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Are you experienced technical content writer and looking for a powerful stage to showcase your experience and artwork? If yes then good news!! We at Durgtech are now accepting the guest article and invite every guest blogger to come and work with us.
We look for only the high-quality content, whether it would be a design theory, success story, tutorial, blogs, social media trick or savvy business advice. It has to be valuable for readers so they can learn, grow, learn the technical skills, earn and boost their creative mindset. It is useful to learn the technology and coding skills to build visions come to life.
If you’re interested in sharing your experience, knowledge, articles, blogs, story or anything else, please check the contribution guidelines of Durgtech. Our content editor team reviews each and every guest article then get published.

Guidelines for the Content

  • We are only accepting the blog written in English.
  • The content must be Unique and grammatically error free. We are serious about it!
  • The content must be unique and don’t publish elsewhere already.
  • We can give Two and three Backlinks to your website and blog’s but no affiliates links allowed.
  • We do not allow self-promotion, Affiliate links and other marketing that you have been paid to include in the content we publish.
  • The length of the blog totally depends on the topics of writing. you have to write according to topics and make this article informative.
  • The average blog length would be 700 to 1000 words and which can be altered as per the requirement of topics.

To Make Your Blog More Visible Need SEO Optimized Content

  • You must include an interesting and catchy title (max. of 65 characters) of the blog with the proper keyword used.
  • For rank your blog in SERP, we required to Meta description (maximum 165 characters) that must include the primary keyword of the blog.
  • You are also advised to create a banner for your post If required.

Guideline for the Structure of the Post

  • According to our website, you have to provide two paragraphs of the content (120-150 words each) before integrating any video, image, infographics, table and any other multimedia content.
  • Always try to make short sentences which are easy to understand. You should break your content in different paragraphs to make it user-friendly.
  • Try to use proper Heading tags, Bold & Italic fonts to differentiate the content.
  • You should use a bulleted list to make it easy for the readers to grasp the important points.

Guideline About the Inserted Links

  • All the links included in the post must be properly working and relevant to the information provided.
  • You can even integrate the link of the resources for some specific information and data statistics.
  • For adding the hyperlink to any text you can simply link the desired text using HTML or can provide the link path.
  • You can’t include the link of your own website or any other promotional link within the content.

Author Bio:

Please provide us, A brief introduction of yourself in around 2-3 lines in the Author Bio section. Moreover, you can also add the link of your Twitter and Google+ profile to make it easy for the readers to follow you.

Example – About Author

Deelip Kushwaha is an AdWords and Analytics certified, Who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with the best solutions and advice. He is also founder and editor at “Durgtech.com”. You can also follow me at FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn

Become a Regular Author

Please note that It is not possible for every applicant will be approved as regular Authors. I think, If you are a good applicant then definitely will be approved as regular Author. Please follow the same guidelines to become durgtech Regular Author.
  • Contact us via email: durgtech@gmail.com
  • Give a short description of yourself, skills and your interests
  • Give me some URLs of your blogs as an example that will represent your writing skills in your e-mail.
  • Give me about three to four topics suggestion of your field of interests and explore it further.

Topic Suggestions

Educational Topics

Ethical Hacking tutorials, tools and resources, Information Security tutorials, Programming, design, and architecture related articles, Technical book recommendation and free book resources, cloud computing, Open Source tools & frameworks and free learning resources on the web, Big data computing including Hadoop and other educational tips and tricks.

Web Design & Development

  • Latest trends, Tutorials, and freebies for web designers, Website development tools and resources for web developers.
  • E-Commerce Platforms related articles including (Magento, Drupal, Joomla and more)
  • Programming Language related articles including Java, Scala, PHP, Python, Ruby, Javascript, jQuery, Node.js and more
  • SQL, Oracle, MySQL, and other relational databases and Hatching programs
  • NoSQL databases including MongoDB, Neo4j, Couchbase and more
  • Useful Resources for Themes & plugin, Templates, Images and Wallpapers, and others.

Digital Marketing Topics

Digital marketing strategies, SEO & SMO Latest News & Updates, Strategies and Tools for Webmasters, Social media marketing strategies, email marketing tips and tricks, app marketing strategies, app store optimization techniques, youtube marketing strategies, content marketing and Tutorials and Informative post on Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, Concrete5, Joomla, and others.

Mobile Topics

Latest Trends, Updates of Mobile OS, Useful apps on Android or iOS devices,  Android Tutorials and resources, Top List (must be referenced to a renowned website), Tips for Mobile application development, tools and resources for app developers and app marketing strategies.
Tips & Tricks: Useful tips and tricks for PC hardware, Software, Gadgets, and Networking.
If you have any query or suggestion related to the website, please contact us at durgtech@gmail.com. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us: durgtech@gmail.com for any query. We wish a happy long term relationship with you.


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