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Best Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019 to Maintain The Top Ranking

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If you have a futuristic approach to your business then you must opt the best digital marketing strategies. With the introduction of 2019, a lot of updates took place, made by Google. These updated digital marketing strategies will help you in providing a top rank to your websites and improve leads as well as traffic. With the rapid growth of technology, every month, there is an update.

But due to the lack of awareness, you fail to take into consideration. As the best digital marketing agency, here we have come up with the list of the best Digital Marketing strategies for 2019.  These strategies will help you to maintain your website at the top ranking.

List of Strategies Required for Ranking on Google

There are lots of new updates that keep on taking place. Google is quite dynamic. You have to stay updated with the latest updates to bring out the good results and leads to your business. You cannot keep on following the old strategies and expected to be on the top every time. No! Here we have come up with the list of the strategies, which has updated with the time.

Marketing through Short Clip and Videos

From the recent survey conducted by Wyzowl, shows that last year, about 81% of businesses would be using video in their marketing strategies, which is a rise of 63% from 2017. It results in increasing in Return of Investment. Videos have become engaging tools for all visitors. It has been growing fastly and become the fastest way of promoting your business. It has forecasted for 2019 that Internet video traffic will account for a huge fraction of all consumer internet traffic.   

Use the updated Features of Live Streaming

Live streaming is another digital marketing strategy which has been upswing day-by-day. Lots of social media platform has added a feature of the live stream as it is useful in driving more audience to your website. From the recent survey, lots of evidence has pointed out that the live videos give must activeness to the audience and encourage them to attract toward your domain.

Artificial Intelligence, a Smart Approach

Artificial Intelligence can perform something that human cannot. Chatbots are one of the most popular and implemented forms of AI. With the help of the human interaction approach, you can give a customer-end the solution, which will help in gaining the trust of the audience, which results in a hike in traffic.

Put More Valuable Data

Knowledge is everywhere. But a collective and well-presented data can really make sense for the customers. If you want to attract your customers effectively then you should not avoid putting the valuable and big data for your website so that you can drive more traffic. As a channel of 2019 updates, you must not add some value to your business by adding and putting data.

Voice Search, a Trending Feature

With the operation of technology, everything is just one call away from you. Voice Search has been largely opting by people. Thousands of peoples are using this feature instead of typing something on Google. It saves lots of time and makes things simple for them. So do not forget to opts this digital marketing strategy and keep your domain at the top of the Google search.

Uniqueness, Evergreen Success Mantra

People will visit or consider your website only if you are different from others. This is the evergreen success mantra in digital marketing that marketers are an emphasis to opt. Without the presence of uniqueness, you cannot expect good traffic and leads from the business. So make sure that you are unique and exclusive from others.

Personalization, an Essential Move

Personalization has become quite important. All the technology needs a fully personalized experience for users. It gives them real-time experience and increases their trust in users. Stay attached with your customers through the chatbots and try to interact with them to provide them the more realistic data and information. As much as you would interact with them, the more you could generate a query for your business. This is another major reason for traffic engagements.

Marketing Automation

It is all about optimizing the work output to bring the greater result from the existed one. In this, you have to avoid reduce the repetitive tasks and give your focus on creativity. One of the proven and unmatched techniques of marketing automation is targeting potential clients across multiple channels. The more you will be client oriented, the more you will bring the output for your business. Thus, marketing automation is all about finding the way, how well and effectively you are performing any work.

Content Marketing

Content is the roots of digital marketing. Without content, the search engine is empty. Thus, you must put lots of valuable and meaningful content on your website to ensure that your users would attract on it and bring valuable information. This is one direct tool or weapon that can directly connect you with your customers.

Show some Authenticity

According to the recent report conducted by the Stackla, 86% of customers attract and made their decision of supporting any brand or product on the basis of their authenticity. There are lots of ways to showcase your authenticity and the first and foremost way is Content. Whatever you are writing for your website should reflect honesty and transparency. It has become the best marketing strategy to be on the top of the ranking.


