Thursday, October 15, 2020

5 Steps to Drive Engagement on Your Social Content

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Social media engagements are like an open invitation to many business owners to market their brands to their fullest. Social media platforms serve the station where people are welcome to interact and encourage healthy relationships betweEn a business and a client. 

For today’s companies, social media engagement signifies that you have an impactful presence in the market. It’s not limited to gain sufficient popularity; it’s about building with potential customers, which directly influences your ROI and business. 

Businesses tend to spend a sufficient amount from their budget on social media marketing, but somehow they fail in approaching individual engagement targets. In this agony of social media engagements, having brand loyalty is complicated. 

There is always a social media marketing strategy or some steps to follow that give a complete insight to advance your presence and customer engagement.  

5 Simple Steps To Drive Customer Engagement On Your Social Content  

Follow the necessary five steps that guide you in managing, scheduling, and building social media to increase engagement. 

1. Share Authentic Content

Quality and frequently shared content is a must: Don’t spare a day without posting content. Many of us are not aware of the facts about posts ratings. There’s an algorithm that is used to maintaining the quality of content. 

You can follow some of the postings; also, you can indulge in a content marketing strategy.  Avoid posting non assisting content and false strategies of posting.

Social media managers always follow the golden rule of using appealing content material. 

2. Play a Hashtag Game Smartly 

The hashtag helps you in reaching to your thorough research.  It will instantly help you if you follow its basic rules. 

  • Select the hashtag language wisely. If your chosen language is English, it will automatically reach the users globally. 
  • Avoid irrelevant hashtags; use original and relevant. You have a margin of using 30 hashtags in one post, so always add hashtags related to your company or product. However, don’t clutter the post with too many unnecessary hashtags.  
  • Your post gets in danger if you use hashtags with spam. By using those hashtags, your post gets banned from the social media authorities. 
  • It’s better not to write the hashtags in the post; it’s preferred to add in the comment. Because it will make your post look messy. 

3. Must Add Location 

People are engrossed in searching on social media. They are looking for brands, companies, and trends on Instagram. Most influencers believe that Instagram is an excellent platform for influencers. 

This is because Instagram gives easy access to new content frequently. Adding locations help people to access your profile. Sources like geolocation are best if you use it intelligently. It is supremely helpful to get on the top of searches when you are at a popular location. 

4. Filter Your Audience

It seems beautiful to have countless members on your social media platforms. But it is also essential to have active users; it is very unproductive to have inactive users. So it’s better to block those accounts that are useless and give you nothing. 

Many users who follow other accounts will hardly see your account. The best part is the algorithm that aimlessly shows your posts to relevant subscribers. Moreover, if it gets likes, the social network will show it to more subscribers. Which indeed indicates the surge in engagements. If the algorithm selects those accounts that already follow many other stores, they will not respond to your content. 

5. Offer Giveaways

Indeed a giveaway idea is prevalent, but it does wonders. For active engagement, create rules and let your audience follow them. 

  1. Ask the audience to follow your account 
  2. Fix a number of post to like 
  3. Comment and mention 

If your post gets likes and comments, that means your engagement is also increasing; with the reposting option, more users can subscribe to you. You can go with the simple pattern of like comment share for your giveaway post but going for something better and unique also works. Always keep this in your mind that you can attract more and more audience by making your offer attractive. 


We assume that social media engagement is about interacting with a massive audience, well to some extent, it’s right. All you have to do is spend some time communicating with people to get more engagements on your social content. Follow necessary steps and engagement strategies, bring them to the execution point, and witness the difference. 

Author Bio:

Urooj Fatima is a Creative Content Writer - Digital Marketing at ACE Digitals Pvt. Ltd.  Graphic designing and digital marketing are the areas that she always likes to cover in her writing. She has turned her endless passion into a profession by serving various projects with Logo Grand being her primary focus. 

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How To Connect Your Amazon Echo To A Bluetooth Speaker

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The Echo smart speakers from Amazon are not only able to communicate over Wi-Fi-they are also compatible with Bluetooth. You can manually monitor the playback of music from your phone or tablet by attaching the Echo speaker through Bluetooth.

No matter which Amazon Echo model you have in another room, you probably won't be able to hear it. Many do not know, however, that you can connect your Echo device to a Bluetooth speaker as well, giving you all the same control but with potentially better sound, particularly in the case of an Echo Dot. We'll be showing you how to do both in this blog.

If you're set-up, this will mean that you cannot only use Spotify with Alexa and Apple Music but also play music on your phone via a web browser or streaming service even those which are not supported.

Every Amazon Echo family’s product, whether it is Amazon Echo or Amazon Fire-stick, is supported by Bluetooth.

Even if you set aside all that the Amazon Echo is still a fantastic speaker. It's not going to wow picky audiophiles, but most casual listening should be appropriate. That said, you might need more firepower if you're having guests over or want music to fill the room a little better.

Previously, with the smaller and more accessible Echo Dot, the only official way of using Alexa with more serious speakers was. Bluetooth on the original Echo was limited to playing music via it via another computer. However, with a recent update, you can now connect the Echo with a Bluetooth speaker, enabling music, news and podcasts to be broadcast via your home entertainment system. 

You will, of course, need a speaker that has Bluetooth capabilities first. The built-in wireless standard comes with several modern soundbars. However, with a Bluetooth receiver, you can add it for around $20 or £15 if your soundbar or surround sound is not Bluetooth-enabled.

