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7 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online

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Traditionally, making money has been associated with offline methods found in the real world. Making money online used to be a daunting task with a lack of knowledge and limited opportunities. With the introduction of the internet over a decade ago, it took over a large part of our lives in a short span. 

Now people are looking for ways to make most out of it and earn hefty to increase their financial inflows.  However, it would be best if you were very careful about the option you consider. It might end up as a fraud or scam; hence you must be very careful when dealing with money online.  Even when you read today's business news headlines in English, you will come across plenty of options to earn money online. Here are a few ways to make money online:


Nowadays, freelancing is a prevalent method of earning aside income through online means. With the advancement in technology, people are not more aware of different techniques and ways of anything, and that opens a plethora of options for them to earn money online. For skilled people, there are numerous freelancing websites offering work in good salaries. You are only required to create an account, fill in your skills, browse through the listed jobs, and apply for the ones that suit you the most. Some website requires creating a personal listing according to your skillset, so that interested customers can approach you directly. Sites like Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr are some that provide freelance jobs.

Online Tutoring

If you are in the teaching field or hold expertise in any of the subjects, you can try giving online classes. It is a great way to earn money online. Nowadays, online tutoring is an excellent business strategy, and it is listed as one of the fourth largest money-making businesses by a renowned magazine. Many platforms are available for teachers to work part-time as per their schedule, flexibly and conveniently.   


It is incredibly exciting to start your blog, building your web page, and sit down later, pouring out your thoughts into the world. It allows building your online reputation and simultaneously helps you in earning money. There are high chances that your blog could turn into a reliable source of income. The best thing is any blogger can monetize their blog with their focus and determination. 

Affiliate marketing

This option is for people who already have a website. Once you setup your website and it is running well, you can opt for affiliate marketing. It is a way to allow various companies to insert website links on to your website blogs. You can earn right when the visitors click on those links to buy products or services. 

Start your own website

One of the most common and well-known ways to earn money online is through your website. You can create an e-commerce website, blog, build a forum, and charge people for membership. Once your website is ready to provide services to visitors, then you can sign up for Google AdSense. It will help you earn money from your website when visitors click on it. The more traffic comes on your sites, the more clicks you get, and eventually, more potentially, you will earn. 

Email Marketing

Online marketing is also a great way to make money online and especially, email marketing. If interested, you can set up email marketing software and then create a lead magnet that you can use in sales funnel. You just required building up a list to reach out to the desired audience. The bigger the list you have, the more you will earn. For instance, if you are expecting to 2$ per month from one subscriber and you have like 5000 subscribers, then you can make roughly around $10000 per month. You can learn more about email marketing through articles or success stories of business people generally publish in newspapers under today's business news headlines in English.

Invest in Mobile App economy

App economy is the right way for you if you are searching for a method to address immediate financial needs. Many apps are available will not make you rich quickly, but it would be helpful to set a financial goal. 

The Bottom Line

There are many other ways too to earn money online, including podcasting, book sales, and lead sales, etc. However, no method can make you rich in a day, and it takes numerous sleepless nights and struggling days.  

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Vaibhav Sharma is a digital marketing expert by day and writer by night. He is a project manager at True Scoop News who specializes in blogging, article writing and copywriting. He loves to write technology related articles, entertainment blogs, the latest national news in English and Punjabi and tutorials as long as there is a bit of information technology.
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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Top 5 Android App Development Framework To Watch 2020

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There are over a billion clients across the globe. Associations are starting at now concentrating their quality on versatile applications to reach and set up better relations with their clients and make their life more straightforward. 

A source demonstrated that there are more than 2 million versatile applications in Google Play made by different associations for download in the quarter of 2018. 

Android and iOS have dependably been following application improvement. Notwithstanding the way that individuals predict the last to be irritating and redundant. 

Nowadays, Android remains the best OS for engineers when it is connected to building custom applications. Android application advancement has taken a more prominent segment of modern gadgets because different application makers see Android be sensibly dynamically flexible. 

Moreover, its colossal framework base routinely opens to regulate and give crucial data. In case you're a thing expert needing to build up an application, regardless, alarmed because of kept or no past information on the ablest methodology to do in that limit, you shouldn't pressure anymore. 

