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How do I Prepare for Bank Exam at Home?

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There are 5–6 months is enough for preparing if you are determined. Definitely, as 5–6 Hours daily is sufficient for you to clear the exam.

Take a Mock Test Online:

The test will make you aware of the pattern being followed in different sections, level of difficulty and your current status. To know ‘Where do I stand?’ is extremely crucial before you actually put in your time and efforts preparing for a competitive exam.

Go Slow But Go in Depth

Once you’re done with the analysis part you should then work on the fundamentals.

I. Quantitative Aptitude

Learn Speed Maths tricks (Many of them are available on YouTube), do a lot of mental Math in everyday’s life and make yourself able to calculate really fast.

Get an in-depth understanding of chapters such as Simplification, Average, Percentage, Ratio, Profit and Loss and Data Interpretation. Once you become sure about the concepts and your ability to solve them fast try bringing command over other chapters.

II. Reasoning Aptitude

The topics like Syllogism, Machine Input Output, Puzzle Test, etc carry high weight-age as far as a IBPS PO exam is concerned and with 6 months in hand you can bring an absolute command over these topics provided you know the approach. Do not get worried about the verbal reasoning topics as they take only 1 or 2 months’ preparation to gain command over.

III. English Language

For last few years the level of difficulty in this particular section has been increasing and to clear the cut-off you must be a good reader of English Language. Make a habit of reading different pieces of writings; News Articles, Journals, Magazines, etc. Besides, you’ll to work on your grammar as well.

IV. General Awareness

Preparing for this section seems most cumbersome to most of the students as one has to store a lot of events, dates, names in one’s mind with daily happenings at National and International arena. But I would advise you not to do thorough study for this section as it will consume a lot of your precious time.

V. Computer Knowledge

You need not be a Computer wizard to clear this section just follow online computer section of different website and once you are done with its contents, practice a lot of sample questions either online or offline.

Enroll on a Test Series

Once you are done with the concept building and practice part the time comes when you need to validate your performance in a real time test scenario. Enroll on a quality test series and save 3 days for 1 test. First day when you take the test and next two days to analyse your performance, of your strong or weak areas or to rectify past mistakes. It’s highly important not to repeat mistakes in future exams else it may cost you dear specifically in IBPS PO exams and your rank may suffer a great deal if you attempt questions wrongly.

Finally, we would like to state that if you start preparing for a IBPS PO exam, you have great chances of cracking it because you start early you always have an upper hand over your peers but make sure you study what’s relevant and important to you as we always stress,“Cracking a competitive exam is more about strategy than sheer hard-work.”

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