Why You Should Add Videos in Your Marketing Strategies?

Videos are one of the most effective content forms that you can use for marketing. They are effective communicators and they engage the audience well. Videos are a creative marketing format and require to be designed carefully. There are many types of videos that can be used for marketing. You can create a skit that conveys your business message in a subtle manner, you can go for direct advertisement, and you can make animated videos that will pass the information, and so on. If you choose animated videos, there are further categories of animation from which you can choose for your video content, such as 2d animation, 3d animation, whiteboard animation, explainer videos, and much more 3d animation services. Business can make their choices on the basis of what suits them the best.

This article is going to discuss in detail why a video-based content is an effective marketing tool and how you can create videos that will impact your audience. First, let us find why we should use videos for marketing and branding and benefits can we have with videos:

Videos are more Credible

The Internet presents the audience with an enormous amount of information every second. Our newsfeeds and notifications are filled with information all the time. Not everything that is posted moves us or attracts us because we know we cannot trust everything that we read online. However, it is certain that videos tend to be more trusted and shared by the audience because they automatically come with active evidence or they include a storyline that is more convincing than something that is read. Even if the video is spoken by a presenter directly, it still has more credibility because a human being is speaking to the audience and the audience can see him/her. They can judge the words by the expressions and the body language.

Videos are Shared More

Videos are more effective because there is a lot more chance of videos going viral than other content forms like blogging or social media posts. People do share videos when they enjoy them across different social media platforms. Also, sharing a video does not affect the message as videos are seldom trimmed.

Videos are Engaging

Videos are more engaging because they involve the audience in various sensuous dimensions. They provide the eyes with engaging and lively visuals, the ears are treated with attractive and conceptually enriched voices, and the minds are captured with ideas and emotional stimuli.

Videos Function for All Marketing Campaigns!

Videos can be used at different marketing platforms as they can fit in layers of concepts and deliver the message with clarity. The concepts covered in a video with a strong storyline or effective explanations are more likely to be remembered by the audience for long. Also, videos are shareable and most social media platform present videos with a comment section where things can be discussed and thus, spread further.

Procedure for Creating Good Videos!

Videos can be used for promoting products, building brand image, increasing website traffic by having attractive videos on the front page, and so on. However, no matter what is your purpose and what video type you choose, you need to incorporate a few specific characteristics to make it effective for marketing purposes. However, not every video is effective and not all video-based content produces good results. There are a few tips that you must follow in order to make videos and promote the video that will influence the audience and generate desired outcomes for your business:

Write a good Script

Whether you go for an animated video, a skit performed by individuals, or an explainer video without any characters, you need to write a script before starting the procedure. Generally, a good video procedure is the one where you start with addressing an existing problem, then as the video proceeds, you need to present a solution, and at the end, you need to put a call of action in order to stimulate an active audience response. This is a general outline for an effective video. You can be as creative as you want or you can choose to keep things simple as well, depending on your subject and the audience.

Make it surround around Your Audience

Whether you make videos for your product promotion, marketing, or even branding, make sure they surround the target audience well. Your audience should be able to relate to it and the problem that the video should be made resolve should be about the target audience. This is necessary in order to engage your potential buyers.


Research is essential for all kinds of marketing and it should be the very first step that you take when creating a marketing video. Do a broad research related to your product, targeted audience, and competitors to make a sound video that correctly represents your product. You can conduct the research via public survey and through online forms and surveys. Research gives you a strong foundation to portray a real problem and a solution for it. Videos made without research can misguide the audience about the product and may create a negative impact on the audience.


The quality of the video must be good including the content and video graphics. Since people associate the video quality to the quality of the product, the quality must represent the higher value of the product. Bad representation of a good product can really have a negative impact on the audience’s mind and might create the opposite result.

Keep it Short

The video must be kept short and effective. Shorter videos are more effective because people see the complete and without getting distracted. People can lose interest when watching a long video and might get distracted. This can lead to confusion about the targeted message of the video and can create the reverse effect. A good marketing video can be made with the above-listed tips and ideas and will surely help you create an effective marketing video.

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Lidiya Jackson is a professional 3d animation artist who works at a renowned 3d Animation Company 3D Animation Inc which provides Animation services all over the world. She always wanted to be an artist and has a degree in Visual Studies from the University of Texas. lidiya loved working with digital art tools and this is the reason she chose a career in graphic designing. Her creative strengths allow her to create marvelous designs that satisfy the clients and makes businesses earn a good response. Her diligence and devotion are what makes her a valuable designer.

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