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Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook with Email, & Contact

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Lotus Notes Domino Server is the most using client-server in the world as compared to MS Outlook’s Exchange server because Lotus Notes is more secure as compare to Outlook but because of a much complex structure of data management, the user is switching to Outlook. Both of them are different so they use different file supporting formats. Lotus Notes saves a file in .nsf format and Outlook saves a file in .pst format. So if you are switching to Outlook from Lotus Notes then you need to export emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook.

On the basis of Business preference and industries presidency and home usability lots of time, the transformation of Notes data to Outlook data is extremely important. In this summarized article I will explain step by step all the procedures for migrating NSF to PST and causes required for conversion of Lotus Notes to Outlook.

Some scenarios or causes are responsible for the process of conversion of Lotus Notes to Outlook.

  1. Outlook has a better data management system as compared to Lotus Notes.
  2. MS Outlook is cost-effective than Lotus Notes
  3. The data structure of IBM Notes is more complex to understand for a layman.
  4. MS Outlook provides a much user-friendly interface as compare to Lotus Notes.
  5. Outlook has a gentle GUI.
  6. Job Switching.
  7. The outlook is more reliable than IBM Lotus Notes for e-mails search.
  8. The maintenance cost of Lotus Notes is higher than MS Outlook.
  9. Outlook user can maintain their data very easily and effectively

Best methods to export Lotus Notes to Outlook

Two most popular method is used to export Lotus Notes to Outlook

  • Using the manual method
  • Using Third-party tool

Using the manual method:

The conversation of the IBM data file to Outlook Data File can be done in two steps.

  • Export NSF to CSV(intermediate).
  • Import CSV to Outlook PST

Export NSF to CSV 

1. Open Lotus Notes Program
2. Open the NSF file.

3. Open the Mailbox and then click on File Menu and click on Export.
4. Provide a name to the file and select the Comma Separated value option from the file format.

1.     5. Select the option as per your requirements.

6. Exported data will save at a given destination location.
Import CSV in Outlook PST 
  1. Open MS Outlook. 
  2. Click on File Menu. 
  3. Click on Open and Export. 
  4. Select the Import/Export option.

5. Select the Import from another program or file from the dialog box.

6. Choose Comma Separated Value option and click Next.

7. Provide CSV file path form the browse button and click on the Next button.

8. Give a saving location to save the file and click Next.

9. Click on Checkbox and then click on finish.

Using a Third-Party Tool

As you can see the manual method is so lengthy and time-consuming,therefore, the third-party tool is another solution for the process of conversion. MailsDaddy NSF to PST Converter is the best tool to export Lotus Notes to Outlook. The advantage of using this tool is there is no need to install Outlook in the machine but Lotus Notes must be installed.

The Process of the Tool

The MailsDaddy NSF to PST converter is easy to use and reliable. The process of the tool is very simple.
  • Download and run the software on your machine.
  • Open the tool.
  • Click on Add files.
  • Select the desired file you want to export.
  • Click on the Export button to start the process of migration for NSF to PST.
  • Select an option from each section from the dialog box and click on the Export button.
  • The process has been started now you can check it from the process bar.
Important Notes about the Tool
  1. For the use of this tool, it is not compulsory that Outlook is installed in the machine.
  2. Lotus Notes must be installed on the PC.
  3. You can add more than one file at a time for the exportation.
  4. You can see the clear preview of the selected data item.
Final words

In the above article, I explained the causes in detail for the purpose of transformation and also said that how to export emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook using the methods as per your need. If you are using a manual method to convert NSF to PST then it will take too much time for the migration. So I suggest you use a third-party tool. The MailsDaddy Support team always ready to help you.

Here I tried my best to explain everything. If you have any suggestions for the article please comment on your good words in the comment box and if you have any trouble or query for the tool or process contact the Support team.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Reasons for Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration with Solution

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Lotus Notes uses the NSF format to save the user data in local storage but Office 365 uses a cloud-computing facility to store the data.When you are going for migration from Domino server to Exchange Online i.e. Office 365, first of all, you need to know about all the crucial issues which can be overcome during Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration and you should know why are you going for the migration?

Here I am going to consider some facts about the migration from Lotus Notes to the O365 account, which can’t be ignored by the user while going for the conversion.

Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Issues

There are many issues during the migration of Lotus Notes to Office 365. Have a quick flash on the major migration issues of Lotus Notes to Office 365.

Data Migration: Lotus Notes stores emails, contacts, calendars, To-do lists, notes, tasks, etc. in .nsf format. A proper, accurate, and safe process is required for the data migration otherwise;the user can lose their NSF data.The smallest amount of downtime occurs the big data lost which is responsible to dig a grave to the big business. The wrong data migration creates a productivity problem and delayed the workflow.

Virus attack: For a migration, there is always a threat of Virus but if you are using a good tool then this threat is worth ignoble because a good third-party tool never imposes a virus threat.

Lack of good tool: There is an abundance of migration software in the market so it is quite difficult to find a good tool. If a user is downloading conversion software, they have to ensure the quality of the tool and he should know the software is free from the virus threat.

Hard manual process: Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration has a manual process completed in four steps which seems it simple but really, it is tough to perform. The user must have strong technical knowledge about the Lotus Notes or he needs help from an expert.

The need for a lot of patience: If you use a manual process then have the patience to finalize the process result because sometimes in the manual process failed to migrate the whole NSF data in Office 365 accounts. Most of the time calendars and contacts conversion remain immigrated.

Formatting issues: Lotus Notes is not compatible completely with the standard HTML format (syntax) and failed to adduce the HTML /CSS scripts. In the last, it has formatting issues with the NSF emails and other data too. Using Lotus Notes has quite difficult to maintain database consistency.