Here is the quick and direct once-over of the top 6 Android application improvement structures to consider when gathering an Android application. 

1. Crown SDK 

Crown SDK is a cross-stage structure, which engages in making versatile and working region applications. Crown SDK utilizes LUA, a quick and lightweight programming language to create applications for Android, ioS, Amazon Fire, Mac, and Windows Desktop. 

Crown SDK is free and straightforward to set up to start developing an application. Likewise, it offers a true delight for your use. 

Different highlights of this structure join Live testing, altogether improved, and various modules to grow the portion. 

2. Appcelerator Titanium 

Appcelerator structures and makes applications for iOS, Android, and Windows. Its improved palette makes best practice, age quality code. Bi-directional updates grant steady improvement among structure and code. 

See UI changes across OSs and gadgets. Direct access to every io and Android API using JavaScript. Wire pariah nearby libraries – with no movements required. 

Adequately have complex custom effects like one of a kind activities. Run Java, Objective C, or Swift code close by Titanium code. 

3. TheAppBuilder 

TheAppBuilder makes Android neighborhood applications and responsive web adjustments for work territories and various screens. The stage promptly applies any appropriate changes to all of the client's overall gadgets. 

The system offers pre-manufactured edges for various functionalities, for example, reviews, inputs, message pop-ups, appraisals, and related updates. 

It additionally combines quickly with Google Play, which colleagues in direct appropriating of substance. Likewise, you can, in like way offer highlights to check your affiliation's results and update your staff correspondences. 

Thusly, if you are expecting to make an adaptable application, at any rate, are alarmed of codes and tongues, this system is ideal for you. 

4. Adobe PhoneGap 

Adobe PhoneGap structure is an open-source scattering of Cordova. Gives the advantage of advancement made by a different gathering of stars close by a trustworthy specialist organize — notwithstanding access to the PhoneGap toolset so that you can get to portable snappier. 

Get ready application store applications without the prerequisite for nearby SDKs. 

You work in the cloud, and your application will reliably be created with the most to-date SDK for the stage you are concentrating on. The Hydration incorporates available to get snappier investigate and gather cycles. 

By accumulating develops speedier, all updates will be pushed clearly to analyzers' as of late presented applications, ensuring everyone is working on the most bleeding-edge structure. 

All you need is to move HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript points of interest for the Adobe® PhoneGap™ Build cloud organization. 

5. Ionic 

One codebase for any stage, given standard web advancement. Ionic urges gatherings to make and ship cross-stage hybrid applications. Make neighborhood applications parallels in the cloud with Ionic Package to get from code to application store with no stage conditions or perplexing structure steps. 

View and manage all your Ionic applications in a central, conferred dashboard to live development feeds to see how your improvement adventures are progressing. Pass on live demand revives, content changes, A/B tests, bug fixes, and that is just a hint of something more substantial—beforehand or after your application is in the store. 

No lines, no delaying, no stoppages. 

6. React Native 

React Native joins the best bits of neighborhood improvement with React, a top-level JavaScript library for structure UIs. Utilize a little or a great deal. You can utilize React Native today in your present Android experiences, or you can make a substitute application with no arranging. React encourages render to neighborhood sort out UI, which suggests your application utilizes a similar close by organizing APIs different applications do. 

Different stages, one React. Make compose express forms of areas so a single codebase can share code transversely over stages. With React Native, one social event can keep up two steps and offer a typical advancement—React. React Native enables you to make genuinely neighborhood applications and doesn't pick your clients' affiliation. 

It gives a center strategy of stage realist neighborhood divides like View, Text, and Image that guide obviously to the stage's close by UI building squares. 

Trust you to be where you're spare. With the intensity of JavaScript, React Native enables you to reiterate at lightning speed. Not any more trusting than neighborhood structures will wrap up. Additional, see, go over.


Above are the top Android app development frameworks used by android developers across the world to develop an android app. In case if you are looking to hire an Android Marshmallow Developer to connect with AIS Technolabs. 

About The Author

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by React Native Mobile App Development Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.
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Network Interface Card: How to Choose the Best One?

