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5 Things Java Programmer should Learn in 2020-2021

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In Today's Era, many programming languages will most likely shape our future. In any case, when we begin picking up programming, we start with the C language and, at that point, proceed onward to C++ or one of the numerous other programming languages. Yet, today I am going to discuss the most popular programming language, which is known as Java. The prominence of Java can be credited to its adaptability as it may be utilized to design modified applications that are light and quick and fill an assortment of needs. 

To such an extent that as per the TIOBE Index for April 2019, Java is the primary programming language. Java is utilized in pretty much every organization, regardless of whether they be little organizations or large tech goliath organizations like Google, Amazon, and so on. Along these lines, turning into a Java Developer or Java game development services in this day and age can improve your profession well overall! Furthermore, that is the reason I am going to share the focuses on turning into a fruitful Java Developer: 

1. Ace the Core Java SE 

In the first place, start with Core Java(Java SE) and ace it however much as could be expected. You should know and comprehend essential ideas like circles, clusters, services, and some more. Likewise, Java SE has a scope of broadly useful API resembling java.lang,, java.math, and so on, and you should have the necessary information in any event. You ought to likewise begin learning OOP's ideas as they are notable in Java. 

2. Continue Practicing Java 

Whatever you learn in Core Java, continue rehearsing it so you can compose the sentence structure with no fundamental blunders. Likewise, it is anything but difficult to answer an issue in principle; however, the test lies in executing the methodology as you will comprehend the language impediments and best design rehearses. So continue coding and rehearsing Java, however much as reasonably expected and attempt to cause smaller than usual tasks on whatever point you can learn. 

3. Learn Java EE 

After Finishing Core Java Start learning Java EE (Enterprise Edition) is otherwise called Advanced Java. At the point when you begin learning Java EE, you can deal with web improvement as Java EE has particulars for extra highlights like appropriated registering and web administrations. This incorporates innovations like Servlet, WebSocket, Java Server Faces, and so on for web details. 

4. Make Projects With Servlets and JSP 

Whatever you learn in Java EE, consolidate it with Front End innovations, for example, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and attempt to make smaller than normal ventures on specific subjects as it will hone your brain. Likewise, it is significant that you make at least two activities, one with Servlet and second with JSP. This is because without making ventures on these, you will never make sure about the amount you know in this programming language. 

5. Learn Hibernate and Spring Frameworks 

At the point when you complete both Java SE and Java EE, then you should learn Java Frameworks, which incorporates the Hibernate Framework and Spring Framework. These are the most mainstream structures of Java. most Java development companies nowadays use Spring systems, for example, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, and Spring Cloud for building up a web application, and so forth. Sleep structure is additionally famous for mapping an area object-arranged model to a social database and the Hibernate Query Language. Thus if you know these structures and you can make extends on these, at that point, you will have an extraordinary possibility of getting chose for the job of a Java developer in any organization.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

How to Build a News-based Mobile App?

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News has evolved over the years to a considerable extent. From print to electronic to digital, the form in which news is presented has changed over the years. There was a time when newspapers ruled our minds. Every morning, we waited for the paper to arrive to read the stories about which we cared deeply. Then television happened and things changed. We were constantly bombarded with images, stories and news coverage on a daily basis. This too has changed today. 24x7 television has changed and morphed into internet news and news consumed through mobile applications, websites, WhatsApp forwards and social media posts.

This is the age of news-based applications or news created and consumed through digital platforms. News apps collect, curate and report stories that people consume on the go. The news today first reaches us through news alerts and notifications on mobile phones. Detailed reportage follows over the day in the form of news updates from the app.

This shift from the print to electronic and, finally, to the digital space makes the existence of an adequate number of news-based apps and websites very important. All news and media houses have their own news apps and websites, that are meant to attract a huge amount of digital traffic. This article looks at the importance of having a dedicated news app and what are the different things that can be done through a news app, apart from selling news.

The importance of having a News app

Having a news app gives your company the chance to present news on the go for your audience. Your readers can be consuming news throughout the day rather than at fixed hours. Needless to say, this unique way of presenting news on the go has its share of advantages:

1. News on the go. Today, the world is moving ahead at a fast pace. It is important that your consumer gets his or her daily dose of news from the app. Having a news app is better than having a print or an electronic presence. In this way, you can reach out to your readers easily.