The sound quality of some Alexa smart speakers, even with changes in the third generation, leaves much to be desired. The good news, however, is that you can combine the two for those who have a beefy Bluetooth speaker to hand. That means that from Alexa, you get the full voice control experience, but block-rocking beats from your current set-up.

As you can still use the 3.5 mm jack to attach your Echo to external systems, it implies a life without wires and allows for a much neater set-up. Also, you can purchase Bluetooth adapters that can fill the gap if you have an older analog device. 

Make Sure You Do The Following Before You Attach Your Echo System To The Bluetooth Speakers:

  • Place your speakers with Echo and Bluetooth at least 3 feet apart.
  • Don't forget to turn on the pairing mode of the Bluetooth speakers.
  • Disconnect your Bluetooth system with which you want Alexa to be paired. It might not be possible for your device to recognize a device that is already connected to another device.

Steps To Connect The Amazon Echo With A Bluetooth-Enabled Speaker:

  • Power it on and bring it into pairing mode on the speaker.
  • Go to on your web browser, or go to iOS or Android to open the Amazon Alexa app.
  • Select Settings from the left-hand menu.
  • Choose the Alexa system you want to connect with the speaker under Devices.
  • Select the Bluetooth option.
  • Tap A New Gadget to Pair.
  • Under Available Speakers, wait for and pick your Bluetooth speaker to appear.
  • The audio will play via the paired speaker instead of the Echo when you begin streaming music or cue up Alexa with a question or order. 
  • Just power it off or return to the Bluetooth set up to disconnect the Bluetooth speaker in the Alexa app for that particular Amazon Echo. 
  • Alongside the attached speaker, press the downward arrow and pick Disconnect. If the audio stops playing through the paired speaker at any point, go back to the Bluetooth settings in the Alexa app and tap the speaker to reconnect it manually. 
  • Make sure you have the input set to Bluetooth (or Aux if you are using a Bluetooth receiver) if you're using a soundbar.
  • Tap the downward arrow next to the paired speaker to extend the options, pick Forget Device, and perform the pairing process again if the speaker fails to reconnect to Alexa.
  • Over Bluetooth, connect your phone to the Echo and Alexa.

If you don't want to talk to Alexa to listen to music through your Echo smart speaker or Alexa-compatible speaker, you can simply connect through Bluetooth and manually control tunes via your phone’s app. The steps to do it are -

Start With Your Smartphone Or Tablet With Ios Or Android.

  1. Go to the Settings screen and open the Bluetooth configuration screen to make sure the Bluetooth is switched on and the unit is in your Amazon Echo’s vicinity.
  2. Say "Pair, Alexa." This will see Alexa enter pairing mode and check for Bluetooth-enabled devices in the vicinity.
  3. If you're combining the two for the first time, search for the echo speaker in the list of new devices (usually found at the bottom of your iOS or Android device's Bluetooth settings menu).
  4. The Echo system will appear in the Bluetooth connections list on a phone or tablet once the two have formed a connexion. This allows you to manually connect to the settings menu via Bluetooth-or, instead, to reinstate the link, you can say “Alexa, pair [device name].
  5. Say, "Alexa, disconnect from Bluetooth" to disconnect your mobile device from Amazon Echo.

Tip-You can pair your phone with Echo Display or Spot using the Settings button on the touchscreen.

Can Alexa Be Used As A Bluetooth Speaker?

If you wonder if Alexa devices can be used as Bluetooth speakers on their own, the answer is yes. This is how Alexa can be used as a Bluetooth speaker:

Make sure your device or cell phone has Bluetooth enabled.

Tell, 'Alexa, turn Bluetooth on.' This command turns the pairing mode on.

Go to the settings on your device or smartphone and launch Bluetooth. Pick it when you see Alexa under the pair-able appliances. If a good pairing has been made, Alexa will let you know.

You can start using it as a wireless speaker once your Alexa is successfully paired with your computer or phone via Bluetooth.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

How To Fix ‘HP Printer Driver Is Not Available On Windows 10’

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Have you encountered a problem in your HP printer called "printer driver is not available? It means the printer driver is faulty and it cannot be recognized by the machine.

A 'Printer Driver is Inaccessible/Not available' error appears as a driver status on the Microsoft Windows 10 PC program enabled. The software is available in the Machine Control Panel in devices and printers. The error happens when the driver of your printer is not up-to-date, whether it is corrupted, or if updates on Windows 10 have not yet been installed. So first, the driver or operating system should be checked in order not to understand the status of your HP Printer Driver is an unavailable error occurs.

It's not an enormous challenge to get the right drivers to support your computers and laptops. But it should be done correctly, sometimes the mistake occurs to users where finding drivers of the printer becomes a problem for Windows. Therefore, if your drivers do not exist you do not need to worry, you can fix your error by troubleshooting the below steps. Before this, however, you should know why problems are not visible behind the printer drivers.

When the driver is not on a printer, what does this mean? This generally means that the driver of your printer might be missing or wrong, and the issue can be fixed quickly.

Causes Of ‘HP Printer Driver Not Available In Windows 10’

  • Occupying the old printer driver program which is mounted on the Microsoft Windows 10 PC, the printer driver is not available.
  • Most people forget to upgrade their driver, which is the main reason for the problem.
  • You need to check the operating system to verify that your printer driver is installed on or not on your Windows 10 PC. You can use the following tips that are easy to use to repair the Windows 10 Printer engine.

