4 Exceptional Magento Commerce Features That Fuel e-Commerce Growth


Talking of e-commerce you cannot miss having the mention of Magento. This open-source e-commerce platform has made a mark for itself in the domain. Since its launch in 2008 Magento has raised up to the ranks to become the 2nd most popular (beside WooCommerce) e-commerce platform. At present Magento is powering over 14, 000 thousand e-commerce stores (listed among Alexa’s top I million). 

In the Indian e-commerce domain, Magento has found a significant acceptance. As a result, the demand for Magento developers and Magento development as a career has also got pace. The situation is such that foreign-based e-commerce platforms to look forward to hiring Magento developers India in order to get the job done.

Well, if you are planning to build your e-commerce store or are already having one then we have something for you in the store. To help you understand the potential of Magento for your e-commerce business we would now spell out some of the exceptional features of Magento. So, just stay tuned and read it till the end.

Quick Checkouts

Checkouts are the place where a significant percentage of orders on e-commerce get declined. That’s right the orders fall at this last hurdle. One of the most prominent reasons for that is the lengthy or tiring checkout pages. From the users perspective, the checkout should be quick and easy. In respect to the business side, you would not like your users to pull back at the very last stage.

With Magento (Magento 2) you can manage this thing effectively. The Instant Purchase functionality that Magento brings to your e-commerce platform makes checkouts as simpler as you would like. With Instant checkouts, you can make sure that most of your users are turning into potential buyers.

Suits Your Business Expansion Plan

As your e-commerce business grows the target market base and market capitalization expands. For that, you have to manage shipments across the borders that is performing global shipments. Magento understands this fact and brings with it an option that makes global shipment easier for you.

The latest version of Magento comes in with availability in over 30 countries and reliable support from leading regional carriers like FedEx, DHL, etc. The Click & Connect feature of Magento offers more options to the customer thus boosting your conversion and revenue generation rate.

Secure And Scalable

Security has become an important concern in online transactions. In e-commerce transactions, the security feature has a huge role to play. With Magento by your side, you can provide highly secure e-commerce transactions to the users. Your user can enjoy the benefits of shopping freely without the fear of any vulnerability.

Furthermore, the high performance and scalability that the Magento offers help your website to load faster and smoother on all screens. From voluminous transactions to retail one Magento prepares your e-store to handle them all.

Fantastic UI

User Interface (UI) is one thing that engages the visitors on your e-commerce platform.  With hardly three seconds in your hand to make an impression in the mind of the user, you need to put things rightly. Magento helps you achieve this with minimum effort. The host of tools that Magento offers helps you to design, test, and launch your e-store in a manner that helps to keep the users engaged.

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