The above-mentioned analysis shows that the newly developed digital marketing strategies are more responsive, precise, realistic, authentic as well as analytical. All of these factors are helpful in gaining the trust of the clients. If you will follow each of them then nobody can stop you be at the top of the other company. As much as you would get success in earning the trust of your customers, the more leads you could generates for your business. What you need to do is go with the updated strategies.

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Essential Steps to Strengthen Your Online Presence in 2019

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It makes no difference whether a company distributes bottles of water or offers b2b cloud services. Today, it is a must, for both, to have a strong online presence. Over the past few years, the need for businesses to maintain online activity has increased exponentially.

The integration of technology has allowed businesses to track consumer behavior and response. Analyzing this data, allows businesses to react and change, according to consumer demands. For this purpose, it is important for companies to revisit their strategies and practices periodically.

Here are some ways businesses can improve their digital footprint.

4 Ways Businesses Can Digitally Tune-up in 2019

These tips are a basic guide to help you get some ideas on how to improve your business. Use these and more to make yourself more appealing to customers. 

When giving your business a tune-up in the digital age, it is best to start with these 4 basics: 
  1. Rework Your Social Media 
  2. Evaluate Your Platforms
  3. Improve Your Content
  4. Give Video a Try

#1. Rework Your Social Media 

Most businesses are still not able to use social media to its full potential. A good social media strategy is more than just a few generic posts. Social media is a way to engage one-on-one with your target market. Here is what you can do to effectively use social media for your business:
  • Assess which social platforms to focus on: it can be counter-productive if you focus on all social platforms at once. Each platform has its pros and cons. Find out where your target audience is most active and focus there. 
  • Revise your strategy: for your consumer. If your target audience is most active on, say Instagram, restructure your strategy. Optimize it for the platform you are using most. 
  • Don’t deny platforms: if you find a new platform emerging and think it could benefit you, don’t wait for it to grow in popularity before you get on it. 
  • Focus on customer service: social media allows for cost-effective customer support. Some, like ATT Customer Support, need to invest valuable resources. However, more and more businesses are finding it efficient to use social media platforms.
  • Promote brand loyalty: social media is an excellent tool to increase or maintain brand loyalty. Use it to introduce promotions and engage with your consumers better.

#2. Evaluate Your Platforms

Take a look at all your public platforms. Your website, blogs, apps, company profiles, and listings can always improve. Use tools to see what kind of traffic your platforms generate. Check if your platforms have any broken links or images are unproportioned. Visitors are turned off by outdated, simplistic page layouts or pages not optimized for mobile view.

Try to put together a team of professionals to brainstorm and update your platforms. Try to remember that uniformity throughout all platforms is important. Using, for example, an updated company logo on one platform and not others is a bad idea.

Investing in SEO and SEM are a great low-cost, high-return investment for your business. Hire professionals to take care of your search engine optimization if you don’t already have a team in place. You can use SEO to help search engines link search criteria with your relevant content. If a person searches for e.g. high-speed internet service, Google shows optimized, relevant results. Results like AT&T Fiber Availability in the area would be at the top of the results page.

#3. Improve Your Content

Your content is the most important tool in your arsenal, to engage with the target audience. Improving your content could translate to more customer retention on your platforms. Simply put, the more appealing your content is, the more appealing your business is to consumers.

Updated content indicates you care about your business. Enough to invest valuable resources and efforts to stay relevant. It shows you care about adding value and providing an engaging experience to viewers.

Another reason to focus on content development is that it leads to improved SEO results. Providing good content results in search engines to increase the relevance of your platforms. Search engines rank your platforms as most relevant when someone is searching for anything related to your business.

#4. Give Video a Try

Furthering the spirit of trying new platforms and staying relevant. There is a growing consumer demand to receive information in video format. This makes the content easy to consume. If you haven’t created video content for your business till now, give it a try. Use video formats for launching new products, promoting existing ones.

Video integration onto your platforms allows you to convey more information, efficiently. A consumer is less likely to read when there is a video alternative available. Studies show that a person’s ability to retain information improves when in video format.