2. Digital news fetches you greater revenue than print and electronic. Digital advertisements have risen exponentially in recent years. In fact, studies show that digital revenue fetches more money than both print and electronic. In fact, your company can earn more money through digital advertising sales than through selling slots during primetime news shows or front page slots.

3. Apps are more popular with younger audiences. Demographics are important for businesses. While TV is more popular with middle-aged audiences and print for the elderly, digital news has gained ground with the millennial readers who are between the ages of 18 to 45. These readers are constantly hooked on their smartphones, consuming news, entertainment and other sorts of information. As such, cutting the ice with the younger segment is the key to surviving in a competitive world.

4. Apps are an innovative form of presenting the news. A news app, along with a news website and social media, are some of the newer ways of presenting news to the audience. This is different from the traditional ways of presenting news. Editors have to find innovative new ways when it comes to presenting news and app-based news is definitely a legitimate option today.

5. Apps are faster. One thing that is certain about news apps is that they tend to be faster than both print and electronic. Print news takes the longest time to reach us, followed by television. This is because television news takes time to be recorded and transmitted. Digital news, on the other hand, can be instantaneous.

What to feature in a News app?

There are a couple of things that your website and your news app must have such as sections on business, local news, yellow pages and listings. You can also have separate apps for each of these sections.

1. Local News App

Local news is something that is eagerly consumed by people more than other kinds of news. Local news attracts more attention than both international and national news. This is due to the fact that people want to know more about their neighborhood than what’s happening in the rest of the world. You can always opt for developing a separate local news app that focuses on hyper-local news rather than international and national news. The latter goes on the main website or the main app. Companies can now help you to develop a local news app with the help of a local news app builder.

2. Yellow Pages Mobile App 

The yellow pages used to contain contact numbers of all service providers in your area. From AC repair personnel to plumbers, from electricians to gardeners, yellow pages contain the phone numbers of all the local technicians of the area for easy perusal. However, with the shift to digital from print, companies are now turning towards yellow pages mobile apps for promoting their businesses. Therefore, having a yellow pages mobile app is a great business proposition as it is sure to generate a huge amount of traffic.

3. Listing Mobile App

A listing mobile app contains the advertisements for all the new openings, businesses and events happening in your city. Listings are an important part of any newspaper and nowadays most media companies have a separate app for publishing listings.

4. Business Directories

Business directories are the same as yellow pages. They contain contact details of businesses and servicemen operating in a particular area. Earlier telephone directories used to serve the purpose. However, nowadays, business directories have all shifted to the digital space, with online apps promoting local and hyper-local businesses. Having a separate business directory along with a news app is another great way to generate and attract traffic.

5. Business App 

Apart from business directories, companies now have separate business apps. These business apps contain market news and information regarding the latest developments in the world of organized and unorganized businesses. They contain news of mergers, sales and acquisitions. Apart from hyperlocal news apps and online business directories, business apps are a great way to have a greater share of the news market.


We explained in this article that having a news app is the way to go for existing media companies. A news app, along with a website, is a great way to attract traffic and be relevant in a fast-changing world. This should be supported by separate apps for other areas of news, such as business, local news and listings. Having dedicated apps for each is crucial for a media company to survive the cut-throat competition.

Although developing an app is not an easy thing to do, thanks to companies like VirtuBox, people are easily developing news and other kinds of apps. VirtuBox is a leading app developer, which helps you to build apps in an easy way. By providing VirtuApp, a unique mobile app builder, VirtuBox helps businesses to increase their sales and showcase their products to a wider audience. Making a mobile app with VirtuApp is easy and quick. Further, this app builder comes at a very affordable price so that it can give you a quick return on investment.

About the Author

Prakash Rastogi, founder and CEO of VirtuBox, holds B.Tech & M.Tech degree from IIT Kanpur with 14+ yrs of experience. He is a serial entrepreneur, currently working on a Digital experience platform which helps businesses to digitize using mobile technologies. The aim of VirtuBox is to provide digital technology to organisations and individuals at affordable prices and that does not require coding.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

MilesWeb Review: Powerful and Flexible WordPress Hosting

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Is it easy to work with your web hosting provider? Or you have to face several issues such as late replies, downtime, etc.? Does it offer affordable services and allows you to focus on your business development or do you look after server management to? If your answer is no, then you should surely migrate to cloud hosting.

