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7 Tips to Construct Earthquake Resistant Buildings

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Earthquake Resistant Buildings

The architecting and engineering standards have come a long way to deal with seismic activities and provide robust structures for buildings to be developed. Many significant studies on this aspect have been carried out to meet the growing challenges of ground stability and seismic movements. The team of experts at ILD offers you the best practices to be considered to make earthquake resistance buildings with sheer perfectionism. We aim to offer the most reliable, advanced, and secure structures to our customers, and hence our R&D works diligently to provide possible solutions for every possible hurdle in the construction field.

Stiffness and Strength

Before starting with a real estate project for earthquake resistance building, we recommend adequate vertical and lateral stiffness and strength. The vertical part has to be focused much as it is a competent measure to support any structure on the ground even in case of earthquakes, vertical stiffness plays a crucial role. The buildings generally move left and right during earthquakes and these vertical strengths may help a lot in supporting the structure with its vertical flexibility.

Use Diaphragms Efficiently

This structural element is very useful in transmitting lateral loads to the vertical resisting elements of a structure. Many flats/Apartments in Gurgaon have used this common tactic efficiently. Especially the roof and floors are so designed using diaphragms that it simultaneously supports gravity loads to them. It transfers loads to frames or shear walls depending on their location in the structure.

Deal Damping Professionally

There are certain technologies in the real estate sector that engineers use to counter shockwaves in the structures as a preventive measure for earthquakes. Techniques like vibrational control devices and pendulum dampers act similarly like a shock absorber in your cars or bikes. The use of dampers between a column and a beam can be used where each damper consists of a piston heading towards the cylinder which is filled with silicon oil. Pendulum power is mostly used in skyscrapers where structures tend to be high-rising buildings.

Controlling the Foundation Moisture

It is often noticed that the foundation of any structure gets affected by the local soil and the moisture content in it. Efforts should be made to keep the standard moisture content constant while in the development stage of any flats/apartments in Gurgaon. Any extra amount of moisture can completely damage the base which can result in fragile structures. Different lands have their own foundational characteristics which should be evaluated well before and efforts should be made that a strong and robust foundation is prepared which can support the building even in the most challenging phases. 

Cross Bracing and Resisting Frames

Cross bracings provide efficient diagonal support at intersections. These should be used efficiently among the columns in such a way that columns, braces, and beams transfer the seismic load downwards to the ground. Shear walls and cross braces enable the entire structure to transfer any movement away to the foundation without actually affecting beams and columns. Moreover, the use of resisting frames will offer enough resistance to lateral forces by providing flexible movements in columns and beams whereas other connections and joints remain rigid. This allows your real estate structure to bear the shocks of earthquakes by providing enough flexibility among all columns and beams without affecting the basic foundation. 

Providing Sufficient Load Paths

A continuous load path among the beams and columns allows the jerks of the earthquake to travel through these paths without affecting the basic structure. The structural components of the building should be aligned and interconnected providing load paths to protect the building against any lateral or vertical damage. Load paths provide sufficient connections to your real estate structure and help in tying them together to stand robustly against any calamity.

Base Isolation Method

This method is generally used where the frequency of these earthquakes is quite often. As the name suggests itself, the base of a building is separated by a series of bearing pads which are placed between the foundation and the building structure. This helps in supporting the structure in a vertical sense whereas provides enough flexibility in the horizontal direction. Some flats/apartments in Gurgaon are based on this similar technology. Nowadays, a series of bearing pads have been developed which offers complete flexibility in reducing the shocks in case of earthquakes. 

It has been found that the movement of earthquakes causes a lateral effect under the ground due to which the columns of the building undergo major changes which may result in serious damages sometimes. Efforts should be made to ensure robust column placement which should eventually support the overall structure. 




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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

5 Reasons to Consider Amazon Web Services for Cloud Computing

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Amazon Web Services for Cloud Computing
Are you concerned about hosting your web application? Are you confused about the ideal Web services for cloud-based computing? Then Amazon Web Services is here to relieve you of all your queries. Read this article to know about the reasons why you should consider AWS.

What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services is the cloud platform owned by Inc. Their services include servers, networking, storage, email, remote computing, security, and mobile development. There are three main products for AWS – EC2, Glacier, and S3. EC2 is a virtual machine service, Glacier is a cheap cloud storage service, and S3 is a storage system. The reach and popularity of AWS have traveled to new heights in the computing world. Some of the main reasons why AWS is an excellent cloud service are:

Great Price

Every tech-savvy is aware of the capabilities and performance of Amazon Web Services. However, it also offers the advantage of a pay-as-you-go pricing service for more than 120 cloud services. Therefore, this makes using Amazon Web Service a great experience by cutting costs on unnecessary services. You will have to pay only for the services you need.