Keeping your online presence relevant and updated is not a short-term achievement. It requires constant attention. Most small and medium businesses find it easier to outsource their digital marketing activities. This frees up valuable time and resources for them to focus on other aspects of their business.

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Best 5 Frequent PPC Mistakes That Can Sink A Campaign and How to Fix Them

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In today’s competitive marketplace, it can be tricky to locate qualified clients and drive prospects. But if your organization is seeking to target some perfect customers while also generating brand awareness from the procedure then AdWords is a fantastic remedy that will assist you to grow.

PPC advertising can play a major role in your marketing strategy. When a PPC campaign is nicely implemented, it may be among the greatest strategies to increase conversions in addition to earnings since you may use the vast choices that AdWords supplies to look on the very top of Google.

Adwords also play an essential part in the sales and promotion strategy, so in case your company does not guarantee optimization of campaigns is performed correctly, an individual will comprehend that PPC can cost more money than it earns in.

Below are the top 5 most frequent PPC mistakes which may sink an effort. By clearly understanding that advice, an individual will have the ability to spot the regions and chances where a PPC advancement is needed for the use of raising participation and hence drive an increasing number of sales to your business or company.

1. Not Utilizing Long-tail Keywords

A long-tail keyword is merely an integral term that’s quite accurate to the specific requirement of a client. These phrases are thought to be more and also more precise when compared with their more commonly hunted variants. These long keywords are PPC supervisor’s best friend though there are campaigns which do rely just on the more general and wider type tail keywords.

The usage of long-tail keywords is among the most efficient ways for your company or business to be certain that PPC campaigns do in the very best level. The usage of long-tail keywords is also the simplest method for those contemplating branded keyword phrases in their PPC strategies.

A Few of the notes everyone should consider long-tail keywords are:

  • Improved Quality Score
  • Boost relevancy of ads
  • Lower competition
  • Clients are much nearer to Buy choice
  • Get fewer Impressions
  • Perform much better with less cost and energy.

2. Not Sending Ads to a Landing Page

Whenever your clients click on an advertisement, your company pays for this click. As your customers click on your ads, then you understand that Your customers are interested in your deal and your advertisements appeal to them.

The task of a PPC ad is to get the click. However, the job of a landing page is to earn the conversions, and the majority of the PPC supervisors do direct PPC advertisements to their website’s homepage.
Among the greatest techniques to search for a perfect landing page with the intention of your PPC efforts would be just to take a peek at the outcomes from your website SEO strategy. The info will indicate landing page layouts and keywords to help one increase conversions.

Also, with the intention of raising traffic and forcing more revenue with PPC, all you want to do would be to guide the viewers to relevant landing pages that are consistent with you advertising keywords and replicate.

This won’t just allow you to boost your growth conversions and client’s expertise but also will enhance excellent score as a result of the positioning of your landing pages in addition to ads.

3. Not Using Suitable Account Construction

A campaign that’s structured around similar search phrases, Ad Groups, and Efforts will help your company in diminishing cost, increasing participation, and also fostering conversions. It’s a simple fact that the most common error in many of these PPC campaigns< is badly structured Efforts, keyword classes, and Ad Groups.
If you’re searching for ways to boost your AdWords account, you need to make certain to assess the arrangement of your PPC campaign with the intention of organizing your site. This typically means that you want to check over your Efforts as your silo/category web pages, and in every ad group, create subdivisions for various goods, in addition to services.

A number of the finest ways to arrange your PPC accounts would be as follows:

  • Seasonality of your Service or Product
  • Performance and bidding
  • Geographical Site
  • Brand names. Generic titles
  • The goods and services you provide
  • Keyword game kinds

4. Not Heard Negative Keywords Properly

In regards to optimizing in addition to maximizing your PPC campaign, the most useful tools which may be accessible are negative keywords. Key words in an overall opinion are intended to inform Google exactly what your product or service is. In contrast, negative keywords are created to inform Google exactly what your product or service isn’t.
Should you put in a negative keyword into your advertising group in addition to the effort, then you’re just starting to Google to not reveal the advertisements in the event you search a query that includes that phrase. It’s supposedly a highly efficient tool for trimming the range of a little business promoting PPC campaigns and can also be beneficial in the conservation of cash in the long term.