WordPress is one of the most used and easiest platforms to create a website. It contributes to over 34% of websites as it is free and easily accessible to all. But it important to have your website built using such a great website builder to be hosted on an equally amazing web hosting platform.

Have you ever thought what would happen if your WordPress website is hosted on cloud? You will be able to get the benefit of cloud as well as WordPress hosting.

But is such web hosting solution available? Yes there is a web hosting provider that offers WordPress cloud hosting solution.

MilesWeb – An Overview

MilesWeb was launched in 2012 and ranks among the best web hosting providers today. They are popular for their reliable and affordable web hosting solutions. You will find all types of web hosting solutions with them. Shared, WordPress, best VPS hosting India, dedicated, reseller and cloud hosting are some of the web hosting solutions offered by them.

They offer the best uptime to keep your website always available for your visitors. They offer managed hosting solutions which helps users to concentrate on their business growth rather than involving in the tasks of server management and maintenance.

You will find that their customer support team is very helpful and active in terms of resolving the issues of their customers. You can confirm this with the below reviews:

Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Plans

Key Features

LiteSpeed Web Server 
  • Powerful LSCache for Dynamic Content
  • Handle Tons of Concurrent Users
  • Enhance Your Server Capacity, Reduce Hardware & Support Cost
  • Fully Managed WordPress
  • Free WordPress Migration
  • Built for Performance

The Advantages of LiteSpeed + LSCache 

Server-Level Full Page Cache

The combination of LiteSpeed and LSCache helps to cache multiple versions of generated content depending on user agent, currency, geography and more.

When LSCache directly communicates with LiteSpeed Web Server, it enables storing static copies of dynamic web pages. Due to this the pages get retrieved fasted as compared to the uncached content. It offers a powerful cache management tool and tag based smart purging of the cache. Additionally, it also enables caching of multiple versions of user generated data like geography, agent, currency and more.


Due to the continuous activation of Crawler, the pages that have expired in the cache get refreshed. LScache offers visitors the cached content and reduces resources consumption on the server smartly.

Content Delivery Network Support

LSCache supports the use of CDN for static content. Cloudflare can be used as a CDN for your static content without any plugin for your WordPress website. It will serve static content to visitors from geographically closer locations to them.

Private Cache

It also helps to cache user specific pages where content is restricted to that user only. Pages having restrictions to cache publicly, can be cached privately. In this, logged in users of a website will also be involved.

CSS, JavaScript, or HTML Minification

The size of source code gets reduced and all unnecessary whitespace characters, newline characters, and comments from CSS, JavaScript, or HTML code get removed with the use of LSCache. It can be configured separately and only minification functions can be enabled, if you want.

Browser Cache Support

Due to LSCache, there isn’t any need of any browser cache plugin. You get a simple setup without the need to configure files. The .htaccess is edited by the LSCWP. It helps in storing the content locally on user’s device and this is then pulled from the local storage of device till the expiry of browser cache. With the help of browser cache, your WordPress website’s speed will increase by taking into consideration that the images will be served from the user’s device rather than server resources.

Edge Side Includes (ESI)

LSCache works on the ESI or the punching holes technology. Holes are punched in pages which include the visitor specific information. Cache memory serves dynamic content and the visitor information gets truly processed as dynamic. When another visitor browses your website, “holes get filled” with this/her information. Additionally, complete per user pages get cached for repeating visits and there is no requirement of holes for this user.

Lazy Load Images

Asynchronous loading of images and iframes is supported by LSCache. Only the media necessary to fill the current viewport is displayed by it. Mobile visitors get alerts related to the cost of bandwidth. Other images and iframes are displayed as and when needed.

Image and Database Optimization

The size of your website’s images gets reduced due to LSCache for improving page load times effectively. Additionally, the speed of the database queries gets increased by making the WordPress database smaller and as efficient as possible. There is no separate plugin required for Image and Database optimization.