Moreover, whenever you stop using these services, there are no additional costs involved. There is also no termination fee or penalty fee required. The services work on a timely basis. Hence, if you use a service for 10 hours, you only have to pay for those hours, irrespective of the number of users.

The price remains the same even when 500 users are availing that particular service for those 10 hours. Furthermore, if your upfront payment is a hefty one, you will be entitled to significant discounts. Amazon Web Services also offers volume-based discounts. The company has introduced specific calculators to make this pricing process easier.

Therefore, you can now estimate your monthly expenses with the TCO calculator and Monthly calculator based on your usage. Hence, Amazon services come at very reasonable prices. It will let you decide your preferred expenses and storage space. 

Scalability and Flexibility

In terms of scalability, Amazon Web Services is one of the ideal cloud computing services available. If you are a project leader, you can seamlessly scale up or down at any time according to your needs. Similarly, flexibility is another most prominent feature of Amazon Web Services.

There are many reasons to support this claim. First of all, it allows you to choose a database, programming language, and OS for your virtual environment. You can also load the needed applications and software on the cloud for usage.

Furthermore, if you are working on a migration project, there will be no Physical Computing Infrastructure issue. Amazon Web Services also allows you to get storage as per your need. Moreover, you can access the server as long as you require a pay-as-you-go pricing system. The scalability and flexibility of AWS will help you focus only on your work, and it takes care of the rest. 

Dependable Performance

Another main reason why Amazon Web Services is the leading cloud service is its performance. It becomes evident once you get to know about the speed offered. You can realize this by comparing it with any other computing platform like Node.js. You can easily see the difference between Node.js and AWS Lambda in terms of speed.

The best way is to divide the API call logs into small parts and then upload those to AWS Lambda. Next, you can invoke the function several times and take note of the response time. It will surely give incredible results in comparison to Node.js.

Therefore, you can use AWS Lambda to test your applications faster and enhance your website performance. Moreover, it comes with new features, and the cost is low compared to its alternatives. Hence, it is now possible to achieve an enhanced performance within a lower price with Amazon Web Services.

Cloud Security

You can see the dependability of Amazon Web Services from the list of names associated with it. Big names like Vodafone, Airbnb, Kellogg's, Expedia, NASA, Netflix, and others are some of this service’s clients. These big brands prefer AWS for its scalability, reliability, flexibility, and security measures.

Amazon Web Services is mainly known for its high-end cloud protection. There are some benefits available in this services like:

  1. AWS is capable of managing multiple compliance programs.

  2. The data remains secured irrespective of the type and size of your enterprise.

  3. AWS provides strong support in protecting client's privacy through various Amazon Web Services data centers.

  4. Moreover, you can avail yourself of all these high-end security features at a lower price.

Therefore, Amazon Web Services is your ideal cloud partner for increasing your privacy. It also keeps your business secure from DDoS attacks. AWS allows you to manage authentication, set permission, and enhance the end-user experience. 

It also provides an extra layer of security for your sensitive information along with an encryption feature. You can look around the AWS environment quickly with Amazon CloudWatch tools and AWS CloudTrail. Monitor logs also get full access.

Hence if you want to get high-end security for your mid-sized or small business, AWS should be your choice. It guarantees a secure environment and protects your company against threats and vulnerabilities. You can also use Amazon VPN to work in a private network.

Convenience and Experience

Amazon Web Services is present in the cloud sector for a long time. The main reasons behind its success for such a prolonged period are its features and convenience of use. AWS also allows more effective ways of communication. If you're in a meeting and want to share a particular portion by hiding the rest, it's now possible.

You can quickly do this by hiding the unwanted part in the cloud. Moreover, AWS allows vendors to host their apps in a faster and safer way. However, if you're not ready to host your web application, there are tutorials to guide you. Hence, AWS is the perfect example of user convenience. You can quickly learn the basics of Amazon S3 and EC2.

Moreover, there are papers and cases to make you understand the intricacies of hosting a static website. You will also learn how to control AWS cost, batch upload of your file, and deploy new bug-free code through a virtual machine.

Amazon Web Services got more than 15 years of experience in delivering global and large-scale infrastructures to enterprises. It has a significant client base for various e-commerce businesses and efficiently manages massive data. Through its services and security protocols, Amazon continuously provides enhanced infrastructures to its clients.