Solve Printer Driver Unavailable Problem- Troubleshoot Steps

You can use one or both of the steps outlined below to make your printer driver available:

But first, it is essential to uninstall the Windows printer.

Uninstalling The Printer

Most of them are two key solutions that can be used to fix a 'printer driver' malfunction. The printer device can be uninstalled and installed on your device. Or you can use all of the drivers available and select the one that's right for your computer.

We will take away the installation of the printer and all applications and try connecting it to it. In turn, the default driver will be mounted.

PCS, printers, and other interactive electronic devices are a major component of drivers. The printer will stop working if the system driver fails to operate or is disabled. You will have to restore the HP printer driver immediately if you notice an error that is not usable for Windows 10. Therefore, to solve this problem, take the above measure. For users of HP Envy series printers, the HP Envy Printer Driver is equally critical. The lack of printer drivers can cause significant Printer problems

After uninstalling, you can use one or both of the steps outlined below to make your printer driver available:

  • Reinstall the driver of the printer
  • Set up the printer driver notifications in windows manually

Choice 1: Reinstall driver of your printer

If the "Printer Driver is not available," the most likely explanation behind the issue is a missing or corrupted driver. Therefore you can help to delete the error by uninstalling your current controller and installing a new driver. How to go about this:

  • To lift the Run box, click the Windows and R logo keys on your keyboard.
  • Put DEVMGMT in prose. Click the choice OK and MSC.
  • Locate and click on your printer. Click on "Uninstall computer" option afterwards.
  • If you are prompted to confirm, click on the Uninstall option.
  • Try downloading Driver Quick and installing it.It automatically detects your device and finds and installs a precise printer driver and other drivers to be modified for that driver.
  • Run the Easy driver and then press the "Scan Now" button. Driver Simple tests your machine then and senses the driver’s issue.
  • To download and install the correct version of all the missing or obsolete drivers on your device, click the option 'Check all.'
  • You need a basic Pro driver version. There's no need to worry, there is a money back guarantee of 30 days, and so, if you don't like it, you can get full payment.
  • If not, you can push on the 'Update' button in the free version next to your printer to automatically download the correct drivers if you want to install the driver manually. You can install it manually once you have downloaded it.
  • Check whether or not your printer will work, resume your machine and print the paper. If so, well then your problem has been solved. Continue with the given steps otherwise.
  • If the "Driver is out of stock" error happens you possibly have to reinstall your driver or skip a few updates.

Choice 2: Manual windows 10 update

One reason you get the "Driver is out of stock" error could be that your device is out of date. Therefore, you should install the Windows updates that are available to correct the issue. Given below are steps on How to do this:

  • Type "update" to Start
  • Choose Update Review.
  • If updates are available, they are automatically installed by Windows.
  • Upon completion of the Windows update, restart your PC.
  • Now try printing something out of your PC to see if it's fixed.

 If your printer is Plug-and-play

It's much easier to do if your printer is a plug-and-play. Here, you must-

  • Unplug or unplug your pc printer.
  • Link it again and follow the wizard instructions.
  • If you don't see the wizard:
  • Go to Start > Configuration.
  • Click devices. Click devices.
  • Choose attaching a printer or a scanner.
  • Wait for your printing device to identify and follow the instructions on the computer.

Experts recommend getting your PC loaded with trustworthy anti-malware software – such as Auslogics Anti-Malware. This and other errors can be avoided by the programme that identifies and eliminates malicious objects on your PC.

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Friday, October 2, 2020

Prepare IAS Competitive Exam with Best IAS Coaching Institute

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An average Indian dream of joining the Indian administrative machinery or the bureaucracy of India. This is possible by cracking the IAS exams. These exams are held by the UPSC board and are claimed to be the toughest exams in India.

This post is associated with a lot of responsibilities and requires hard-working intelligent officers. Thus, the exam procedure is very difficult, and the passing percentage is also very low.

If you are aspiring to become an IAS officer then, the first thing you must do is search for the best IAS coaching. There are many coaching institutes that provide training and education to the candidates. The quality and method of teaching vary from one another. One should not go after advertisements and search for the best suited IAS coaching institute after detailed research. Here we have tried to enumerate some points that may help you choose a coaching institute.


Prepare a list of institutes that are famous for their IAS coachings. This list can be prepared by talking to the passed-out candidate, present students, and by google search. This list will make comparisons and sorting easier.

Visit the Institute

You must visit the institute and talk to the senior students and review the quality of studies. This visit will also help you to know about the study environment and the quality of infrastructure facilities in the institute. An upgraded and clean infrastructure is necessary for focused education among the students.


Teachers play a key role in the success of the candidates. They must be able to teach all the basic concepts to the student. they must be available every time to clear the doubts of their students. Check the experience and qualifications of the teachers in the IAS coaching. The teachers impart skill and training to the future bureaucrats to work with full dedication and maintain the trust laid upon them.

Duration of the Coaching

One must find out the duration that the institute will take to complete the syllabus and all its training process. This will enable you to formulate a study plan for quality education. Self-studies are also very important besides coaching. Thus, make sure you will be able to manage both. 

The Procedure of Studies

Every institute follows a different pattern of education and imparting training to the students. The institute must provide a deep conceptual understanding of the subjects to the students. Also, they must hold motivational seminars and extra activities to update the student with current affairs. They must also hold programs that aid to build up a loyal and sincere IAS officer.