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The network interface card is also known as a network card, network adaptor or fiber LAN card. Nowadays, we have a wide range of network interface cards available making the decision even more difficult to choose the right one. It is responsible for the performance of the computer so different interface cards result in different performances of the computer system. When it comes to buying it, some factors that you should need into consideration are prices, transmission rates and much more. 

Some tips on choosing the suitable network interface card for your system!!!

Determining the transmission speed 

Transmission speed is one of the most important factors that you should take into consideration. Generally, people think that the interface cards with higher transmission speeds are better than those with a lower transmission speed. But this is just a misconception and the real facts are different from this general perception that people have. For example, if you have chosen a high-speed card for your computer system that is connected with low-speed internet then the card will offer the same network speed. This means it is not a good option if you use a card with a transmission rate of 1,000 Mbps when your system is connected with 100 Mbps because the resulted network speed will be 100 Mbps. So, don’t just buy a card with a high transmission rate, also consider twisted pair connection speed. 


Again, compatibility is one of the most important factors that can affect your decision of buying a card. Generally, most of the present interface cards are compatible with Microsoft and Windows operating systems but when it comes to Linux and Mac Apple operating system then you need to consider the compatibility of the cards because not all are compatible with these operating systems. So, when it comes to buying a card for your system, first check whether it is compatible with your system or not. 

Supporting connector types 

As the transmission is different, interface cards come with three different connector types. Some cards have two ports on the card while others might have three ports on the card at the same time. Finally, a network card needs to connect with the network so you need to consider this factor. Some of the commonly used connector types are RJ45 connector, LC, SC, RC connectors. So choose the right network card according to its supporting connector type. 

Bus type

Pay attention to the bus detail of the network card to choose the best one. Usually, workstations use interface card with PCI, PCI-E or PCI-X bus types. Make sure PC is basically no longer supported by ISA connector so make sure when you buy a PC, Don’t buy an outdated ISA card. Choose a card with the bus type PCI-X, PCI-E or PCI. 

Type of network you are using 

After all, the task of the network card is to connector your computer with a network there it is important to consider the type of network you are using in your computer when it comes to choosing the right network interface card. Token ring, Ethernet, FDDI are some of the most popular present networks are there. Make sure you choose the corresponding card according to the type of network you are using. 

Consider the brand type and brand of the card 

Of course, the cost and the brand of the card need to be taken into consideration when it comes to buying a network interface card. The cost of different brands of cards is different. Some of the most commonly named brands are Intel, Mellanox, and, Netgear and so on. Most of the customers choose to buy the cards of these brands as they consider that they provide better performance of cards.

All brands do not create the same kind of cards. Some offer better quality than the others, so make sure you choose the right brand of product that can provide you better performance. Apart from these, the cost of the cards affect on the factors such as transmission rate, the performance of the card and its connector types, make sure you consider the needs of your system before you buy a card for the same. 


Consider all the above-given factors when you want to buy the best network interface card. Remember that the performance of it can affect the overall performance of the system so pay attention to every little detail when it comes to choosing the best one.  
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Monday, January 6, 2020

Useful tips to help you create best habits as a web developer

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Certain skills are becoming sought after. Skills that can nearly ensure your opportunities and jobs for decades to come. In spite of the prevalent view, you needn't bother with an extravagant four-year college degree in computer science to turn into a web developer and make a useful site. 

Who is a Web Developer? 

They create and maintain websites. As such – they truly make how you experience the web. The sites which need clients to make the most of their experience need incredible web developers – and they're generally ready to surrender some genuine money to get these extraordinary web developers with React Native Web designing.

Tips to help you create the best habits as a web developer

Learn the Basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript

These are the stray pieces of all site development that you'll work with every day in the event that you choose to create sites professionally.

  • HTML directs the structure-HTML represents Hypertext Markup Language. It's one of the primary elements of any site and one of the supposed frontend languages. 
  • CSS will make it look pretty-CSS represents Cascading Style Sheets. It puts the style behind the HTML structure. Essentially, without CSS, HTML, and therefore, the entire page would look exhausting. 
  • Javascript will make it work- Javascript is a programming language that enables you to execute components on site pages. It powers features like intuitive maps, 2D/3D graphics, and more. 