Other Features of WordPress Cloud Hosting:
  • Cloudflare Railgun
  • HTTPS By Default
  • GZIP/Brotli Compression
  • SFTP Access
  • WP-CLI
  • Dedicated WordPress Support
  • Cloning
  • Daily Backups
  • CDN
  • Server-side Optimizations
  • Caching

You can see that MilesWeb’s WordPress cloud hosting uses LiteSpeed Web Server plus LSCache for offering the best performance for your WorDPress website. Thus, MilesWeb offers you the best features and pricing for their WordPress cloud hosting.
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Monday, May 18, 2020

Can an App give a semblance of Safety to the Contemporary Woman?

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The rate of criminal activities in the present is horrifying and nerve-wracking at the same time. From burglaries to assault and murder, each is more petrifying than the other.

If you think about all the horrible things that can happen to you, you might never want to head out of your home. However, that cannot be considered as an option. You would have to suck up your fear and get over it.

This is worse for women; the crimes that can happen to them are beyond my comprehension. And the sad part is that many women are victim-blamed, they are treated worse than criminals. A rape survivor has to endure the humiliation of reliving her trauma more than once before the police even catch the culprit.

That is why; the safety of women is always under contention. 

People have proposed many ideas to help in that. 
  • The most common was learning to defend oneself. Knowing how to tackle a 6’1” man to the ground can save a woman, her life and her dignity.
  • The next one popular solution was the development of an application that will give a woman a sense of safety, in knowing that someone is going to come to her aid, if she were to need it.
I liked both ideas. However, I would highlight the latter today.

The Personal Safety App

A personal safety app is an application that is found in both android and iOS phones. It provides a safety web for the person due to its features. 

An app like this is used in emergencies like a panic button. So, whenever you feel that you are in a dangerous situation, all you need to do is press the designated button; 
  • For some apps it the power button, 
  • For others, it can be the volume one as well.
Once you have done this, the app would start its work in nanoseconds. 
  • It could send a text message to your emergency contacts, along with your location.
  • It could send an email or a tweet to let others know about the imminent danger for you.
  • Some apps have “a rape alarm”, this is a really loud shrill whistle that would start once you press the panic button. This would frighten a lion; it is so loud, so a rapist would not stand near you.
I hope the future would bring more safety measures in these apps. Connectivity to the police 999 operatives can be one because a person cannot always make that call.

The Most Popular Apps

Since the beginning of the 21st century, women safety is being prioritized. Consequently, there are several applications in the android play store and apple store that have protection as their core.
In the UK, there are three that I prefer the most;

Family Locator (GPS Tracker)

The Family Locator is the editor’s choice on android’s play store and has about 50 million downloads and over a million reviews. So it suffices to say that this one has got something valuable.

As the name says, this is an app that lets you know that your family is safe when you cannot be beside them.

After the app downloads,
  • You make “a circle”, which is the app’s term for a group. This would be the group of people who matter the most to you.
  • The app would show you the live locations of all members at all times.
  • It also gives out notifications when the circle member leaves a place, and even once they reach a destination. This way, any delays can be taken as an emergency by the others, and help would come to calling.
  • It is also helpful in knowing the location of a lost or stolen phone.


This app has over 500k downloads, so it is a popular one to ensure safety and security. It helps you by allowing you to create a secure network for yourself. 

Once you do this, it keeps you connected with the people you trust.
  • You can send SOS signals to your connections with the press of a button or just saying a key phrase.
  • The inbuilt map will let your connection know of your location at all times, especially when you feel unsafe.
  • You can also be live and record an emergency video when in distress.
It is free to download but does come with in-app purchases.


With 100k downloads, this app is not as popular as the other two, although it is equally good.

The good things about this app are;
  • It can perform its functions, even when the screen is locked.
  • It can also operate even without internet connectivity. 
The latter made me hit the download button as soon as I read it.

Shake2Safety has some fantastic features;
  • In emergencies, if you shake your phone or press the power button four times, it would send an SOS text with your location to your emergency contacts.
  • It can take pictures of your surroundings and record 4-second audio on your phone.
  • Its siren button has saved many women from assault.
Winding Up

These three applications, along with every other safety app, has made women secure in the crime dominant society of the present. These applications are genuinely working to promote women empowerment because our women would only be empowered when they are safe.