5. Not Using a Broad Array Of Extensions

Based on Google’s view, the greater an individual or company offers much advice to the viewers, the greater regarding the operation of advertisements.

To be able to help Google to comprehend the products or services you’re selling; you will need to use advertisement extensions in most campaigns.

Callout Extensions: these may be used to build confidence to readers simply by including entries such as “Peace of Mind Guarantee.”

Sitelinks Extensions: All these are believed to be some extra links that your customers may discover invaluable and are guided towards landing pages that are unique.

Structured Snippets: They includes those who are involved in supplying more info regarding the features available. They’re also thought to be in particular categories, and therefore it is very vital for you to have the ability to select a class that’s applicable when creating out an advertisement expansion.

Review Extensions: you could also raise participation by incorporating this instrument. All you only have to do would be to utilize reviews to ensure upon clients clicking the expansion; they’ll be instructed to your site straight away.

To conclude, all individuals that are stuck in the areas they could enhance their PPC campaigns to get their companies, they could only refer to the points above. The Adwords accounts are going to have the ability to work better and thus earning more cash for your focus on both details and attempts.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

5 Smart Ways to Turn Your Design Skills into Profits Online

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“The goal of a designer is to listen, observe, understand, sympathize, empathize, synthesize, and glean insights that enable him or her to ‘make the invisible visible.” Hillman Curtis

Being a designer opens for you some lucrative opportunities and income sources that you can benefit from in the long run. You have multiple mediums through which you can earn money by selling your design services to startups and other businesses who are looking to have a redesign for their brand. Designing is an art, and like other skills, it also needs the practice to get mastery in what you are doing. Once you become an expert in your field, you will have numerous chances to grow and double your income.

Below are some ways through which you can convert your design skills into profits online.

Job as a Designer 

If you are keenly interested in making your career in graphic designing, then you can join a good design agency where you can work on big projects for leading industries. Here you will have challenges that will polish your skills also ideas for your better learning as you will have senior designers with you who might have tons of experience and knowledge that can help you explore the big picture. As with changing the digital landscape, trends are evolving, and various new techniques have now taken place which you might not be aware. It can be your one stream of income, and you can continue taking projects besides your job. Some leading professional graphic design agencies are known to provide top-notch design services globally, for instance, LogoOrbit is one of them.


Freelancing enables you to work on custom projects for a variety of clients from diversified industries – an excellent medium to earn money. If you are someone who wants to work in the comfort of your home and do not like conventional 9 to 5 jobs where you have to work under restricted circumstances than freelancing is for you. There are multiple freelancing platforms where you can earn good money also it will help you gain exposure to different skillset as customers usually come up with their specifications which allow you to work in different areas eventually increasing multi-faceted exposure. Moreover, it also provides you with the freedom to choose clients and projects that you find most interesting.

Teaching Design Skills 

Another useful technique you can use to earn money with your design skills is to offer online courses to people who are interested in learning the art of designing. As it has become the need of the modern digital era and here is how you can benefit through it. You can sell your eBooks that holds inside a comprehensive guide to design techniques, do’s and don’ts and all those time-saving hacks, color psychology that can help you create a top-notch custom design for your audience. It's not an easy job as far as teaching is concerned before earning money out of it you first have to earn your name credibility and recognition in the community. Once you get your name viral and build up a good image, it will open for you a stream of income which will multiply with your goodwill in the market. Create articles, How to posts, tutorials, infographics, and eBooks to teach people and to build up your audience.

