they can check the application and know about their last night sleep.

7. Altimeter

Considering altimeter for your fitness application can also make a huge impact on your application as this is the widely used feature for all those users, who climb stairs rather than escalators.

With this feature, they will be able to measure the stairs climbed and the change in height (altitude). With this, they can also get help while jogging and running because they can measure the efforts made and the final result determined.


These are the top 7 features that can be included in the fitness application to make it stand-out from other fitness tracking applications. In this competitive market, it is must that you make your application as unique as possible so that people find it useful and interesting. No matter what type of fitness tracking app you need, you can make a list of features and other requirements and discuss it with any leading mobile app development company that already have experience of developing such healthcare apps.

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