The reason behind the Migration of NSF to Office 365:Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration is done because of several reasons. Have a quick glance at the reasons responsible for the Migration of IBM Notes data to Exchange Online.

Cost: The cost of Lotus Notes is high as compare to other email clients and eventually, it is difficult to keep Lotus Notes maintain because the cost of maintenance is also higher compared to others.

Business Challenges: The biggest challenge for the business industry is data analysis in Lotus Notes because it is hard to analyze the required NSF data due to its database security features. There are high chances to occur an error in the migration done by hands.

Technical challenges: The possibilities of creation of encrypted documents are high in Lotus Notes. Rich text document has various links, which may be targeted to the other Lotus Notes documents and the various types of data stored in Lotus Notes in its own set of different metadata and attachments. It makes it quite complex to export from one platform to another.

Document Attachments: The document stored in Lotus Notes may contain normal attachments or have an OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) object. The OLE object needs some special type of migration process to convert from IBM Lotus Notes to Office 365.

Massive Storage: Office 365 provides a cloud-computing facility which eliminates the storage dependency from the user side and stores all the data on the cloud and in the case of Lotus Notes data stores in local machine storage.

Email client migration: The NSF file format doesn’t support by many other email clients like Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. Lotus Notes is used NoSQL technology to store IBM Notes data in NSF format in the database. Because of this technology, it is quite complex to understand and it is constantly changing in each releasing.

The benefit of the Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration

Due to benefits provided by Office 365, Lotus Notes users realized that migrating towards Office 365 is the right choice from each perspective.

Reduced migration cost: This is the most common reason to migrate from Lotus Notes to Office 365. The migration from Lotus Notes to other email clients is costly as compared to migration in Office 365 accounts. A lot of users are familiar with Office 365 because of its features and facilities.

Increases Long-term Business Strategy: The migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365 makes industry goals much facilitating to innovate and provides the mobility to the fickleness.

Empowered Users: Office 365 confer consolidated access to the user at its location to use the data from the cloud without any external resources. It empowers the user to create a workforce and use it from anywhere and anytime.

Boosted Productivity:Office 365 boosted the productivity of an organization by providing a lot of facilities like Skype, One-drive storage, etc. These features make it much collaborative to work.

Manual way to Import NSF data to O365 account:

IMAP Connector method to convert Domino Server to Exchange Online

You need to have the technical expertise to execute Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration process using an IMAP connection. Initially, you need to take a backup of your data.

Step-1: Make new Mailboxes for each user.

Step-2: Enable the TCP/IP port for all users.
  • Open Domino Administrator from Lotus Notes client.
  • Hit on the Configuration button.
  • Open the Server Document to execute the IMAP Connection.
  • Go to Ports then Internet Ports and select Mail Tab
  • Change the TCP/IP port value to Enabled.
  • Click on the Save button to save all the changes.
Step-3: Connect Lotus Notes with IMAP Connector.

Step-4: In the last, use the IMAP Connector to synchronize the Lotus Notes emails to the O365 platform.

A Proficient way to solve entire migration problems and export NSF data into the Cloud

In the market, there are so many commercials tools are available used to migrate Lotus Notes NSF data into Exchange Online or cloud storage. I recommend you use MailsDaddy Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration software to migrate Lotus Notes mailbox to Office 365 accounts. It will help you to export all the NSF emails, contacts, calendars, To-do lists, tasks, journals, etc. in the O365 account flawlessly without any virus threat. Using this tool the data exported in Office 365 account has preserved all the mail formatting along with inline images, and keeps the same folder hierarchy and upload Lotus Notes data into Office 365 account.

In a Nutshell

In the above discussion, I described all the migration issues and factors responsible to do a migration process. Moreover, I also described the benefits of the migration and recommended the best solution to do a migration of Lotus Notes to Office 365.
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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Most Vital Aspect Of A Successful Web Design &Why Web Designing With SEO Is Important for Business?

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Simply said the planning of your website can either make or break the business you’re trying to deliver. It actually makes a difference on how your target viewers view your business or company and switch them into your customers. Therefore, developing a design for your website that possesses an interesting interface will result in a much-improved conversion rate, which results in improved business and revenue. 

Though it's going to cost you a considerable amount of cash, investing during a professional web design service can produce amazing profit for your business. However, to form sure that your investment works as per your plan, you want to appoint a competent web design & SEO company in Dricki that’s capable of handling the below-listed important tips in designing a site: 


This becomes quite essential especially when your site has many pages. it always involves a well-marked navigation bar that demonstrates an inventory of various sites. When your site’s navigation is developed well, browsers won’t face any problem in exploring and reading your site. Choose an easy yet insightful navigation that creates viewers to come for more. 

Content & visual elements: 

These include the choice of font & other typographic details because these aspects of web design must go side by side to deliver a particular message to the readers. During a majority of the cases, the audience tends to recollect the message when it’s to the purpose & something that they will identify easily. 

Nonetheless, overdoing this stuff won’t do any good for your site. Sites that feature excess content will appear chaotic & can have a negative impact on conversion rate also. Visually chaotic pages are tough to read, consequence in disinterest in visitors & perhaps making them not eager to visit your site again. To avoid such things from happening, it knows to restructure the contents wherein designers can easily add the text in their design. Furthermore, designers are capable of adding vacant spaces that allow the viewers’ eyes to rest within the middle of their reading. 


To look more appealing to the users & make them wish to interact together with your page, sites must feature an excellent layout. It must catch viewers’ eyes because the truth is; from here each engagement will start. For this, the need for site design & development may be a necessary aspect that has got to be considered cautiously by each site owner. 