Study Material

Assess the study material issued by the various coaching institutes. The study material must be very clear and interesting. They must provide deep knowledge of the concepts to the students. Also, they must provide revision test papers and revisionary notes from time to time


one must compare the fee structure of all the institutes. Also, enquire about the existing discount offers and combo packages available in the institutes. Some institutes provide scholarships also to the bright students who are not able to afford the fees.

Online Studies

The institute must offer online lectures as this makes studies easier for those living in remote areas. Online backup classes can be attended if you are not able to attend the class for some reason.

Many options available in the city but one must choose and compare wisely as it is the most important decision of the life of an IAS aspirant. Studying in the best IAS coaching in Chandigarh will enable you to crack these exams in a first attempt and help you accomplish the most respectable posts of the Indian administration.

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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Top 10 Remote Team Management Tools That Will Give 10X Productivity

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Covid-19 has changed the work culture across the globe leading to a maximum number of employees working from remote locations. Before this, remote working was the only option for freelancers or customer care executives. With the changing trend, the latest technology, and the birth of the need, the options of remote working are now easily absorbed by our society. However, you need remote team management enterprise resource planning tools to extract the expected output. It helps you put everything under your nose.

Though you might find it lucrative to work with a remote team, you would want to clasp things in your hand. It might not be possible every time either because of the resource or due to the difference in the time zone of the country.

Challenges of remote team management

Handling a remote team is a complex task and it cannot be done over the phone calls or emails. You might not be able to trace the real-time situation and this can be dangerous for your business. Remote team management can bring some challenges like:

  • Trouble in communication.
  • Tracking productivity of work.
  • Putting everyone in the same culture.
  • Time management due to different time zones.
  • Trust on the remote employees.
  • The Threat of the data leak.
  • Lack of one-to-one meeting models.
  • Motivating employees all under one roof.

Thankfully, we are now a part of the era when connecting anyone anywhere in the world is just a touch away. Let us see which are the tools for remote team management.

10 Remote team management tools to increase productivity 10 times.

1. ProofHub

ProofHub claims that teams can work productively and remain connected doesn’t matter how distant their coworker is. It is an online project management software that allows effortless interaction between the team members. Interaction with the clients is also made seamless.

The remote team management software comes with plenty of features for team chats and discussions. It does not impact your work efficiency rather makes the whole business output a lot more productive.


  1. Helps you track project status.
  2. Easy monitoring of work in progress.
  3. Quick updates on project status.

2. Google Drive

A common location to store all the files and important documents in one place is Google Drive. The folder can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world. The remote team members can store and share spreadsheets, presentations, and documents. It keeps all data at one central location. In simple words, it gives easy collaboration amongst the team members and does not affect the work delivery. No other software provides an excellent feature where all the employees can work on a document at the same time.


  • It easily creates a back-up of the precious files.
  • Allows remote employees to access the files.
  • It has an efficient built-in search engine.
  • A convenient feature to share photos and videos.
  • Optical character recognition feature.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a tool to manage remote teams. It allows teammates to share large files. Each remote employee can share, sync, and collaborate on the documents. The best part is that the virtual team members and the regular office staff can work in tandem without breaking the connection. 

For meetings and discussions, Dropbox is the perfect software for the remote team members. It helps you to connect via instant messaging and video conferencing. Other than this, as a business owner, you can time track the performance of a team member. All the employees can collaborate and edit during the real-time. It saves you from long after office hours follow-ups.


  • It facilitates collaboration with great ease and fun.
  • It improves the work-life balance because employees can telework.
  • Work-from-home with flexibility and convenience.

4. Basecamp

Another very popular team management software is Basecamp. It offers a clean design, elegant usability, and user-friendly functionality. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software allows you to put everything in one place preventing projects from slipping through your hands. 

The remote team management tool made the business look easy. There was no need to spread information through emails, task managers, or chats. You can access Basecamp from anywhere through Android or iOS applications. Solopreneurs, freelancers, consultants, design-firms, media companies, and architects have observed a great improvement in their workflow through Basecamp.


  • The office is not required.
  • Hassle-free live streams are possible for the employees.
  • Get queries answered in minutes due to excellent connectivity.
  • Run projects, share important announcements, and communicate internally.
  • All data is secured.

5. Troop Messenger

What can be faster to connect with your team members than a messenger? Troop Messenger is a remote team management tool for different scales of organizations. It enhances their functionality and assists to address various domains without hassles. 

Team members can make several groups connect over messages, calls, video calls, and file-sharing. In simple words, this team chat software integrates multiple features on a single interface for all the users.


  • It is the best suited internal communication app.
  • It includes advanced features like incognito windows and advanced search filters.
  • All chats remain confidential.
  • The chats will be deleted after a stipulated time.
  • Excellent Remote software for collaboration for medium-sized businesses.
  • Seamless communication for all the employees.

6. Slack

Looking for a more effective tool to connect the team members through a messaging platform? If yes, then Slack is the best option. People can work together to connect and access all software. They can access all the information from the distant location using Slack. 

Though you can’t afford that any valuable information leaks from the system, Slack makes it convenient to share the data within a secured environment. It has some robust features which allow the users to interact one-on-one. Slack offers secured, faster, and organized features to communicate with the team members both at the office and at remote locations.