Become acquainted with UI and UX 

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are the essentials of client experience design. Most developers are not the design experts these are two unique domains. You won't be a design rockstar. It's as yet imperative to take note of that by learning the basics of client experience design, you can more readily see how a site should function. That will keep more clients on the site, help them find what they're searching for, and at last spend more money on that site.

Learn the Basics of WordPress 

To become a web developer, you'll need to get acquainted with WordPress. All things considered – 58% of all sites are controlled by this free, open-source software that you can install to essentially any web host. When you set up a WordPress site, it's genuinely simple for your customers to include content by themselves.

Learn the Basics of SEO 

SEO represents Search Engine Optimization. This alludes to the way toward improving a site's rankings in a web engine like Google. It's one of the most significant abilities in online business. An enormous piece of a site's SEO has to do with the content. Yet, the real structure and code of the site assume a job also.

Learn SQL and PHP (Optional) 

We'll lump these two together as they're similar to cut out of the same cloth. SQL is a database technology that stores information. PHP is a 'scripting' language that carries the data from a database. Consider WordPress, for instance. It utilizes MySQL to store and oversee data (blog entries, page content, remarks, client data, and so forth.) in a database 'table'. PHP is the thing that makes a WordPress site dynamic, cooperating with these various components and appropriately updating the database as you go.

Ensure Your Site is Responsive 

At the point when you're making your very own site (which will be a smart thought if you need to get more customers) – you should ensure your site is responsive. Responsive implies that the components of the site change as indicated by the screen size. This implies your site will look great whether the visitor is on a laptop or mobile phone. In 2018, a responsive design was pivotal. The entirety of your customers will anticipate it – show others how it is done and ensure that your site is responsive.

Set up Together a Portfolio Site 

For making it simple to get more customers (and for customers to discover you), you ought to make a portfolio site. This is the place you'll show your most recent projects, show testimonials from happy customers, furnish potential customers with a simple method for reaching you, and furthermore flaunt your web development capacities.

Here are a few hints for making your web development portfolio webpage: 

  • Use testimonials from past and current customers. This will guarantee visitors that you do incredible work and that others were glad to work with you. (Make it a propensity for asking testimonials at whatever point you finish a project.)
  • Implant your personality. What's extraordinary about working with you, and what makes you stick out? At the point when you implant personality into your portfolio site, you'll naturally separate yourself.

Incorporate the correct components. Your name, the short version of your story of how/why you turned into a web developer, your contact details, your ongoing work, and your skills.

About The Author

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Node Js Development Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.

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How to Choose Laravel as a Career in Web Development

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Laravel is one of the most in-demand web application development system contemplated throughout the world. This PHP system is impeccable to get your project secured with the best of features and execution. Laravel has gotten one of the top picks of all the professional web application developers because of its adaptability and whether the project is little or huge, one can depend on it totally.

Laravel has solely advanced as one of the most perfect PHP systems to build up the most recent web applications. The best thing about Laravel is that it pursues Model View Controller making it simple to learn and utilize. It has worked in features to get the decreased development load no doubt. You will be helped with the in-built features like mail, authentication, routing, sessions, and that's just the beginning. With such qualities, one can rapidly model the necessary application.

It involves the way that having the best Laravel developers in your team can get half of the things for your business to run easily. So it is exceptionally urgent to be exact during the process of hiring Laravel developers for your business.

Tips to Choose Laravel as a Career in Web Development

You are largely looking for something very similar in the developers –efficiency, competence, and reliability. To assist you with that, we furnish you with a list of things to consider while employing Laravel developers.


Checking for a portfolio and your applicant's past experience is the most clear and significant step of interviewing a developer. It can say a great deal regarding their future performance. When looking at developers’ portfolios, you can comprehend the level of their experience in site development. You can inspect the nature of their work and skills that they have added to there belt.

Specialty developers have in-depth knowledge of the business, however dissimilar to multi-specialty developers, they as often as possible create cutout designs and need adaptability and advancement. So search for multi-specialty developers who can give you the accepted procedures from an assortment of cases and structure various types of sites.