I want to thank all the developers of these apps for their help. The high number of downloads is also our gratitude towards them. Though, it may require some enough funds to build an app and to manage them. You can go to the investor or options, like Payday loans.

I hope that their apps keep on improving and advancing to make crime against women a thing of the past.
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Friday, May 15, 2020

The Future, Demand, and Growth of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

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Business leaders and investors believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning will transform their business in the coming period by reducing costs, managing risks, and enhancing growth. 

According to a survey by Forbes; marketing, customer service, and sales were identified as the top three major functions where AI can appreciate its full potential. In 2017, the Artificial Intelligence market was valued at USD 987.9 million and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 55.9% during the forecast period. It is integrated globally across the major industries and is increasing its distribution into a variety of industries. 

With the rise of industrialization, industries are becoming more data sensitive. They now fully rely on data analytics and statistics more than ever before, from booking a hotel to booking a cab, it all depends and involves artificial intelligence. Our web design Mississauga also uses the best AI technology as we understand the need to boost website of our clients. Our web design Mississauga also uses the best AI technology as we understand the need to boost website of our clients.

Artificial Intelligence receives data as input and processes it into useful information. This process thus, developed is referred to as an algorithm. These multiple layers of algorithms form a deep-learning environment for a computer, from where the given information travels through many variant layers of algorithms which results in not only one but many variables for producing results.

With the rapid change in the market needs, AI is quick and it is continuously evolving with time. It takes no time in processing information into valuable results when compared to Human intelligence. Industries are trying to understand consumer behavior and their patter of consumption of their products and services, so that they can keep growing with the change of market. 

AI technology is evolving every aspect for digital marketers from targeting audience to audience interest analysis, web optimization, advanced tracking, and many more. 

Impact of AI in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is changing many industries especially digital marketing. AI is changing the way of doing business be it a banking sector, healthcare, or retail business. Various AI tools such as text-to-speech recognition, voice recognition, and many others are letting machines perform like humans but with more intelligence.

AI can transform the interaction between a business and customers. It increases the operational excellence and optimizes the user experience. It easily provides continuous customer services with the help of AI chatbots. It also helps in cutting down the costs and hence enhances the revenues.

Advanced and Intelligence search

Nowadays, everyone has become smarter. With evolving technology, audiences are becoming smarter. They all prefer fast and quick response search engines. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you can analyze the user search patterns and find the key areas where you have to put your efforts into.

Smart advertising strategies

With the advent of smart processes, digital marketers are publishing smart ads across various social media platforms where they know how their audiences are spending their time.

AI-Powered Web Accessibility Solution

Web Accessibility was largely misunderstood by digital marketers and web designers until it was started to be actively regulated across all over the world. In recent times, Web Accessibility has become a trending element. AI has made it very easier for businesses to provide the best experience for the customers.

AI-Powered Content Engagement

It has become very challenging to engage the users with your website. They are exposed to variety of articles, sensational news updates, or animated images and anywhere they click, one or the special offer or ads that follow them from site to site. Here, the necessity of engaging your users plays a vital role. Artificial Intelligence is the key solution here to engage your users to your own sire so that they don’t leave your site even for a second. Artificial Intelligence can help the owner to collect user data and learn to interact with users exactly when they are most likely to engage. 


In order to cope up with the market trends is definitely not an easy task that too when there is so much competition in the market. as there is advancements in the technology, the demands of the consumers also increases with smarter plans and ideas. Our company builds platforms through which you can not only make good relations with your clients but also attain good profit and ROI.

Author Bio:

Russell Wiltenburg is a content manager at Enterprise Web Cloud, leading digital marketing & web designing in Toronto. He loves writing informative and technical blogs acknowledged by many entrepreneurs around the world. You Can Follow Us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Saturday, May 2, 2020

How to Make an App for iPhone and Android using an easy App Builder?