Sell Your Design Products

Demand for website templates and several digital products remain on the spike which gives you an edge to create design themes and sell it on leading creative markets.  You have a variety of choices when it comes to selling stuff in these markets. For instance, you can sell here logos, stationery templates, patterns, mockups of products, textures, wireframe kits, icons so on and so forth. There are so many designers you will find who are in need of readymade items mentioned above to save their time and to increase their efficiency.  It is preferable if you create your website which highlights your design materials with a portfolio that carries some of the most top-rated sketches made by you. Also, add compelling descriptions to your items that inform your audience about in what ways you are unique.

Advertising & Affiliate Programs 

You are having hands-on expertise in design skills while owning a website or preferable a podcast on design. You have an amazing opportunity to earn money by bridging with affiliate programs or through the selling of advertisements. The only challenge here is to create an aesthetic yet credible website that is captivating enough to persuade people to trust your products or services. The key here is to market products that you genuinely recommend or else you will be losing traffic from your website. For affiliate marketing, it is suggested that you make a separate site for this purpose. To minimize distraction that it can cause while affecting the audience that you’ve been cultivating in the name of your brand.

Wrapping Up 

Summing up, making money out of your passion is one amazing way to polish your skills and to become the expert in the kind of services you are providing. The more you keep practicing your design skills the more you will get perfect. Do the work that you enjoy as it is only then you can unlock the potential of your creativity as designing is all about mastering the skill of artistry.  You can take projects on Freelance if you are inclined towards working independently or you can even be a part of a design agency where you can work in collaboration with a design team. Also, you can earn through your design skills by giving online classes to newbies who want to start their career in graphic designing, or you can even sell your digital products any way you like. 
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5 Simple Tricks to Remember Everything You Learn

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The secret to successful learning is making memories stick. Here's how you can do it more effectively.

From where you parked your car to the password for your Facebook account, the sheer number of things you have to remember each day is pretty astounding.

So if you are having trouble keeping some of these details sharp, chances are you're not alone.

But there is a group of people whose main goal is to make what you see and hear stick. These "memory athletes" travel the world to showcase their skills -- and a group of them is set to compete this June 24-26 in San Diego, California as part of an event called the Extreme Memory Tournament.

But these memory champions also have some great advice for the rest of us. Here are five simple strategies for remembering things you've learned.

1. Create a memory palace.

The memory palace is based on the idea that our spatial memories are much stronger than our memories for specific words or objects. You can probably easily recall, for example, where in your home you store your holiday decorations or your office supplies, says World Memory Champion Alex Mullen. And you can apply this innate ability to other harder-to-recall things, like a list of groceries.

Try it: Take your list (let's say it includes apples, paper towels, bread, and milk) and, as you walk through your home in your mind, create a scene of each grocery item in each space. In the living room, for example, you might imagine a group of kids bobbing for apples, while in the dining area you picture each furniture item covered in rolls of paper towels. Next you approach your bedroom, where you picture a giant laying on your bed while snacking on loaves of bread. In the bathroom, you see the sink and bathtub overflowing with milk.

2. Think of a scene.

We form visual memories much like how a camera records an image: What we see gets imprinted, kind of like a photograph, in a specific set of brain cells in our hippocampus, deep inside the brain. This process is called encoding.

The reason we misplace things like our keys, wallet, phone, or car so often is because we store so many similar versions of those memories. Think of how many times you've parked your car or tossed your keys somewhere. Your brain has encoded thousands of those memories. Over time, they begin to blur.

To improve your memory, you have to be able to keep those recollections apart. Next time you set down your keys, try creating a precise scene in your head, suggests US Memory Champion Joshua Foer. Take note of the surface on which you're resting it. Is it wood, steel, or concrete? Red or blue? Is there a photograph or an object nearby that you can keep in mind?

3. Establish an emotional connection.

aving a sense of connection with an object or a place can help us remember details about it.

In a recent review, Harvard and MIT scientists compared how well people could remember photographs against how well they could recall the color of a few simple squares. Overall, people were far better at remembering details about the photos than they were at recalling details about the squares. Researchers think this discrepancy has to do with people's ability to link things in the photos with their own feelings or memories, and therby keep the memory sharper.