Check past work record 

Remember to check the developer’s past work record. It is significant for you to discover the feedback from their previous businesses. In contrast to reading a resume or looking through portfolios, this progression can give you genuine bits of knowledge into Laravel developer skills, experience, and demonstrable skills. Along these lines, when you are checking your applicant's experience other than his coding abilities inquire:

Is the developer a cooperative person? You need a developer who has great communication characteristics and is accustomed to being a piece of a group.

Do they hit their cutoff times? Trust me, you would prefer not to hear "I'm on course" just to discover on the conveyance day your developer isn't close by anyone's standards to submitting.

Are they coachable? Not having the option to take criticism is probably the most serious issue you can look with your employee.

Industry/business understanding 

To consider a site that will be the future of your business and your organization's brand face, the developers you hire ought to have some sort of comprehension of your industry.


At the point when the discussion goes to the pay question, Laravel developers as a rule can be contracted either at a fixed expense or on an hourly premise. It is fundamental to examine your project necessities with the developer. At that point, the developer can as needs be revealed to you the expense.

Contact recruitment agencies

This strategy can be an instant solution for your applicant’s hunting process. You essentially reach one of those recruitment agencies and give fundamental subtleties like what number of competitors you need and what amount is your financial limit, rest will be guaranteed by them until the candidate joins your team.

Be straightforward while interviewing 

Hiring a candidate through a traditional method for interviewing will give you a superior opportunity to know their ability before they join the team. During an interview, you ought to ask them any inquiry to test their aptitude. You as a business have a decent possibility during an interview to talk about your prerequisite for the candidate. Just make a list of what you are searching for in an applicant and examine that during an interview. Having a Job depiction can likewise make your activity simple, in any case, ensure that it is short and to the point.

Author Bio:-

Sunny Chawla is a Hiring Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency – best Laravel developers. He specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.
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Monday, December 23, 2019

How to Avoid Common Application Security Challenges

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Application security cannot be accomplished right away, there is a proper strategy required. While organizations are evolving technologically, there are more threats and vulnerabilities to app security. Although businesses take a proactive approach to meet the top app security challenges, yet they fail to do so without a reliable security testing company. Enterprises are adopting the agile approach to application development, and new versions of apps are released faster. This makes the security aspect more important and challenging.

It should not come as a surprise that investing in application security solutions is expected to reach $7.1 billion by 2023. This figure was around $2.8 billion in 2017. To make the most of the app security, companies detect the possible threats and take measures to avoid it.

Cross-site scripting:

Cross-site scripting is a common web-application vulnerability that allows attackers to execute scripts in the visitor’s browser. The user is unaware of the attack and can be redirected to malicious sites. An important tip here is to keep in mind to protect a website against XSS that can easily be identified with app security testing tools. So the app security testers use these security testing tools as a part of their testing process.

Inherited Vulnerabilities:

To keep with the pace and speed in an agile environment, developers often use app frameworks based on languages like JavaScript. Developers can create and prototype applications quickly by using this language. But these frameworks are based on numerous dependencies and can put all components from unknown sources to threats. Developers rely on JavaScript for its popularity to determine the security, assuming that most of the developers use this language. This can cause flaws in an app and be prone to app vulnerabilities.

Fail at Building the Right Team:

Application security is not just limited to developers, it also involves other departments like quality assurance, senior executives, etc. Unless pressurized by the senior management, a developer will not make security a top priority. Executives and managers need to walk the talk and show their commitment to comprehensive application security.
No progress tracking:

One of the biggest mistakes that development teams make is that they fail to track the progress of a project. If these are not assigned, then app security may suffer. Additionally, an application security manager is responsible for integrating with popular development environments and issue tracking tools.

These issues can be assigned to the developers within their specific working environment and also track the progress to ensure problem-solving. Most of the tools have built-in capabilities to help you track your progress. Make sure that you use tools that provide you the information you need.


Organizations may need to make slight changes in their security testing strategies, by hiring a security testing company and ensure developing safe and secure applications. They can take the necessary steps to avoid the most common app security vulnerabilities and ensure that the right approach to app security testing is implemented.