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It is aptly believed that mobile phones are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity. Undeniably, the importance of the gadget in our day-to-day lives is quite perpetual. Besides allowing users to store data in the form of pictures, texts, audio and video clips, the access to high-speed internet and exceptional communication interface encapsulates the relevance of mobile phones. This exciting mobile computing experience is made possible through the Applications, commonly known as mobile Apps.

Mobile Apps are primarily computer programs or software Applications that are designed for phones, tablets or watches. These are developed for operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. Initially, Apps such as email, calendar and others were created with a motive to assist in productivity. In today’s digitalized world more than 80 per cent of people owning a cellular phone, browse for products and services online.

Types of Mobile Apps

Techies have categorized mobile Apps into three types based on the technology that has been used for coding. They are:

Native Apps: These are built specifically for just one platform. Example, an Android App can be used on an Android phone only and not on iOS or Blackberry. The coding for native Apps is done using multiple programming languages such as Java, Swift, Python, C++ and others. Since the native Apps have a singular focus, they offer fast and reliable performance. 

Web Apps: The behavior of web Apps is similar to that of native Apps, but is accessed via a web browser on a mobile device. Since they work on a mobile browser, they can be used on any mobile phone or operating system. HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and other such programming languages are used to design web Apps. 

Hybrid Apps: These are web Apps that have the look and feel of native Apps. Building a hybrid App does not incur a considerable amount of time or cost. HTML5, Swift, Ionic are some of the coding languages that are used to build hybrid Apps.

Steps to build business Apps

A perfectly designed mobile App can provide a seamless and engaging user experience, thereby helping your business exponentially. It can help by improving sales, thereby increasing your revenue, increasing brand awareness, boosting your strategy for mobile marketing and a lot more. Following are the steps to build business Apps:


In order to create an App, the first step you need to follow is, highlight the objectives behind building it. This will eventually save you from unwanted complicacies that you might encounter. Your App should adequately satisfy your audience as well as your business goal. Therefore, besides studying your potential audience and your ultimate business goal, you should take into consideration the market you are targeting, your competitors, budget and more. 

Functions & Features

The next step would be to outline the functionality and features of your App. Once you have validated the purpose of building an App, you need to creatively detail your product in order to accomplish the result that you’ve hoped to attain. You may take into consideration features such as E-commerce integrations, chat, social sharing etc. 


Once you are done penning the features and functionalities, you need to do an extensive research about the competitors of your App. This will help you come up with new ideas and filling in the existing gaps in the market. 

App Builder

After you are done mapping out the functionalities and learning about your competitors, you can start off by creating a mock-up of your App by assembling your individual ideas with a good App builder such as the VirtuApp App builder.

VirtuApp is a mobile App builder that helps businesses not only by increasing their sales but showcasing their products to a larger audience. It is affordable, easy to use, manage and update, thereby making mobile App creation a child’s play. 

A mock-up helps you with an overview of what the App looks like, keeping aside unnecessary details that might distract you. Also, if you are designing an App for a client, a mock-up can help in testing the flow of the App.


Next step would be to work on the graphic design for the App. The App that you are creating should be visually appealing to the users and should therefore include pixel-perfect visual details, graphic effects, animations, motions and more. Therefore, if graphic designing is not one of your strengths, you can outsource the work to a professional designer. If you are using an App builder like VirtuApp, then it takes care of the designing bit as well.

Landing Page

Once the design is ready, invest time in creating an appealing landing page in order to enhance user engagement. Most App developers tend to overlook marketing strategies. However, a well-designed landing page determines if a user is just trying the App out or becoming a customer. The App’s page should include a headline at the top followed by a brief introduction in the form of text or video, a call to action, a breakdown of App features and an ‘about us’ section. However, it is not mandatory to follow the exact order of the enlisted pointers.

Choice of iOS or Android

Now that all the groundwork is done, you can continue to build your App with an App maker. For example, VirtuApp offers an Apple App builder (iOS App builder) as well as an Android App builder. 

VirtuApp’s iPhone App creator and android App creator are amongst the best App builders. VirtuApp has been built by spending more than 50,000 man-hours of effort and comes with an auto-release platform that updates the Apps for bug fixes and features once you publish your App on PlayStore or AppStore. It offers native Apps and therefore, you can expect the best performance. Also, the Apps follow industry standard security and backup and are therefore secure to use. 
Therefore, your data gets safely stored in the cloud.