4. Try a mnemonic.

If you're trying to remember words in a particular order, try making an word out of each of the item's first letters. One infamous example is using the name Roy G. Biv to remember the colors of the spectrum (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet).

"Mnemonics are not tools for learning per se, but for creating mental structures that make it easier to retrieve what you have learned," write Peter Brown, Henry Roediger, and Mark McDaniel, in the book "Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning."

5. Connect the new thing to older things.

Someone told to recall a man who is a baker is more likely to hold on to that memory than someone told to remember a person with the last name Baker, Foer says in a TED talk.


Because "the name Baker doesn't actually mean anything to you," Foer says. "It is entirely untethered from all of the other memories floating around in your skull. But the common noun baker, we know bakers. Bakers wear funny white hats. Bakers have flour on their hands."

"The more you can explain about the way your new learning relates to prior knowledge," the authors of "Make It Stick" write, "the stronger your grasp of the new learning will be, and the more connections you create that will help you remember it later."

This story first appeared on Business Insider. | Source: inc
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Top 4 easy switches that will help improve your English

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Whatever your level of English language proficiency, it’s always helpful to be reading, speaking, writing or listening to the language every day. Immersing yourself in the language you are learning can help you become more familiar with it, discover more about it and increase your...

Whatever your level of English language proficiency, it’s always helpful to be reading, speaking, writing or listening to the language every day. Immersing yourself in the language you are learning can help you become more familiar with it, discover more about it and increase your vocabulary and knowledge of grammar.
If you’re busy, you can easily fit in your language practice while you go about your daily business. Here, for example, are four easy switches you can make that will help you improve your English…

1. Use English on your devices

We all use our mobile phones and tablets on a daily basis, so why not introduce an element of English learning into your usual device activity? It’s easy to change the language – usually, you just need to find the settings, then the language options and select ‘English’. To begin with, it may feel rather daunting, but you’ll soon get used to the different words and commands. You can also apply this to writing texts or WhatsApp messages to your friends – and encourage them to reply in English. If you learn together, you can help each other.

2. Use English in your apps

It’s also simple to change the language on your apps. So, for example, try downloading the Scrabble app, or Words with Friends, and play it with your friends, only using English words. Playing games is a fun way to learn languages, and adding in the interaction with your friends will help you to stay motivated.

3. Use English on your TV

While you watch your favourite television shows or movies, you could turn on the English subtitles. To begin with, this will help you to get used to the language and you might even find yourself mouthing the words. Don’t forget that you can always pause and rewind sections, so you can work out what the direct translations are. If you see a word written several times, you’ll know it’s a popular English word that you will find useful, so make a special effort to learn its meaning. To take this a step further, try switching to watching English-speaking TV shows and movies – they are an entertaining way to learn more about the language.

4. Listen to English lyrics

You might only listen to songs that contain lyrics in your native language, but try selecting a song that is sung in English. These songs will contain many aspects of the English language, including common expressions, everyday language, descriptive terms and slang. It’s also easy to look up the written lyrics of a song on the internet, so you can read the words and then hear them spoken. If you’re not sure where to begin, you can find out some of our blog readers’ favourite English songs here. You may even get so familiar with your song that you’ll naturally start to sing it out loud without even realizing it!
Source: English
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Sunday, August 6, 2017

NEET 2017: Avoid these 10 common mistakes during preparation

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NEET 2017: Ten mistakes that will bridge the difference between not doing your best and acing the exam.

NEET 2017: Aspiring to pursue medicine is just one step in a long path to achieving your goal. When it comes to medical aspirants in India, the first hurdle to accomplish is the National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination (NEET). This examination has witnessed a lot of changes this year and the question of clearing the paper has become all the more difficult.

This exam, conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), requires not just hard work, but also the right technique to clear it. It is essential to ensure that your preparations are headed in the right direction if you wish to crack the paper.