Organization & Search Engine Optimization: 

Just like reading a book, it’s comfortable to read an internet page from left to right. Virtuosi in web designing employ an equivalent reading model once they are designing a site. Because the majority of the people start reading from the upper left area, web designers place the foremost vital info there. It boosts the chances of communicating your message to the viewers who can become your customers. Beside the organization, using discernible areas for the vital site details also can enhance the SEO (search engine optimization). This happens once you add business-associated keywords within the HTML text. When major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo crawl your site, it upshots in higher Search Engine ranking, which suggests your site become more visible & searchable

This is the essential thing everyone looks for once they visit any website. Website designing is the medium through which any businesses can grow. Many businessmen promote their business also as products through the web site. Within the present era of technology, everything becomes digital then is advertising. Those days have already gone once you got to depend upon television or radios for promoting your business, services, and products. You’ll find many websites designing & SEO Services companies in Usa that provide many services for efficiently promoting your business. In current ages, including the advancement of technology, promoting a business has become easier. It’s a bit like creating an internet site that defines your business, gives an in-depth description of the products, makes the web site attractive with graphics and animations and you're good to travel with the superb online presence. 

What is Web Designing? 

There are only a few people that don't wish to visit a powerful website. Graphics, information, images, and features are some factors that make an internet site more impressive and attractive. Web designers are entrusted with the responsibility of making your website more beautiful in order that people can stay on your page for an extended period of time. As a result, it'll help to realize more traffic and you'll receive more profit also. The more facilities you'll add on your website it'll be more beneficial for your business. Once you are knowledgeable for doing this task they're going to assist you out with web designing services. As they need experience during this field for several years they will choose the proper decision for you. They enhance your website by offering effective designs and advanced features in order that viewers stick with your page not for a moment except for an hour. 

What are the Essentials of Investing during a Comprehensive Website? 

Once the visitors visit your website, they are available with tons of expectation, and most of the time they're impatient. The primary and foremost thing the visitor expects is professionalism and that they like such pages they are able to load and filled with interesting features. If they didn't find this stuff then they could skip to another page. For this reason, you would like to improvise your website in order that it can leave an efficient impact on them. But it’s impossible to know the requirements of every and each customer. And here, web designers come to play. Once you choose a website designing company in Kolkata, the experts will ask you about your business and make an internet site that suits it. Your website is going to be completely compressed, optimized, fine-tuned for super-fast loading. needless to say, you'll not lose any customers of yours. The designers provide you with SEO friendly designs for getting more revenues from your site and it'll definitely enhance the recognition of your business website. 

Best SEO Training in Usa provided enables you to find out the foremost advanced SEO concepts recommended by Google. we've well experienced SEO Consultants who have worked with major MNC’s educate students on real-time SEO concepts. Our SEO Training in Usa is best fitted to enthusiasts who are keen on learning program Optimization techniques and implementing an equivalent to urge better visibility online. 

The high-level SEO course would be greatly useful for college kids, fresher / job seekers, business owners, bloggers, content marketers, and digital marketers meaning to be SEO specialists or SEO consultants. Business optimization is a methodology of plans, techniques, and tactics to develop the amount of tourists to an internet site by obtaining a high-ranking placement within the search results pages of an inquiry engine (SERP) including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

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Starting an Optical Glasses and Contact Lens Store on WordPress

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Shopping sceptics for the longest time expressed doubt on the success of online stores selling certain types of things – like shoes, jewellery, vehicles, clothes, etc. They attributed the reason for this to the fact that people preferred to see these things in person or examine them by hand, try them, compare them, and then decide on what to buy.

They were, however, wrong. 

E-commerce companies have found success in all these fields. Now, the newest kid on the bloc is online stores selling glasses, which could be corrective, protective, or just fashionable.

Tides are Shifting – The Industry is Changing

Gone are the days when people relied on eye doctors for a pair of prescription glasses – which came in a limited range of designs. Similarly, gone are the days when people were satisfied with selecting a prescription glasses frame out of limited options.

Customers these days are tech-savvy as well as fashion-conscious. These e-commerce stores are making it easier for consumers to find the perfect combination of styles, colours and features that take prescription eyewear from overpriced necessity to affordable, must-have accessory.

Statistics show that at least a billion people around the world currently use corrective glasses or eyewear products. Today, shoppers prefer the convenience of ordering prescription glasses, contact lenses, and even sunglasses and other eyewear accessories online. At the same time, they prefer fully-customized, fashion-forward, prescription eyewear that accentuates their looks, rather than making them look geeky. These shoppers are turning to online sources for glasses in different styles, colours, and features.

The numbers of such shoppers is surging but the websites catering to this product segment is still very limited and not serving the diverse palate of the audience. There is still a huge gap in the supply and demand of eyewear products online. A number of business owners are stepping in to fill this gap and establish themselves in this relatively new space early.

WordPress Enables Optical Glasses and Contact Lens Stores to Go Online

In any business, the early settlers are able to claim a place for themselves that’s substantial. They can become authorities in the segment if they play their cards right. Legacy eyewear retail stores, however, find it a little intimidating to take their stores online. They also often fear that it will dissolve the brand and that they will require superior technical know-how in order to do well in this area.This lead them to lose precious time that they could have utilized to establish themselves in this niche online.

When it comes to starting an online store, there are many things to take into consideration. One of the most important parts of the puzzle is which platform to use to power your e-commerce site.