  • All the team can view the centralized work inside the application.
  • Easy connectivity through tools.
  • Slack calls and screen sharing to connect with anyone.
  • You can use shared channels and guest accounts to work and connect with people outside the organization.

7. Krisp

Does the sound disturb you while you connect with the remote team members? If yes, then Krisp is the new software tool to manage the remote team. It saves time and hence improves productivity as the communication is clear and better. 

The remote team management tool can wipe off the background noise of both the caller and the receiver. This tool can be used in synchronization with a call over internet options like Zoom or Skype. Ultimately, you observe more productive meetings.


  • All the users can control the background noise.
  • Hassle-free voice calls.
  • Quality voice calls for clear communication.
  • Uncompromised call quality in a noisier environment.
  • Reduces dependency on microphones because of the ability to detect echo and voice.

8. Zoom

2020 has been the year of Zoom. It gave wings to everyone’s dreams and actions. Businesses never thought that connecting with audiences as well as remote employees could ever be so convenient. Zoom is a group calling application that offers clear voice connectivity and excellent video quality. 

The tool allows you to save video calls also for later reference. You can also use Zoom Room, voice sharing, Instant Messaging, Webinars, and meetings to interact with the employees who are far away.


  • Conducts live video chats.
  • Access minutes of the meetings.
  • Fast screen sharing during the calls.
  • Recording feature to save the session.
  • Use Zoom to run webinars.
  • It offers whiteboard features.

9. eResource Scheduler

eResource Scheduler
is the dynamic remote team management tool that allows businesses like yours to coordinate with remote team members. You can effectively monitor the activity of each team member and allow them to access the information on a common platform. 

This remote team management tool is good for both small and large scale business enterprises. The tool comes with features like drag and drop, user access, and Gantt chart view. All the users including the remote team members can generate financial reports, utilization reports, and availability reports. The remote work employees do not remain under or over-utilized and the project progresses smoothly.


  • Fast facilitating meeting rooms.
  • Easy connectivity from remote employees.
  • Sharp monitoring the work of remote employees.
  • High level of efficiency and transparency.
  • Advanced reporting feature.

10. GitHub

GitHub is a single platform for millions of developers to share their projects on a single platform. All the developers, local or remote, also edit and build software on each other’s code. This remote team management tool is a cloud-based software for storing codes, testing them, and collaborating with the web-development process from the beginning till the end. GitHub improves the outputs taking the productivity 10 times higher.


  • GitHub is a huge data storage repository.
  • Easy contribution to open source projects.
  • Convenience to showcase your work.
  • Documents are secured and easily stored.
  • Offers integration options.
  • Track quick changes in your code.

But why do you require remote team management tools?

The remote team management tools are required to monitor the work of the team members that work from a distant location. Before we look into the different tools to manage your team, you need to understand how beneficial a remote team is for your business. Your business would need distant employees because that allows you to:

  • Set your work schedule with convenience.
  • Manage work from home.
  • Hire talents and explore more from across the world.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Satisfies you more.
  • Enhances productivity up to 10 times.

These remote team management tools have given the power to companies yielding them ten times more productivity. 

Author’s Bio:

Lav Bharadwaj is Founder and Chief Idea Centrik at HIcentrik. He is an MBA in Marketing with rigorous working experience in diverse industries like Oil & Gas, Finance, Education, Industrial equipment, and digital marketing. With B2B exposure from India, Africa & Middle East, he is currently consulting various global organizations on Measurable Marketing solutions & digital Advertisement strategies.

He believes that digital transformation will positively impact a dynamic and competitive business environment when blended with human intelligence and creativity.

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Friday, September 25, 2020

5 Best Polling and Social Media Apps in 2020

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No doubt in the fact that the world is changing for good. Today, we are living in an era where the opinion of every single customer matters, and therefore polling is required, before making any decision, be it a small or big one. The digital era has added more value to the opinions and feedback, particularly for the business world.

For example, if you are planning to add a new feature in your product, then using a polling app, you can know the outlook of your users about the fresh features. Now, manually approaching your employees or audience for any opinion will not help you in taking the right decision, and it is almost impossible. Thus you can gather the viewpoint of a large-scale audience using polls.

Importance of polling apps

A Poll App connects people and helps in collecting the responses of a particular audience and even analyze it in no time. This Social Media mobile application does offer the option to carry out polls. It is one of the trouble-free ways to create polls but not always the finest alternative if polling is quite a significant matter to you, particularly if you are running a company.

For this, you need an app that not only helps you to conduct polls but also extends your reach to more spectators through numerous sharing platforms. 

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss 5 best polling apps that give you a detailed analysis and insights about your polling results so that you can make the right decisions.

Poll Everywhere

This app is available on both the leading platforms Android and iOS. This app Poll Everywhere was developed is just like the live audience polling. With this fun app, you can create a question related to any subject for all the students in the class. To answer the query students will then use the app to mark their answer.


  • Immediate feedback 
  • Live option to poll 
  • Cross-platform app
  • Comments option
  • Real-time results


With this free chat app, it is easier to get opinions linked to any subject. To get correct answers, you can also comment on the use of the chat option and send messages to persons interested in your query to get a clear response. It can be used offline as well thus, it is one of the best polling applications that you need in 2020. The trending platform is best to talk about a trending topic or question and get instant responses from your target audience. You can also create a poll based on age, gender, and location that helps you in every part of life. 