Author Bio:

Ray Parker is a senior marketing consultant with a knack for writing about the latest news in tech, quality assurance, software development, and testing. With a decade of experience working in the tech industry, Ray now dabbles out of his New York office.

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Monday, December 9, 2019

4 Reality Technology-driven Trends that Transform the Automotive Industry

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Digital technologies are revolutionizing organizations today, with each vertical seeing problematic changes in at least one different way. The automotive section is no special case as it is quick turning out to be carefully empowered, with the emphasis being all together on the network in mobility. While the technology of the Internet of Things is going to the cutting edge, others like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analysis, Blockchain and more are additionally driving digital change for this vertical. 

The automotive business is facing what could be its most noteworthy change. This change is an essential part of a carefully empowered converging of social, industry, and mechanical powers going to touch off an upheaval of advancement in the worldwide transportation field. Thinking about the sheer size of this industry, we can properly say that it has the ability to keep affecting the course where mankind will advance in the future. Technology-driven patterns like Virtual Reality Game Development have consistently been revolutionizing the way by which automotive industry players respond to the changing conduct of buyers, construct organizations, and realize a change.

The technology-driven trends to transform the automotive industry

Driven by shared mobility, feature upgrades, and connectivity services

The automotive income pool will fundamentally increment and broaden toward on-demand mobility services and information-driven administrations. Network and later independent technology will progressively enable the vehicle to turn into a platform for drivers and travelers to utilize their time in travel to devour novel types of media and benefits or commit the saved time to other individual activities. The expanding pace of advancement, particularly in software-based systems, will expect autos to be upgradable. As imparted mobility solutions for shorter life cycles will turn out to be increasingly normal, purchasers will be always mindful of mechanical advances, which will additionally expand interest for upgradability in secretly utilized vehicles too. 

In Spite, a move for shared mobility, vehicle unit sales will continue to grow A detailed analysis proposes that dense areas with an enormous, set up vehicle base are prolific ground for these new mobility administrations, and numerous urban areas and rural areas of North America and Europe fit this profile. 

virtual reality game development may bring about a decrease of private-vehicle deals, yet this decline is probably going to be counterbalanced by expanded deals in shared vehicles that should be supplanted all the more regularly because of higher usage and related mileage. 

The rest of the driver of development in worldwide car deals is the general positive macroeconomic improvement, including the ascent of the global consumer middle class. With set up business sectors easing back in development, be that as it may, the development will keep on depending on rising economies, especially China, while item blend contrasts will clarify distinctive improvement of incomes. 

Consumer mobility behavior is changing

Changing shopper inclinations, fixing guidelines, and technological leaps forward means a key move in singular mobility behavior. People progressively utilize numerous methods of transportation to finish their voyage; services and goods are conveyed to instead of brought by shoppers. Therefore, the customary plan of action of vehicle deals will be supplemented by a scope of various, on-demand mobility solutions, particularly in thick urban conditions that proactively debilitate private-vehicle use. 

Consumers today utilize their autos as generally useful vehicles, regardless of whether they are driving alone to work or taking the entire family to the beach. Later on, they may need the adaptability to pick the best solution for a particular reason, on request, and through their cell phones. Customers' new propensity for utilizing custom-made answers for each reason will prompt new sections of particular vehicles intended for unmistakable needs. For instance, the market for a vehicle explicitly worked for e-hailing services is, a vehicle intended for high use, robustness, extra mileage, and traveler comfort—would now be a large number of units today, and this is only the start.

Replace region or country for city type

Understanding where future business opportunities lie requires a more granular perspective on mobility markets than ever. In particular, it is important to section these business sectors by city types dependent on their populace thickness, economic development, and thriving. Over those fragments, shopper inclinations, approach and guideline, and the accessibility and cost of new plans of action will unequivocally separate. In megacities, for example, London, for instance, vehicle possession is as of now turning into a burden for some, because of blockage charges, an absence of leaving, automobile overloads. Conversely, in provincial areas, for example, the territory of Iowa in the United States, private-vehicle utilization will remain the favored method for transport by a long shot. The sort of city will, therefore, turn into the key pointer for versatility conduct, supplanting the traditional regional viewpoint on the mobility advertise.

About The Author

Code Wilson is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Virtual Training Software Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.
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