VirtuApp iOS App builder: Having the basic knowledge of using social networking websites such as Facebook or LinkedIn will help you create your own App. Since VirtuApp takes care of the challenging task of coding, you can start off just by registering your business and adding the required information into the VirtuBox platform.

VirtuApp android App builder: Because of its durability and advanced features, VirtuApp provides users a cloud-based platform that has a user-friendly interface. You can design your mobile Apps without the hassle of coding or previous experience in App building. You can register on the VirtuBox platform and create your groups and subgroups accordingly.


The next step would be to launch your App. The process of creating and publishing an App can be quite exhilarating. VirtuApp also takes on the job to launch your App on the App store. 


Post-launch, you can start working on improving your mock-ups and designs, building new features for the next version of your App. Also, do not forget to promote the App before you launch it.


Apps are supposed to solve problems and save people from hassles of daily life. If your App has been created to target a certain problem, you need to market it efficiently for the information to reach out to the public. People need to know that there is an alternate solution to an older method. Therefore, as an App maker, focus on marketing your product well.

Data Collection & Analysis

The final step would be to use real-time feedback. Gathering quantitative data, using surveys and interviews for qualitative data and communicating with your users can help you build a personal connection. You can make a list of potential improvements and fix them eventually.


Having a mobile App is necessary for organizations in this digital age. The purpose of creating an App is to make an impact with it. Therefore, one needs to keep gaining insights and improving features to keep the App user-friendly and appealing. VirtuApp mobile App builder will help you build an App in a jiffy, saving the effort of development, deployment, updating and distribution.

About the Author:

Prakash Rastogi, founder and CEO of VirtuBox, holds B.Tech & M.Tech degree from IIT Kanpur with 14+ yrs of experience.He is a serial entrepreneur, currently working on Digital experience platform which helps businesses to digitize using mobile technologies. The aim of VirtuBox is to provide digital technology to organisations and individuals at affordable prices and that does not require coding.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

20 WordPress Tips and Tricks That Make Your Site Shine in 2020

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A New Year shows up with new chances. The excursion of 2020 started a couple of days back. Accordingly, everything looks good to find a couple of WordPress tricks and tips. Equipped with the information given here, you can make a portion of your best sites. 

Business sites are essential to staying serious in the market. WordPress happens to be the most important decision with regards to building an expert website page. WordPress' structure joins accommodating features that permit even fledglings to set up sites inside hours. Here you will gain proficiency with some ground-breaking and efficient WordPress tips and tricks. 

Do you intend to join the ever-extending group of WordPress? At that point, you have to instruct yourself in a couple of hacks that the two apprentices and specialists must know. It will make your work simpler and your site better. Web specialists state that WordPress controls right around 30% of the universe of the web. The accompanying WordPress Tips and Tricks will assist you with diving your site in another dimension. 

This reality isn't astounding at all since it is an uncommonly ground-breaking stage that lets you make sites, structure them, and include unique features. WordPress invites bloggers, online dealers, and business associations with great affection. 

1. Responsive Structures

Is it accurate to say that you are looking for the most recent pattern in web advancement as far as WordPress? At that point, you will discover more than one on this subject. Before whatever else, you have to organize responsive site planning rehearses. Responsive structures for various ages consolidate only the flexibility to the gadgets utilized by customers. 

2. Headers of Recordings 

WordPress consistently presents another default subject that new customers can use upon the establishment of the stage. WordPress has consistently been steady in such a manner. One new topic that, as of late showed up is "Twenty Seventeen." It sports a charming video header front light. 

3. Interstitial Uneasiness Optimization 

Interstitial uneasiness is the transient state of strain that clients experience between a movement and a response. For example, if an individual stays stuck between clicking a catch and moving to an alternate page, at that point, it speaks to interstitial uneasiness. You need to lessen this time hole. 

4. Significance of Mobile Themes 

The Smartphone showed up and changed the world until the end of time. Just about three years passed by after the coming of mobile gadgets. Despite this reality, explicit business associations despite everything delay grasping mobile-accommodating WordPress themes. You shouldn't feel the equivalent. 