  • Offline feature
  • Can post anonymously 
  • Customization options
  • Can share images, videos, and texts
  • Surveys option
  • Graphical reports 

Wonder Polls

If you have any doubts, then Wonder Polls is the right option to go to get answers to your queries. There are times when you plan to buy a phone or car, and you are confused between different models and colors to choose from. For this, create a quick poll with the help of this app to get instant votes. A poll can be limited to your friends, to your local area, or a particular country.


  • Cross-platform app
  • Social app
  • Easy to use
  • Comment system


VoxVote is a well-known voting and polling app. Some features of this app attract you the most. You can make quiz questions or polls and let the online audience vote on several options if required. The users can also comment on their views if they feel they want to give more clarification about their answer instead of choosing an option. Ultimately, the votes help you to make quick decisions


  • Scalable app
  • Live polls
  • Comments option
  • Chat option


This app is used by businesses for diverse reasons. Crowdsignal is particularly used to scale and regulate for businesses that are looking for a server-side explanation. You can craft both polls and surveys using this application. The feature-rich polling app is used widely by the people.


  • Both Polls and surveys option
  • Easy sharing 
  • Flexible layout
  • Real-time polling
  • Social media integration


To summarize this section, we can say that Polling apps were not common a couple of decades back. But today, with time, these social media apps have grown into a requirement. Everyone from politicians to doctors to entrepreneurs, everyone needs a polling app that makes the process easier and efficient in every possible way.

In case you want to make your start-up business a successful one and looking for a public opinion from a particular location or age then you need a polling app. These above-mentioned applications help you know the opinion of your product or service. A poll is all that helps you to know the audience's mind. Finally, if you need a little more complicated, prevailing, then you can conduct both surveys and polls to make better choices to flourish your business.

Author bio:

Anita Gigoo is a Senior Content Writer at Mobileappdiary She has written on various topics related to mobile app development, Mobile app design, web development, and social media platforms for the past five years. Having a strong academic background in writing makes her a creative, sharp, thoughtful, and intellectual writer. Being an expert, she loves to explore new ideas related to mobile technology.

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Monday, September 14, 2020

Tips to Buy Canon Scanner Online

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Whenever you intend to purchase a printer, it is ideal to observe the different consumables it needs. One of them is the ink. Right away, here are a few top tips to remember when you are out to buy ink cartridges online for your printer, including toner cartridges:

Ink Cartridges

In the event that you intend to get an ink printer, you need to identify the capacity of inkjet cartridges. This can give you a general view of what number of printouts you can expect. Besides, while assessing the cost of the printer ink, you need to consider the capacity and the cost of the cartridges.

Single Color Cartridges

Top of the line printers utilize the CMYK scale which involves utilizing different tones, for example, yellows, black, magenta, and cyan to formulate a color spectrum. 

Block Color Cartridges

Most printers supporting Block color cartridges can solely hold two inkjet cartridges. One is commonly reserved for black color whereas the other is for magenta, yellow, and cyan.

Solid ink 

On the off chance that you have a solid ink printer, you probably noticed that inkjet cartridges melt between the devices, implying that it creates high-quality printouts.

Toner cartridges 

Laser printers are known to utilize toner cartridges that work in concert with the drum unit. The cartridge ordinarily has coloring agents and toner powder. 

Toner Value Packs 

Toner value packs are better when purchased in bulk. Combining color packs can allow you with saving time. Users that require this generally benefit by using the cartridges in the most ideal manners and following the storage guideline strictly.

XL Cartridges

The advanced, versatile printers effectively support XL cartridges. They help in decreasing the cost of the ink in the long run. That being said here are some tips on saving money on Toner and Ink:

Modify Resolution Settings for Laser Printers

All Laser printers come with default settings. You perhaps do not know this however these settings are principally designed for optimal performance. Since optimal performance needs extreme resources, these settings eat up the greatest amount of toner. Notwithstanding, for a lot of people, optimal performance isn't needed on most prints. Actually, many individuals can't differentiate between a page of highest resolution text and lower settings. 

So, on the off chance that you're wanting to save money on toner, then one of the most secure, simplest, and most convenient ways is to decrease the resolution settings of your printer. 

Use Draft Mode for Inkjet Printers 

On the off chance that you utilize an inkjet printer at work or at home, a basic attribute you can utilize is the 'draft mode' function. Utilizing draft mode consume less ink, so you won't have a sharp and loud color print however for standard home document printing (like printing recipes, bills, projects for the children ) this should get the job done. When your inkjet printer prints in the basic mode it sprays ink many times on a similar area to produce the image. With draft printing, the printer just sprays on one coat; so, you'll realize that your printer prints a lot quicker in draft mode. This preserves the amount of ink consumed in your ink cartridges and, you can really squeeze a ton out of them in the long run.

Now, lets review tips on buying Cannon scanner.


Pages per minute (ppm) is the gauge utilized for simplex scanners and images per minute (ipm) is employed for duplex scanners. It is recommended that the higher spectrum of speeds is just required for very document-intensive business operations. The requirements of most organizations would be met with the lower to mid-range of scanner speeds.

Size of Document

Cannon Scanner can digitize docs of various sizes and materials. Organizations need to assess the size of docs which will be scanned and match document attributes to scanner capability. 


With these tips, you can expect the best value for money for items purchased like Toner or Ink Cartridges and Canon Scanner Online.

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Evan is a professional writer who loves to write about pet clothing, cool cat accessories, cat backpack, and other Arthemis clothing. He is an expert and loves to share his experience with the world.