WordPress comes to the rescue of such business owners and entrepreneurs by giving them an opportunity to set up their store in an easy and quick fashion while keeping all their brand elements intact. WordPress is already the platform of choice for content creators as it provides an ease of adding content including images, and of operation.

WooCommerce is a flexible, open-source eCommerce solution built of WordPress. It is thickly integrated with WordPress, which means that users get all the benefits of WordPress in an e-commerce website. This is great because it offers ultimate customizability. Anything you can do with WordPress, you can do with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Eyeglass Prescription Plugin

Setting up an optical glasses and contact lens store on WordPress comes with a number of benefits. As with anything WordPress, the resources available to design the store that fulfil all the requirements of a business owner, are endless. It provides access to millions of themes and plugins to do exactly what the store owner wants.

WooCommerce allows a user to add further plugins to add specific functionality and features. WooCommerce eyeglass prescription plugin, for example, is one of the most beneficial plugin for an e-commerce prescription optical glasses and contact lens store.

This plugin provides the functionality to add contact lens options like power, strength, or sphere, thus making it easier for any user to easily order prescription eyewear through the website. With the help of this plugin, the WooCommerce prescription eyeglass store can be set up within no time. This is because the main functionalities that need to be included on the website and on individual pages are already incorporated through this plugin.

Installing the plugin and assimilating it within the store is a very easy task that can be done by someone who has reserved knowledge of development also. It does not take much time and takes care of all the essential features. This is very important as the store owner might not be able to focus or have complete knowledge of everything that a customer on the website is looking for. He can totally focus on the business side of things and not worry about whether the store will provide ease of navigation and purchase to the customer.

A number of WooCommerce eyeglass prescription plugins are available for the store owner to choose from. These plugins can be differentiated on the basis of the basic and extra attributes that they are offering. 

Store owners can go through the detailed points mentioned of the features available in the plugin and by taking into account their own requirements, make a purchase.

Through a few clicks, a business owner can get an online store that is personalized according to his vision, showcases his products in the best light, and is customizable in case he fancies a different style later, based on customer feedback and response. All he needs to do is to simply add inventory and start selling.

WooCommerce platform and integrated plugins will take care of all the rest of the important aspects of the store independently.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re planning to take your eyeglass store online and want integrated plugins for the same, get in touch with SoftProdigy. 
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Significance of social-media influencers to promote your ride-hailing taxi business

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For several years the on-demand taxi industry has reached astounding development in the market. The various opportunities to attract countless start-ups, this way ending up being one of the most affordable industries. Although it has a higher chance of obtaining even more revenue, taxi business calls for special consideration to be informed amongst a variety of sector goliaths. Therefore, being a taxi service provider, you need to strengthen your brand with a trusted marketing technique.

The taxi industry is a business that grows every time; nevertheless, the schedule of the service was somewhat difficult due to the disordered booking mechanism, hesitant motorist actions, or problems in locating locations. The advent of a taxi dispatch system for on the internet ride-hailing services has actually made reservations as well as sending off easier for vacationers, vehicle drivers, as well as business drivers. The extensive smart applications as well as software assisted taxi aggregators to take care of visits, track drivers, and stay on the right track business eminently. The taxi dispatch software that makes all tasks in supplying taxi service transparent.

Unlike typical taxis, ride-hailing services have upgraded the communication among vacationers and vehicle drivers that make points simpler. In addition, the location tracking system has been enhanced with the help of GPS and also various other mapping platforms. Most of all, the repayment procedure has additionally been streamlined and also digitalized by incorporating secure as well as helpful payment gateways. The ride-hailing service is offering ease in all possible ways for the commons to obtain taxis as well as get to the location without problems nevertheless traditional taxi companies have actually ignored providing such convenience as well as shed importance even though they keep up expert rules.

Importance of social media influencers for the ride-hailing industry

To connect to more drivers, you should recognize what communication channels they use. Uber has released incredible Facebook Marketing campaigns prior to going live, due to the fact that Uber's online marketers told them prospective drivers spend a lot of time on Facebook. Where do your possible vehicle drivers hang around? Perhaps they're not on social media in any way and also you should count on word-of-mouth started by a number of " drivers"?

Make certain media publicity to advertise your app

Getting some local media publicity is an additional method to breed inquisitiveness among drivers-to-be like on TELEVISION, radio, papers. Share your story as well as tell how your service is different from whatever they have actually had before. Little media usually publish free of cost. Pitching to application review sites is additionally a good method, but make sure you pitch to the source your target market really checks out. 

Advertise your application online to get customers.

Regarding the customers, among the fundamental points to do is initial promotions. To utilize its performance to the max, start in advance. Use on the internet promo tools, such as Google AdWords to attract even more customers for your application. You can also introduce Facebook and Instagram ads (or any other social media campaign) to prepare individuals for the app launch. Online promotions are generally not so costly as old-school offline techniques, and are extremely effective: they give widest targeting chances. Nonetheless, online marketing is something needing effectiveness and experience, so we guide you in hiring a digital marketing agency to get it succeeded. Remember to state your online presence. Currently, we're talking about on-line promo, mind this: producing and also maintaining social network accounts is exceptionally vital. Facebook, Youtube, and also Instagram, you call it-- are enabling you to develop real customer communities.

Online booking 24/7

So, ensure you have a website with your phone and the possibility to purchase online because we dislike roaming costs! A lot of our customers have actually been pleading for an on the internet booking tool and we delight in offering that possibility by means of a web desk. Internet workdesk option-- is a web site page where to order a taxi merely click a switch. Place it on the site, as well as it will manage your online reserving 24/7.

