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About Durgtech

Durgtech is complete technology blog from New Delhi (India) doesn’t limit to specific territory, We cover global audience. Durgtech founded in February 2017 aimed to empower any computer user to know various tips and tricks on online world. durgtech always driven by an enthusiastic spirit of responsibility to inform our readers about the latest technology, mobile phone, web security, tutorials on software, social media, web development, computer tricks, other area tips and tricks and make money online, which make your internet life easier.


Durgtech provide a well platform for hundreds of talented professionals to share their work and talents in different area. We are always welcome talented and creative people who come up with excellent ideas and want to share their valuable industry experience with our valuable readers. You may contact directly at durgtech@gmail.com

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If you have some great idea, topic and want to share with us so don’t be late directly contact with us at durgtech@gmail.com. If you have any suggestion and feedback regarding our blog so feel free to contact us.


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