5. Simplified Content 

Website specialists who use WordPress don't have to adhere to using specific configurations any longer. Intuitive contents are explicitly enabling engineers to have full oversight over more plan components without changing the basic structure of the site. 

6. SaaS WordPress Modules 

Numerous new WordPress modules showed up over the most recent couple of years that were like Software as a Service or SaaS. These modules are splendidly reasonable despite WordPress being open-source. This rising in SaaS modules merits the consideration of each new customer of WordPress. 

7. VR Streamlined Themes 

VR or Virtual Reality generally serves in the gaming field of PCs, workstations, and mobile gadgets. Despite this reality, you should adhere to the utilization of VR WordPress themes. As indicated by specialists, it is the most recent pattern in web improvement that merits a great deal of consideration. 

8. Multipurpose Themes

Each individual should attempt to extricate the most out of everything that they buy. By remembering this idea, you ought to think about utilizing progressively multipurpose themes. Such themes are profoundly well known among impassioned clients of WordPress. 

9. Lattice and Card Plans 

Cards happen to be engaging, and they are something other than a pattern. Cards have heavenly similarity to offer, particularly with responsive frameworks. Planners should break the standard lattice and supplant the equivalent with some fantastic new blueprint and configuration tests. 

10. Customized Pictures 

Website composition gauges are extending interminably. Naturally, many goals lose their marking. In that regard, delineations will demonstrate beneficially. They are versatile, well disposed of, and effectively utilizable. If conceivable, you should attempt to join tweaked photography. 

11. The Utilization of Phantom Catches 

Phantom catches are great on the off chance that you wish to present a better than average look and feel to your site. These are rich subjects that you can complete, and they pose irrelevant, cutting-edge, and a very mainstream layout. 

12. Typography Capacity 

In the past uniting superb content styles and typefaces used to be an extravagant prerequisite. Typography capacities are presently direct and give greater flexibility to organizers to use in their arrangement table. This aptitude of typography grants WordPress subject makers to turn out with a legitimate diagram. 

13. Lovely Establishment Pictures 

If you utilize free and beautiful establishment pictures, at that point, they go about as an adornment to your site. You can combine them for a more prominent setup style or discernment as it gives a good quest and feels for the page. 

14. The Looking Over an Element

Looking down a page is significantly more convenient and genial than clicking. That is the reason this contrivance joins a superior pace in all unavoidable advancement redesigns. Also, looking over cleaves down the stack times and improves dynamic correspondence. 

15. Pictures

Words can never do equity to an image. You should adhere to this way of thinking since it will be exceptionally encouraging in the New Year. On the other hand, you need to guarantee that the photos have the correct goals and pixels to fit on the screen. This point on the most recent pattern in web improvement is yet to arrive at fruition. 

16. Push Notifications

Site notifications are very like mobile notifications. The main contrast is that the warning will show up when a guest selects in utilizing a personal computer. 

17. Animations

Since countless choices were constantly accessible, you likely never experienced issues while adding animations to locales. Be that as it may, you needed to utilize CSS apparatuses to make unpretentious natural animations. Presently, you can essentially utilize WordPress modules to do likewise. 

18. Different Contrivances

Small scale associations, card traces, and customized client experience configuration are a few other potential eccentricities that give web specialists the similitude to work in different stages. Cards empower adjustment of fragments and serve in recuperating a total understanding of the host territory. Additionally, smaller-scale coordinated efforts give a bounteous space to open an entryway for propelling joint effort. 

19. Clingy Components 

Fashioners began to dispose of the prominent pop-ups that disturb clients. You can generally utilize them, however, ensure that you do exclude off the beaten path pop-ups. 

20. The Gutenberg Editor 

The most recent rendition of WordPress 5.0 showed up toward the finish of 2018. Notwithstanding, many web engineers aren't utilizing it. You should make it a prerequisite to familiarize yourself with Gutenberg this year. 

Wrapping it up 

Presently you have all the most recent WordPress patterns that you should focus on while structuring sites. The utilization of these tricks will guarantee that you make tasteful sites that can draw in the crowd without breaking a sweat. In case you are looking for Top woocommerce development company connect with us.

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