Amazon Web Services is operational in 22 geographical areas. It helps different businesses to manage a series of services like warehousing, game development, data processing, etc. Over 1000 clients avail of the data security and privacy services because of the infrastructure and cost factor. AWS includes pay-as-you-go features alongside significant support for customization and security. Therefore, it is one of the global leaders among other similar service providers.

Hence, these are the main reasons to consider Amazon Web Services. It has dominated the computing sector for a long time and will continue to do so. Any Mobile App Development Company always believes in AWS at least once before starting any project. Amazon Cloud has thus transformed the whole cloud sector for good and made the computing process very easy.

Author Bio:

James Grills is currently associated with Cumulations Technologies, one of the leading Flutter App Development comp--anies. He is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in mobile application development and IoT technology.

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10 Essential Tips to Boost Social Media Marketing to Return 10x ROI

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Boost Social Media Marketing

In the current digitized era, businesses that want to extend and express themselves in a better way need to consider online marketing strategies. One of the main components of the online marketing strategy is social media.

We all are aware of the power social media possess and what role social media marketing plays in the expansion and growth of a business. It can be defined as a dynamic powerhouse that solidifies branding, drives sales, increases ROI, and creates quality leads.

Many business houses try to achieve rare heights without opting for proper social media strategies. Carving out enough time, creating high-performing content, and accurately measuring the resulting metrics are all aspects that, if handled inappropriately, can demolish the business plans and leave them with too many potholes. Therefore, you have to be upright with social media marketing services for a perfect layout.

In this blog post, we have mentioned the top ten easy tips to rock your social media marketing strategies and will deliver a 10x Return on investment (ROI).

Identifying Goals

The first and foremost tip to get immense ROI is to set goals. Defining goals will automatically help you in setting up strategies accordingly with zero or no failure rate. You can use the SMART goal-setting strategy to lay the foundation of a successful social media marketing strategy. Once you have set the goal, the next step is to stabilize resources accordingly.

Identify Your Audience

Whatever messages you are carrying forward, won't be effective unless there is no target audience. You need to develop a relevant buyer persona that is essential for a successful social media marketing strategy. Chunks of information offer insight into pinpointing your audience.

Opt for the Best Platforms

Being a business owner, you usually try to cultivate followers on half a dozen or more social media channels. Doing this results in the efforts of a social media expert look measly. A business house should not jump for too many platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc all have their own significance, but it’s far better to choose one or two channels and invest in them than five or six channels and spread the message to the masses.

Hire a Qualified Manager

An acute social media manager is on the money every time. Business houses should always look to hire someone tailor-made for social media kind of stuff. Instead of choosing a person who has the lightest schedule or the cheapest per hour rate, go for a professional.

Have a Keen Eye on Your Competitor

It is imperative to have a keen eye on your competitor and their activities. Always ensure that your competitor isn't a step ahead of you. To get indulged in your competitor's activities it is better to keep your social media status update. Also, keep an eye on the social media activities of your competitor. Try making Instagram bios to connect with people who may delve into your services.

Deliver on a Consistent Basis

One of the pivotal aspects of social media strategy is to nurture it constantly. Throwing a picture here and a blog there won't do any good for your business.

Expand and Engage Your Audience

Your results can flourish when you have a bulk audience. The social media professional or manager should work on cultivating followers across the social media channels believed relevant for products and services. Once you have managed too many eyes to witness your message, your social media manager should next work on increasing engagement in the followers the business has and the ones they are targetting.

Calculate Your Results

Whatever goals you have set, it is imperative to hold the results at the top and see how they compare. By making comparisons, you can determine what strategies are paying off and which ones faltered.

Run GiveAway Contests

GiveAway contests are generally irresistible for your targeted audiences. Therefore, you can host a GiveAway contest. Here are a few tips to get started,

  • Determine the best place to start a contest based on your followers. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram followers
  • Opt for a challenging thing related to your business and mark a deadline too
  • When you are done with the above two points, make a video of the winner receiving the giveaway. Doing this will aid your visitors in generating interest in your business

Always Try and Learn New Things

You don't have to be a pro of social media marketing, but should be fine enough to get into the concepts in-order-to run your business campaign smoothly. You should possess a mindset of learning different and new things that will always take you on higher grounds.

Time to Wrap Up

Successful social media marketing poses a variety of challenges to business houses. These strategies help a lot in multiplying your business' ROI. Implement these strategies and get the edge ahead of your competitors. Stay focused on these 10 strategies and share your experience in the comment section below.