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid while preparing for NEET 2017:

1. Not following time-tables

Time tables are the most decisive elements while you prepare for NEET. Strictly following time tables will help you get through the revision of the syllabus quickly and evade any last minute panic and anxiety for not knowing or not having the time to revise everything. A good time table you follow helps you leap through the preparation and have a relaxed mind set on the days prior to and during the exam.

2. Hectic schedule

You may believe that the longer you study, the better you will fare in the exam and the better you will be able to cover all the portions of the syllabus. This is not true. If you follow this technique, it will affect your retention and develop fatigue. To get the best results, it is better to take 5 minute breaks and not let your study schedule affect your daily routine for sleep, food and other human needs. Daily physical activity is also recommended.
3. Ignoring NCERT

It may be agreed upon the reference books are helpful and study materials from external sources will give you extra insight into some specific topics. However, if you put aside your NCERT textbooks to try and practice from these other sources, you will be blinding yourself to 70 to 80 per cent of the questions that will be asked in the NEET paper.

NCERT provides the base concepts and the solved questions for the majority of the questions for NEET. So, students must ensure that NCERT- based learning should remain their first priority during their preparations and must learn the NCERT concepts and their application in questions rather than merely memorising the case-specific approach.

4. Too many reference books

After students have understood and covered the NCERT syllabus, they turn to reference books for further guidance. Many, unsure of which to pick, take on multiple reference books leading to a lot of confusion. Different reference books exercise different methods of approach. As these methods can vary dramatically from one reference book to the other, using too many of them can mix-up your concepts and generate confusions in your basic approach strategy. Students must keep their reference books limited to avoid this situation.

5. Ignoring subjects

What do most students do when there is too much to study and one subject seems irrelevant or too difficult? They ignore it! When it comes to preparing for an examination like NEET, many students feel that they can safely avoid studying one subject if they can prepare all other subject to the best extent— which commonly happens in the case of Physics. They believe they can balance out the missing answers with the subjects they are better at.

This strategy, however, is quite detrimental and results in a performance that is not up to the mark as it reduces the chance of answering simple questions which may appear in the subjects they ignore and may toss them into a territory of difficult questions which they could have avoided. Students must involve all of the subjects in their preparation and allot more time to their weaker subjects so that they can boost their overall performance.

6. Avoiding self-preparation strategies

Not everyone has the same ability to study. Some students have good analytical skills, some are good with concept retention, while others have other advantageous characteristics. Every student is unique in this regard and identifying the best study method for themselves is a vital part of the preparation process.

When you create your own preparation strategies, it would generate more favourable results and give you a boost of confidence in your own abilities. Think about how and when you are able to retain and understand the topics the best and choose this method to inculcate in your preparation. Avoiding this process will only keep things difficult.

7. Error calculation

Many students waste huge amounts of time trying to calculate their errors during the examination. This encourages panic and, even if the mistakes are corrected, you will not find the time to cover everything. The best way to avoid this habit is by practicing mock tests by mimicking and exam-like environment and answer all (or most) of the questions before trying to correct or calculate your mistakes. This will help you maintain a relaxed stance and breeze through the exam without anxiety.

8. Rote learning

Rote learning of topics is only helpful to a small extent to remember some theories better. However, when you only use this technique to learn everything, you miss out on the vital definitions in between the lines. Instead of memorizing everything, try to understand the concepts and learn how things work. This will help you figure out the more complex questions that require thought and knowledge deeper than memory.

9. Deceptive questions

Exams do not always contain straight-forward questions that tell you exactly what is required in the answers. Questions are sometimes framed in a deceptive format, making students fall prey to them. Read and understand a question carefully before attempting it in the examination.

10. Exam break

The NEET 2017 examination will be three hours long and each second is vital for the results.Taking a break during exam time can cost you close to 5 minutes which would have been else wise utilised in solving questions. This can cost you more than 5 questions or more than 20 marks in the exam – something which can dramatically change your NEET rank. It is also highly important to reach the exam centre well on time to avoid a last minute rush.

If you follow the above tips carefully and avoid the mistakes mentioned, there is no stopping you from scoring well and achieving your goal.

All the best!

Source: IndiaToday
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