PR & Media

Make your firm recognizable, reaching an even wider range of audiences and also ultimately transforming them to your customers. The secret is PR in regional media. Share your tale with regional magazines. The media usually publishes completely free, as they are continuously looking for local information, especially if you have an excellent reason for it.

Accumulation Customer Feedback

The fact that differentiates standard taxi driving from the taxi reserving mobile app is customer reviews and ratings. Always make an initiative to get user's evaluations in real-time. This will certainly aid you to alleviate any kind of issues-- huge or small-- ensuring you employ only the best vehicle drivers to serve your clients. In addition, responding to individual evaluations and scores will also aid you to increase user engagement as well as loyalty.

Get Referral Advertising And Marketing

Reference marketing is an effective marketing strategy to increase application installs. Via this technique, your application users advise your taxi app to their friends and also loved ones, helping you boost your traveler contentment. The factor reference programs work is because users swiftly rely on the point of view of individuals they are typically associated with. You can better use numerous automatic referral advertising tools to take advantage of in-app referrals and also compensate the customers that referred to your application. In this manner, you can easily lure brand-new customers to use your app while retaining the existing ones.

Targeted Marketing

Marketing is the most effective method on the internet promo. Begin ad campaigns in the networks where your target market hangs around. Google AdWords and Pay Per Click can offer you crazy amounts of web traffic if you are tight with your project and also run particular niche advertisement groups. But dealing with Adwords calls for experience and also a deep understanding of the details and also can be costly.


Mobile phones have now come to be an unavoidable part of our lives. Keeping that, taxi apps are quick coming to be a primary way of hailing cabs. Along with those client obtaining techniques, you can likewise integrate several payment methods to your app, join resort chains and also service centers to use your services when in need as well as send tailored promotional codes to individuals for delivering a distinct transportation experience.

Author bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Uber Clone app company, which is a clone app Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by airbnb clone app Services. I would love to share thoughts on  taxi dispatch software and on demand house cleaning app development  etc.
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8 Emerging IoT Trends To Watch In 2020-2021

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For quite a while, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been a key pattern including the exchange of information to and from cloud-associated sensors and the software that empowers organizations to perform an investigation on that information. Gartner Research extends the number of associated things that will arrive at 14.2 billion out of 2020-2021 and 25 billion by 2021. What's more, Gartner predicts the cost of IoT sensors will descend in 2020-2021, which will empower more organizations to utilize them to pick up bits of knowledge in human services, assembling, retail, and different enterprises. 

For how much longer will we as a whole utilize the expression IoT. For instance, Forrester Research predicts that the expression IoT will be supplanted for other, progressively illustrative expressions to depict the procedure. 

Fundamentally, the term is excessively conventional and confounding, Frank E. Gillett, Vice President of Analyst at Forrester. We think terms like 'associated item' or 'associated tasks' will rise. That, in addition to progressively explicit use case terms like 'prescient support,' 'condition-based checking,' and 'cold chain observing,' will be utilized because they are explicit and distinct. 

Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President of Nuclear Research. She figures we ought to be moving past the popular expressions around IoT and causing it to have a useful incentive for business. 

As an Top IoT development company after the reading the interview of many entrepreneurs from the different field  we bring you out the emerging IoT trends to watch in 2020-2021

MDM Will Protect the IoT from Ransomware 

Security is one of the major prospects that will be enhanced in IoT development as in March 2018 the city of Atlanta city was attacked by the ransomware on their water system and the ticket payment. A programmer requested $51,000 to open the contaminated frameworks or $6,800 per unit. Specialists foresee more ransomware assaults could hit savvy city undertakings, and urban areas should put resources into security to battle these dangers. These kinds of assaults represent a danger to keen lighting, traffic controls, and open transportation, as per Forrester. 

The IoT Will Enable Smart Cities 

Various urban networks have been creating IoT organizations as a significant part of sharp city exercises. Cary, North Carolina uses IoT data to interface traffic lights to Salesforce's client relationship the board (CRM) stage to alert assistance associations if the traffic lights go out. San Diego, California uses shrewd lighting and motorized street meters. Current, energized by (GE's IoT stage) enables the wise city executions in San Diego and combines CityIQ, a shrewd center point that is embedded with various sensors. 

We're seeing a reasonable pickup in sharp city adventures, said Dan Hershon, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at DXC Technology. The rollout of 5G frameworks could give a lift to sharp city use, for instance, halting meters, notwithstanding draw less battery power from the gadgets, according to Hershon. 

IoT Technology Will Keep Food Safer 

The IoT moreover gives the bits of information to improve sanitation. In one model, cold food stockpiling overseer Lineage Logistics, which offers crossbreed cloud stages, is working with and AT&T to ensure food. Sharp meters from similarly as around 1,000 sensors arranged from AT&T Internet of Things help associations with evaluating temperature and moistness in nippy storerooms. 

Want to see more utilization like this in 2020-2021. As an element of this effort, Lineage Logistics progresses imperativeness of the board in food stockpiling settings. AT&T helps with using sensors and data to get bits of information. Associations can use warming aides, cautions, and reports to see data on the temperature and condition in food storerooms to ensure sanitation.

More IoT Data Will Be available to be purchased 

In 2020-2021, organizations will keep on selling IoT information in training called ergonomics, Gartner predicts. As indicated by Gartner, this act of selling information will be a significant part of numerous IoT frameworks by 2023. Apparatus fabricating organizations may sell IoT information for the extra income, yet in addition to demonstrating, through prescient support and IoT arrange management information, that their items function admirably. For example, the information could be mined from savvy water sensors, which can identify issues, for example, spills. That data could then be offered to makers or administration firms for use in deals and digital marketing efforts. 