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Saturday, September 12, 2020

How to Troubleshoot Kindle not Working Issues

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Kindle Fire tablet has a lot of splendid features, which makes it one of the top-selling tablets. Issues can arise with such a device, and the Kindle extent of tablets and tablets is no exclusion. On having a Kindle Fire HDX, the old Kindle Fire HD, another Fire tablet, or the most current Kindle variation. Underneath come the possible plans and workarounds to fix the issue of for what reason is my kindle not working

Kindle is a prevalent device that offers amazing examining experience which makes it exceptional stood out from various tablets among others. Yet, Kindle prompts fire tablet issues that upset its functionalities. 

To Fix Kindle Not Working Follow The Methods Alluded To Underneath: 

1. Hold the Power Button 

Key the power key on hold for 5 seconds. Tap the key that won’t switch ON.

2. Charge Using AC Adapter 

Affirmation that the kindle fire has a charged battery. Fitting the Fire into a divider outlet as a power given from another gadget like a PC may lacking to cause it to go. Accept that gadget will start charging from the divider electric gracefully outlet for 20 minutes before turn it ON. 

3. Hold "Volume Down" While Powering On 

By encountering a couple of situations where kindle fire won't go ON. You should hold the volume down key while squeezing power for at least 5 seconds. You have no clue for what reason accomplishes it work, anyway, it works. 

4. Restore Latest Software 

By keeping kindle off, hit and hold the volume up key after that press the power key for 45 seconds for turning ON Kindle 

  • Stay on volume mode till message jumps up explaining about the latest programming up-gradation 
  • Wait for the foundation to complete, and anybody can regard using the device again. 

The issue could with the thing. Anybody can attempt reset to check whether that works. 

  • Hold down the power key for 40 seconds to guarantee that kindle has closed down. 
  • Begin Turning Kindle 

Here Are Some Essential Examining Measure For Kindle Not Working Troubleshooting 

A Kindle Book Won't Open or Quits Reacting 

Kindle freezes when you're investigating a specific mechanized book or other substance, attempt a menu restart, and next, if essential, a hard restart. If plans don't work, the document sabotaged. This is the condition, void the thing to see whether that manages the issue. 

Keep in mind, you purchased the book from an authentic source, it will deal with in the Cloud and anyone can re-download it to the gadget. In case the book started from another source, ensure having help before discharging it. 

Empty The Kindle by Attempting The Steps Mentioned Below:

  • At the hour of arriving at the home screen make a point to tap and hold down on the gadget. 
  • A spring up menu shows up, with two or three decisions. 
  • Click eliminate from device elective 
  • The advanced book must be inspected or get ended from the gadget. 
  • Reboot kindle by holding the power key for 45 seconds.

The Gadget Freezes or is Moderate 

If a situation arrives where kindle quits or act in its basic representation or gets freezes, anyone can fix the fault by getting a menu reboot or hard reset.

Start with the rebooting cycle on Kindle fire: 

  • Tap MenuSettings. 
  • Tap MenuRestart. 

Rebooting is the other component set at the drop-down menu appearing. Your Kindle shows the beginning up the screen and a movement bar. Exploring for sound or shut down, the device is going to restart and show the home screen 

If menu restart doesn't resolve the issue, cause a decent undertaking to restart: 

  • Tap and keep the power button on hold for at least 45 seconds. Note: hold the power key for 7 to 15 seconds for a second-age fuel variation. 
  • The screen goes clear. 
  • Press the Power button again — only a basic press like you were killing Kindle from rest mode. 
  • The fire up screen shows up with an outlined child examining under a tree. The gadget starts the restart framework and presentations a movement bar. On showing up at a situation where reboot completes, you can see the home introduction. 

Issue:  Massive Battery Channel 

Some Fire tablet owners have run into issues with startling and unexplained battery channel. There's a significant discussion about this shortcoming. There are a couple of things you can endeavor to facilitate the issue. 

Anticipated Game Plans

  • Press and hold the Power button for 40 seconds or more until it restarts and check whether it works routinely. 
  • There's a nice chance that one of the applications you've presented is causing the issue. Reach to Settings > Apps and Games > Manage All Applications and have a go at uninstalling applications exclusively and testing to check whether you can find the wrongdoer. In case you do decide to create line reset, by then attempt to back up any significant photos or various records first, as this will wipe your tablet, reach settings and pick device options to begin factory reset.


  • Get into the inclination for wiping out tablets when you aren't using it. Hold down the power button until the Power off box jumps up and subsequently tap OK. 
  • If you would favor not to turn it off absolutely when you aren't using it, by then draw down the notification shade and tap to turn on Airplane mode. You can moreover go to Settings > Power and switch on Automatic Smart Suspend. 
  • Another elective for squeezing more battery life from Fire tablet is Low Power Mode, discover in the settings and power section, this will diminish the display beam. You can in like manner set it to turn on subsequently. 

Application Won't Weight Or Keeps Crushing 

This issue has occurred with many encouraging gadgets. In case you have a dull issue with a specific application on your Kindle Fire tablet — possibly it won't weight, or it keeps hammering or freezing — by then this is the thing that to do: 

Likely Courses of Action 

  • Go to Settings > Apps and Games > Manage All Applications and find the issue application. By then, tap Force stop and Clear save. 
  • If that doesn't work, by then have a go at uninstalling the application through Settings > Apps and Games > Manage All Applications > [App name] > Uninstall. Restart the device by holding down the Power button for 40 seconds, and a short time later reinstall the application. 
  • You can find some additional urging in Kindle's help zone. 

