Top 9 Web Design Trends That will Dominate in 2019

The Web design environment is an anticipated one and the existing trends produce many surprises. The year 2019 is not a different one for the web designers. Here are some out of the trends to watch out for in the future. The web design trends are greatly influenced by the technological facts, design principals, and the philosophies. There are many types of devices which include processing power and the programming libraries are available to the folks.

1. Material Design Lite

This concept of MDL (Material Design Lite) works by optimizing the paper-like design language which is used for the internet. The physics-based principles are applied during the design process. The real fact is that it allows the use of shading, motions and different kinds of layers in order to indicate the usability and also it will reflect how the devices will interact with the rest of the world.

Advantages of Material Design Lite

The interface is designed in such a manner is that it makes the folks easier it to learn. The other main advantage is that since it is not a javascript based one, it is much easier to learn and also this type of Material Designed are retained with the improvements. The elements are designed in such a manner is that it attain both consistent weight and thickness. The platforms are constructed in a flexible manner and so they are easy to customize to meet the personal needs.

2. Split Screen

The split screen composes of two parts such as self-contained cards and separate cards. The real fact is that one of these cards may be a smaller version which is a traditional type. With the aid of a split screen, one has the ability to diversify the data. One-half of the profile may include the photos that grab the attention of a viewer and the other side of the profile has the navigation menu. This layout creates an attractive view that has a natural hierarchy.

Advantages of Split Screen

One can present two weighty content categories without making the visitors appear. It is flexible to communicate the connection between the content categories to the consumer. It also helps to create a dynamic first screen.

3. Virtual Reality

Today’s modern web development is the major element of virtual reality. The devices are constructed in such a manner is that they experience the virtual reality. These images are more impressive one in a visual way. The scaled measurement must be appropriate one and the distance between the elements should be taken into consideration.

4. More Videos to be added

The videos are more attractive one and they are the vital elements as background for the content. The major change is expected with the internet videos in the future is their quantity. The style of production is a similar one and on the other side of flip, the same clip will be used several times on the different platforms. It is said to be that the videos are a popular one because they are alluring to the consumers. They are much easier in creating the emotional connection. And also compared to that of the images videos are more adaptable one.

5. Pop-out Menus

Mostly the mobile devices have surpassed the desktops and hence they are known to be most popular browsing widgets. The screen space is more valuable one than ever. This is the major reason it is necessary to hide the screen and the windows until they are needed. Many elements such as images, videos, and the text can be enjoyed before returning to the original one. The hiding menus including the sleeker design make the folks focus on the current task.

6. Scalable Vector Graphics

The SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) present the web designers and the developers with more benefits over that of the traditional image formats such as JPG, PNG, and GIF. The major composition of SVGs is the vectors which are said to be that of the mathematical descriptions of the object’s shape. The real fact is that they are the resolution independent and they do not require any HTTP requests.

7. Influence from Wearable

The use of the wearables is in going in such a good manner that they have an incredible impact. The year 2017 saw the sales of millions of wearables. The web consumers are satisfied with the place of User Interface including the other devices. The wearables are constructed in such a manner that space is maximized, works faster and they also use less effort. The loading time will be highly reduced one with less distraction and confusion. It can also increase the penetration to scanning technology and the data can be transferred to the other platforms and the devices.

8. Flexbox

FlexboxFlexbox is one of the major Cascading Style Sheet version 3 layout mode that it makes more efficient and predictable one while working with the page layouts which will be displayed using the various screen sizes and the devices. It has been supported by all the modern browsers and the front end developers will be using it more wisely.

9. Microinteractions

They are said to be the single, specific moments when a consumer is interacting with the website. There are many actions such as liking a post, sending information or filling in a form field. The major purpose of these micro-interactions is to provide feedback and guidance for the folks especially for improving the UX.

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  1. Advika

    Thanks for sharing wonderful article, I have already read upcominng web design trends. Choosing the right colour sheme is important. My favourite is the standard colour scheme of red, black and grey. Custom typography will always be in style like using fonts of extreme size ( large and small )and typography imposed on images and also UI and UX very Important while website designing.

  2. Hitesh Patel
    Hitesh Patel

    Thanks for sharing Your Great work, The listed web design Trends are fresh and very needful thing for Web designing. While designing a Website its also crucial to consider the UI and Ux trends.I have wrote an article regarding it.


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