IoT Will Play a Bigger Role in Helpdesk and CRM 

IOT will play a big role in providing customer automated service using CRM  A fundamental situation will be an IoT device informing organizations when they sense customers are having an issue. This could work for machine style items, yet also utilities, for example, link administration. From that point, the IoT information can be taken care of into the organization's CRM software and used to fuel deals conversations not far off. Combinations, for example, are simple with items supporting viable application programming interfaces (APIs, for example, Zoho CRM. 

I think CRM is a perfect spot to exploit the IoT, said Nucleus' Wettemann. With field administration and administration itself being such a differentiator for organizations, there's a genuine incentive there. 

IoT Will Simplify Preventive Maintenance in Manufacturing 

Maybe the best way to deal with getting benefits by the IoT is when sensors outfit bearing about issues with the equipment before a field organization expert gets the chance to work available. Preventive upkeep is advancing rapidly, so we'll see a more noteworthy measure of this in 2020-2021. Sharp mechanical offices are where preventive upkeep accepts a vocation; workers rely upon wearable gadgets that give bits of information on security and assembling plant conditions. 

In the gathering space, we see a lot of sharp mechanical office type game plans nowadays, where we have wearables for upkeep where they're related to cell phones. It's to use time, make progressively amazing use concerning prosperity, and get a contribution from the creation line floor, said Taher Behbehani, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Mobile B2B Division at Samsung Electronics America (SEA). Fundamentally, in the times of yesteryear, there was a limit between the plant floor and the board, the control network. Also, that [barrier] is presently ousted by having the wearables passed on all through the modern office and worn by delegates.

IoT Will Improve Workforce Management 

Signals have been around for a considerable length of time to assist organizations with sending focused on messages to shoppers' cell phones. Even though it may appear to be dreadful, guides can likewise help with representative observing and planning, and this information can likewise be associated with execution management software also. 

With guides getting increasingly conservative, more organizations will start to actualize them this year, predicts the Nucleus' Wettemann. Associations can likewise utilize reference points to screen workers to guarantee they are utilizing the correct wellbeing gear. This could profit the medicinal services industry as reference points can screen specialists and attendants in an emergency clinic, ensuring they're following appropriate systems concerning clinical wellbeing records or utilizing the correct clinical hardware, Wettemann noted. 

IoT Will Power Smart Stores 

Stores are getting more astute than at any other time, with radio recurrence distinguishing proof (RFID) labels giving key bits of knowledge on item stock. Keen lighting can likewise tell stores to what extent customers wait in a specific path or associate with items on the racks. After breaking down the information from store video and Wi-Fi-empowered pedestrian activity observing software, retailers can make acclimations to stock sums or store designs. 

Author Bio:

Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is Web development and Digital marketing Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on leading full stack development company, Social media marketing and game development etc.
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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Different Security Cameras & Its Functions

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Selecting a security camera for your home or office might feel effortless at first, but with all the options available, it can become a daunting task. In today’s society, CCTV and security cameras play an essential role in the surveillance process. With cameras in our surroundings, our daily lives seem more secure every day. However, it is vital to select the right camera, which suits our premises and situations. There are many different types of CCTV cameras available after the advances in wireless, video surveillance, and other smart technologies. 

With the variety of cameras, the retailers are also increasing, which makes it hard to buy security cameras online. The most popular types of security cameras include IP, dome, and bullet cameras. They can be used indoors and outdoors, and come in both types wired and wireless. You can install them as per your preference and use. Here are some common types of cameras: 

LPR/ANPR Cameras

License Plate Recognition(LPR) and Automatic Number Plate Recognition(ANPR) cameras are used to read and store information of registered plates. Many organizations use these cameras to keep track of vehicles entering and exiting the premises. Toll booths, hotel entry and exit points, and other car parking places have LPR cameras for security purposes. Besides, ANPR cameras are more used as road cameras to copy vehicle numbers and get information in high traffic areas. These cameras comprise various smart features, including information storage features, identify vehicles and alert the system, and many more. 

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors at premises for security and surveillance. The name of these cameras is because of its shape, which makes it difficult for onlookers to predict which direction the camera is facing. It is a great piece of security device that deter criminals by creating a sense of uncertainty. Besides, it is extremely easy to install and comes with vandal-resistant and IR night vision features. 

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are ideal for outdoor use as they are specifically designed for long-distance viewing. It is long and cylindrical and installed with protective castings. The casting is for protection of the camera against external threats, including dust, rain, dirt, and snow. Depending on the requirement of the area or premises, it can be mounted and fitted with varifocal or fixed lenses. These bullet cameras have a compact size that aids installation and comes with high-quality image resolution and IR night vision features. So, you don't have to worry about security during the night. You can find different variables of bullet cameras if you search to buy security cameras online. 

C-mount Cameras

The C-mount camera comes with detachable lens features, which can be easily used for different applications. It can also support changes in technology and will never go out of use. C-mount cameras are efficient for indoor use and can cover above 40 ft distance with a proper lens. Its lens changing features makes it appropriate for outdoor use also. They are bulky in size, which makes them visible and deterrent. 

PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras are highly advanced as they offer up to 4k image quality and cover a larger area. PTZ means Pan, Tilt & Zoom, which enables the user to zoom closer or farther as per their preference. The camera is used in premises, where there is a person available for surveillance purposes for operating the security systems. The PTZ cameras offer IR night vision up to 200 m, High-resolution image quality, and X36 optical zoom. 

Thermal Cameras

If you want a camera that provides 24-hour surveillance, then a thermal camera is best for you. These cameras are used in seaports, airports, boards, and other critical infrastructure where quality pictures are needed for better security. No matter what time it is in the day, they will provide you with top-quality pictures. These cameras can easily detect intruders up to 200-300 meters and work excellently even in low light areas. 