The going with advances will help you in fixing why is my kindle not working yet nothing appears to get you out and not fixed kindle. Well in such cases collaborate with our kindle experts by methods for live visit gatherings and extension high-level kindle answers for complicated faults.

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Sunday, September 6, 2020

How do I Set up an EPSON-WF-2630 Printer to Epson Connect?

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The Right Process needs to follow for accomplishing Epson WF2630 Printer Installation

The Epson WF2630 is one of the best inkjet printers admired by both home and official work objectives. Because of its reduced plan, Epson WF 2630 is easier to convey and simple to set up. The printer allows the printer at your own solace via phone and other electronic devices. Alongside Epson WF 2630, anyone can complete productive work in lesser time. The machine incorporates comfort ink toners that outline printing activities professional.

This printer is built to meet different printing tasks no matter which size of paper is included for printing a document whether it’s matte paper, double side installing paper, or whatever size, Epson WF 2630 covers all. Fit for taking care of up to 100 pages and an all-size paper extend, this Epson WF 2630 is an ideal decision for your everyday printing use. Along these lines, request part for yourself today and take advantage of this printer for printing, examining, replicating, and faxing. 

Stunning Features in Epson WorkForce WF 2630 

  • Robust and smooth structure 
  • Build with Micro Piezo innovation 
  • High-Performance renderer 
  • Agile and easy to understand 
  • Wireless and cloud printing 
  • High-goal printing and checking 
  • Quality pictures and fresh content 
  • Epson versatile arrangement 
  • Direct examining to Facebook 

What is inside the Epson WF 2630 Box? 

  1. Epson Workforce WF 2630 
  2. Power Cord 
  3. Installation CD 
  4. Instruction Manual 

Beginning with Epson WF 2630 

Plugin Epson Printer to power and Switch it ON by squeezing the power button on the printer. What's more, ensure that you have not associated your printer to the PC. 

Now, arrange your printer according to the on-screen guidance showed on your printer. You should set up your printer for Language, Country, Date, and Time. You may need to hold up till your printer arranges everything altered by you. 

After the setup cycle gets finished, you will be incited with a message on the printer's presentation to introduce the ink cartridges. To introduce cartridges, first, eliminate the yellow stripe from the cartridges. 

Now, just lift the head of the printer and supplement each ink cartridge in their devoted space. Set the spread back and hold up until the printer stacks the cartridges.

Next, when provoked to choose the paper size and type, first select the size of the paper and afterward the sort of paper. From that point forward, pull the plate from the base of the printer and put the paper on the plate appropriately. Set the plate back into the printer. Your printer is currently fit to be associated with a PC. 

Coming to the PC presently, guarantee that you have not associated your printer to the PC yet. Now, load the driver programming CD that you got with your printer and adhere to the on-screen guidance given in the CD to introduce the driver programming into the framework. 

Once you arrive at the page where Select Your Connection message shows up, select a choice from the given ones on the screen 

  • Wireless association, 
  • Direct USB association 
  • Wired arrange association 

Select any of the one alternatives and adhere to the on-screen directions to set up a web organize association. When associated, you would then be able to begin utilizing your printer for checking, printing, replicating, and faxing. 

In case you don't have an establishment CD, you can visit the Epson official website to download and introduce the most recent driver programming for your Epson WF 2630 Printer

Begin with the process to Enlist Epson Workforce WF 2630 Printer via Epson Connect.

  1. Switch ON Printer and begin installing the Epson Connect device installation by making use of the enrolment CD that comes along with a specific printer.
  2. Once the establishment finishes, dispatch the program. The application will begin looking for your printer. Once it gets display on the screen, pick the printer and begin moving on the next showcase.
  3. Tap on Printer enlistment and after that confirm the license contract to follow other steps with full concentration.
  4. On the following screen, you will be incited to outfit some data. At the point when the finished snap on the Finish catch to finish the Epson Connect enrollment measure. 

Investigating Steps for Common Problems in Epson WF 2630 

Red Light Blinking Problem 

The new scope of Epson Printers is coordinated with a low-level ink cautioning framework. At whatever point the framework distinguishes that the ink level is going down or basic, a red light beginning squinting on the printer. The admonition framework figures the degree of ink by checking the number of papers printed. The framework is customized to work as per an ink cartridge equipped for printing. Thus, at whatever point the print tally compasses to massive figure or over, the notice framework begins accepting that the ink level is low and begins giving admonition by flickering red light regularly. 

To fix this issue, just eliminate the ink cartridges from the printer and introduce it back when the correct squints. The difficulty will be fixed. 

Cartridge Recognition Error 

The Epson printer like WF 2630 is stacked with explicit IC chips that don't perceive outsider ink cartridges and keep them from working. In case you utilize such ink cartridges, you can fix this issue by just restarting your printer once. Simply turn off once and turn it on back to fix the issue. 

However, if your printer despite everything doesn't perceive the cartridges, it is proposed to utilize authentic ink cartridges prescribed by Epson to dispose of the issue. 

In case the printer is not working occurring to attempting the above various choices come to our Epson printer customer service, you can communicate with us via live chat sessions and our professionals will give you the highest level of Epson printer support administrations accompanied by topmost solutions towards your concerned issues.

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