10 Do's You Must Know While Preparing for Pre-Medical Test

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Here are 10 Do's you must know while preparing Pre Medical Test (PMT)

  • February onwards, the candidates must increase the self study time from 6-7 hours to 10-12 hours 
  • About 7 hours of sleep, you must keep your mind and body fresh to work the next day. A tired brain will definitely take more time to memorise and recapitulate.
  • NCERT Textbooks of Biology and Chemistry for class 11th and 12th should be read thoroughly. In Biology, diagram based questions can be frequently asked in PMTs.
  • From the NCERT Textbook (Physics), the section of "Points to Ponder" should be read thoroughly.
  • Practice the multiple choice questions from NCERT examples for all the three subjects - Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Practice previous year questions of PMTs split subject wise and further chapter wise. These should be done side by side as the chapter is covered in class.This gives you a good idea about the pattern of the examination.
  • Make a chapter wise list of Scientists of Physics , Chemistry and Biology given in the NCERT Textbooks for easy learning and retention.
  • In Biology, the aspirants must cover the following topics i.e. Animal Kingdom Phyla features and examples ; Fungi groups features and examples; Plant Morphology examples of Stem, Root, Leaf, Flower, Inflorescence and Fruit. In Physics,  the list of all the important formulae and shortcuts should be made along with each chapter for quick reference and revision in the end.
  • It is very important to develop speed while solving the numericals in Physics. He should be able to solve each question in one minute on an average.
  • The student must learn to leave the very difficult questions in case they take too much time to get solved. There is no place for guesswork in the exams which have negative marking, so it should be avoided even in all the practice tests and assignments.

With inputs from Dr Arvind Goyal, academician and PMT Trainer.

(Source: India Today)

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