In Final Words

These are some sophisticated security cameras that can be mixed and matched as per situation, premises, and function preference. You can set up a complete surveillance system at your home or office with any of these cameras. Whether you need a night vision, indoor or outdoor camera, you can easily buy security cameras online.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile Application?

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Modern businesses are turning their interest in multi-channel features. Channel creation may not be a very easy process, you have to establish your presence in those channels with effectiveness and efficiency. To contact the target audience online platforms could be the best option. By developing a mobile application or a website you can reach your target audience. As you know the use of mobile phones is increasing day by day and the usability of internet connection is increasing rapidly. In this scenario, a mobile application will not only help to reach your target audience but also help to expand and grow your business. 

To understand the importance of Mobile applications in today’s competitive environment, I am here with an interesting blog that will help you to understand the benefits of a mobile application and also give you an idea of where you can start. A combination of mobile applications with businesses might be an interesting headline for this blog but I will definitely help you to understand this combination. 

I am sure that in today’s hi-tech world, you have seen so many mobile applications on your phone like Hotel booking app, iGaming apps, Grocery apps, Healthcare app, e-commerce apps, and any other useful applications. Apart from these there are thousands of companies in the market that are providing services like Healthcare mobile app development, ecommerce app development, iGaming app development, PUBG tournament app development and so on. Have you realized how these applications came into existence? I tell you! Some people in this world are totally aware of the latest and upcoming trends and mold their thinking and actions as per the current trend. 

Reasons Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile Application?

Increased Visibility

People spend most of their time on mobile phones approx 3 to 4 hours and youngsters spend more than 4 hours. By this, you can understand the core of your market. Mobile phones work on mobile applications and applications that provide benefits to customers can help the owners to expand their business. Suppose if you design an e-commerce application where you sell a variety of products and services online. Most of the people who do not get time for shopping will definitely go for online purchase and if your application helps them to buy an expected product then you can achieve customer satisfaction and their trust. Trust-building is a must retain your customers. By providing the right quality and the right quantity of product at the right time can help to build trust. 

Create Brand Awareness

A mobile application is like a blank paper on which you can draw anything, it means you can use advanced features to make it attractive, interesting, function-rich, and so on. The mobile app is an online platform where you can show some important things and information as per your need. Newer products and services can promote through online ads. As soon as your application will launch in the market, customers will start using it sooner. The creation of brand awareness might not be an easy task, it may take time but once your brand is known and recognized by customers then the process of the promotion will get easy. 

Competitive Advantage to Business

There are still many companies that do not understand the importance of mobile applications and many industries that do not have an application to run an online business. You can consider it as your benefit and can reach the top level very quickly. Competitors that are aware of app development importance can become a guide for your next step. Fantasy sports app development market is also growing, if you want to grow in this field then you can get so many options. You can adapt competitor strategies to run your business and can strengthen your product reach in the market. In today’s competitive world, opportunities are everywhere you just have to see them and grab them at the right time. 

Customer Engagement

Customers always look for a way to reach their necessity fulfillment place, where they can get expected products and services at reasonable rates. In this, you can take the help of social media platforms and chat boxes where you can get the text from potential customers. Whenever a customer downloads your application and sees your product and service then you can track their preference and by use of automation, the application can automatically track the customer records and preferences. 

Industries that are Enjoying The Benefit of Mobile Application

Travel Industry

Travel industries are allowing the customers to book online services and allow them to book online tickets of bus, train, flight, and cab. By use of these facilities, customers can book their travel tickets anytime, anywhere. 

Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry is transforming itself very rapidly and expanding its services day by day. With this high-speed, healthcare professionals are taking advantage of prompt services and online appointment services. Not only doctors but patients are also satisfied with healthcare mobile app development services and are capable of curing any disease. Really healthcare mobile application is a boon for doctors and patients also. 

Entertainment Industry

Now the entertainment industry is not limited to TV and Cinema’s, it is growing on internet platforms and shifting from TV to mobile phones and desktop. I am sure all of you are familiar with Youtube, Netflix, and many entertainment applications that allow the users to watch their favorite shows online. 


If you desire to start your online business by developing a mobile application then don’t be late just think about it and convert your desire into action. Understand your requirements, your competitors, and the target market and prepare strategies to set up your online presence. For developing high-quality mobile applications, choose a reliable app development company that can design a feature-rich application, and offer its services in your budget. 

Author Bio:

I am Arnika Gupta SEO executive at Mobiweb Technologies which is an offshore software and application development company serving the clients globally from 10+ years. Curiosity to learn new things makes me interested in content writing and encourages me to write something different. 
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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Android vs iOS: Which Platform is Better for Mobile Startups?

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Read this article to know which platform (Android or iOS) is perfect for mobile startups

In today's mobile-driven world, it has become important for every business to have a mobile app through which customers can access its products or services. The first question that comes to mind of businesses wanting to have a mobile application is - which platform should I choose for my mobile app?

Choosing the right platform is a major consideration, mainly for startups with budget and time constraints. And if you really want to know for which platform you should build your mobile app, then give this article a read. Here, we have listed everything that will help you choose the right platform for your startup mobile app development.

Which platform (Android or iOS) startups should choose for mobile app development?
For a startup, choosing between these two platforms is a big decision, which depends on various factors:

The audience you are targeting 

Android demographics and iOS demographics can be separated by different traits. For example, iOS users are more willing to spend on an app than Android users.  iOS users tend to be more inclined towards the latest technology than Android users. There is a bit difference between the education level of iOS and Android users, with the former having a great level.