Author Bio: 

Anshul Sharma, the CEO of a reputed digital marketing and social media services company, Brandburp Digital, is a man with a vision. Having achieved success at an early age, Mr. Sharma has been drooling with digital marketing techniques and has motivated many digital marketing aspirants to start their careers at a high. He has been a lynchpin in the success of BrandBurp Digital and is always looking to share his experience with others.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

How “Buy Now and Pay Later Furniture” Checkout Options can Help your Consumer?

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Buy Now and Pay Later Furniture”

Nothing is as tempting to the modern shopaholic as the idea of Buying Now and Paying Later. Luckily, this dream of the shoppers is now the reality. As the name implies, the consumer can check out their purchase without paying over the cash while purchasing. With an urge to buy new things and drive additional eCommerce sales, BNPL is the next big payment trend in the Retail World. 

Buyers must be thinking about the difference between Credit Cards and BNPL. The BNPL method does offer some similarities to credit cards. The purchasing phycology behind BNPL offers the perks, which credit cards cannot compete. One case study found that the average sale orders are growing up to 33% solely due to the Buy now pay later method.

It's not a fun sight to come home to every day if you have old beat-up furniture. If you have a broken family chair can be a danger to your kids. Old sofas lose the strong support you need for your back and the last thing you want after a hard day at work is an awkward sofa to try and relax on. It's the best time to turn your furniture off if you go home. It's the best time to turn your old furniture off if you go home.

What is Buy Now Pay Later?

The concept of Buy Now pay later is simple. The customer purchases their desired product without having to pay fully. The user can make the payments over time. The working of BNPL is similar to credit cards. A famous holiday shopping choice in which shoppers set products aside and pay them off over time. It also helps the retailer to move the products quickly to inventory.

Stores can offer the customers their financing or can provide through a third party like PayPal or Klara Credits. Regardless of the payment process, BNPL is growing exponentially in popularity sooner. Even the big banks are scrambling to get on board, such as Chase and Citi.

How Does BNPL Work?

Living in a house with some good quality furniture is the common thing now. It can help better your life to surround yourself with quality furniture, and we'd like to be part of that. So, you can buy your desired product and pay later through the BNPL method. 

While purchasing your furniture, your brand offers you the option of BNPL through a third party, Klarna. At the time of checkout, Klarna offers multiple options for repayment. 

  • Pay later in 30 days.
  • Pay in 3-4 equal interest-free installments.
  • Finance by Splitting the cost into 36 months along with a minimum interest fee.

After selecting your preferred method, you need to pay some 3-5% commission and a fixed transaction fee. 

While purchasing with the BNPL method, a customer can buy his product without paying the whole amount upfront. The product can only be yours in certain conditions. The third-party does a soft credit check – means they approve the credit score before approving the application. If the score is not good, they disapprove of it. The providers avoid those users who have a general disregard for the repayment.

The use of this BNPL method is for online shopping. But now, it has also started working offline. While purchasing, the customer needs to scan a code, and the retailer receives the credit from the provider. The user pays the amount to the third party in the stipulated time.

BNPL – Beneficial for the Customers

The hot new e-commerce trend is to buy now pay later furniture. Also, the retail owner thinks that BNPL is also attracting customers. But what is the general advantage of providing BNPL to clients? Along with the clients, the retailers are also having the benefit of increased sales.

Through this method, a customer has the benefit of paying later if he is not having the cash on hand. You do not have to look for alternate choices for credit. In BNPL, at the point of sale itself, you are given instant credit, allowing for a quick and frictionless purchase.

Without swiping their card and PIN, entering their net banking data, or transferring money from an e-wallet, BNPL allows customers to make safe payments. An OTP is produced, which is required, and sent to their registered mobile phone.

Summing it up

As the world of e-commerce continues to grow and alter, it is not surprising that e-commerce includes payment methods. For years, digital wallets have been on the rise, but trends have not stopped there; today, more clients favor buying BNPL than ever before.

For clients, the options are entirely free to use. BNPL creates a win-win situation for both the customers and retailers. BNPL has to be part of your checkout process if you want to attract young buyers and open the door to more purchasing than ever before.

Author Bio:

Allison Janney is a Sales & Marketing Manager at ChargeAfter. She would like to share content on the Finance Industry like Point of Sales financing, Buy now Pay later, consumer financing & Ecommerce financing for valuable readers. 

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