Where is your audience?

According to market research by Statista, Google's Android holds around 87% of the global market share, and Apple's iOS with only 13%. However, countries like Australia, the USA, and a few more are assumed to come under the dominance of Apple. So, if you are targeting the mass audience, then choosing Android is certainly the right decision. But, if the majority of your customers are from the countries that are dominated by Apple, then go for the second one.

Monetization Strategy

If you are planning to make money through in-app purchases, it would be good to go with Apple’s iOS. According to Statista's report, as of June 2020, 96.4% of the apps in the Google PlayStore are free, whereas, Apple's App Store has 91.9% free apps. This indicates that iOS users are more willing to purchase paid applications and make in-app purchases than Android users.

The difference between Android and iOS users making in-app purchases can also be seen on a geographic level. The global level per user spending is somewhere around $0.50; this number is $0.70 in Asia, approx. $0.61 in North America, and around $0.26 in Europe. So, you have to consider this factor while choosing between Android and iOS.

Single or multiple devices

Here, we are talking about fragmentation, i.e. the number of devices your app can access from. So, if you want your app to run on different devices, then choosing Google's Android is surely a perfect decision. Google has tied up with many device manufacturers to offer Android as a built-in operating system. Selecting Android will help your application to become popular in a very short time. This is not the case with Apple’s iOS.

Design and development of the app

While deciding on these two factors, both Android and iOS stand in the same position. It depends on the experience and the expertise of the iPhone app developer or the Android app developer that how appealing will be the design of your app. The same is with the development thing.

Launch cycles

When comparing Android and iOS launch cycles, it has been observed that with the latter, you can focus on offer hassle-free support for the latest operating system versions in your existing app. On the other hand, doing this with Android comes up with various challenges.


It has been seen that startups usually have limited budget; therefore, you can consider selecting the platform after writing down the features and other requirements of your mobile app. Once you are done with it, reach out to a professional mobile app development company for a quote.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have helped startups to decide whether to choose Android or iOS for their app development project. Comparing both the platforms on the basis of various factors, we have tried to pave a smoother path towards your mobile app development journey. If you still need help on this, then connect to a custom app development company with your specific app requirements. Make sure you choose a reliable company that will give you the worth of your money. Choose wisely!
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Friday, June 19, 2020

Steps For Increasing Speed of Your Mobile Phone - All You Need To Know

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In this age of advancing technology and Science, smartphones are considered the best partner of a human being. What we mean is a smartphone probably knows more about us than other human beings. Similar to the three basic necessities of food, shelter, and clothing, the smartphone phone device has become the fourth essential necessity for humans in this modern society. 

A large number of the population today not just own their own mobile phones, but are essentially addicted to them. Smartphones have made our life so much easier by providing us with a number of benefits like better communication, improved productivity, and other solutions to our real-life problems. Well, for instance, we shop online using smartphones, we pay using our smartphones, we don’t wait for transport nowadays we simply call or book a cab using our smartphones. The number of applications and benefits are probably unlimited. Well, if you also want to own an mobile application for your business then we would recommend looking for a firm providing angularjs mobile development services.

However, smartphones are not perfect, they tend to broke, they get a lot slower after a specific use of timespan, etc. Well, nothing can be done if you just keep breaking the hardware, but as far as the lag and slow performance of smartphones are considered, we can help out with it. So, have a careful look at these Steps For Increasing Speed Of Your Mobile Phone - All You Need To Know. 

Know Your Device 

Not all the devices are similar, every smartphone device is made in a unique way. They have different hardware, they might run on a different operating system. So, before, you do anything with your device it’s really important that you understand your own device. 

Most of the people, just buy smartphones based on brand names, completely in dark about what they are actually buying. They are unaware of the device configurations like which operating system it is running on, its storage capacity, RAM, etc. This creates a problem, as they install applications that might consume a lot of memory and space on that device causing it to slow down. So, make sure that you are aware of your device hardware and software before you try making some changes to it. 

Removing Applications 

Most of the time the reason a smartphone performance decreases is due to its reduced storage capacity. Your storage is almost full, then it might cause difficulty for os and RAM to keep up, making your device a lot slower. So, as far as the memory issues go, you can simply clean up your device. It is majorly, advised to remove applications that use a lot of your hardware resources. This makes your device function smoothly than it was before. 

Update The Software 

Your smartphones receive compatibility and security updates on a regular basis based on your hardware. These updates are pushed by the company managing the os of your smartphones. It is always advised to update your device, as these updates generally deal with bugs and other security issues. They might also include some new features and UI for your device as well. Overall, software updates improve your device performance. 

Reset Your Device 

Well, yeah it’s a hassle to reset your device. But, it’s advised to reset your smartphone once in one and a half or two years. Well, it becomes necessary to completely clean your device as a lot of extra cache files are created when you use your device for a long time. A simple reset completely erases the previous data apart from the system files, so you don’t have to worry about the system updates. It just removes things like user data, cache files, etc, making your device as good as new. 

So, if you’re facing minor lags and performance issues, the best thing to do is create a back up for your data and then simply reset your device. To reset your smartphone follow the steps: 
Well, there are 2 major ways to reset your smartphone.

The first way is to do a factory reset from the device settings options. Simply go to settings > Systems> Advanced> Reset> Delete All Data. 

The other way is to do a factory reset through the device BIOS. Simply shut down the device and start-up continuously pressing the volume device. This will direct you to an OS BIOS, here use the volume buttons to move up and down and select the reset option. 

This way you can successfully reset your device.  

About Author:

Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on Top Mobile App Development Companies in San Diego.

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