7 Best Oracle Tips and Tricks for SQL

Oracle Tips and Tricks
Oracle is one of the largest leading corporations, trusted and widely used all over the world and their relational database was the first to brace the data science industry. Oracle was initially inaugurated by Lawrence Ellison with his friends in 1977. It is a relational database scientific know-how developed by oracle. Oracle database can be run on major platforms like Mac OS, Linux, and Windows, etc.  This article will focus on useful tricks and tips that will help you in SQL language in oracle.

SQL is a versatile language and can perform operations for all almost every database software and applications. If you are in a programming profession, then you would have known what SQL is? And what role has oracle related to SQL? So, basically, SQL stands for Structured Query Language, it is the set of commands and statements through which all programs and users can approach data in an oracle database. Moreover, it’s not only an easy language but it is very much English which makes it easy for the programmers or beginners to learn. Many other leading enterprises have SQL in their core structure. SQL language is the core of the database therefore, it is ineludible to have a hand on its core concepts. If you are a programmer then you would have known its significance at some point.

It is hard to get best out and efficient, sometimes it even comes to grueling different types of queries in SQL to get the one that gives the desired result with good performance. So there are ranges of best tips and tricks that can be used if you are a SQL programmer. Many of them relate to overall and some of them are specifically for Oracle SQL. So here is the collocated list of 7 Oracle SQL best tips and tricks for improving your SQL queries.

Here are 7 best tips and tricks that can be used in Oracle SQL:


Oracle SQL developer provides so many extensions for programmers help, but if you are not using for example Data Miner or Migration then disable them. It will help SQL developer to run smoother and efficiently as well as the user interface will be more efficient and will be easier to steer too.


There are some magical keystrokes that can make your oracle SQL developer easier to work.
For Example:
  • ALT+G  for searching
  • CTRL+F7 for code formatting
  • CTRL+UP or CTRL+DOWN for cycling through recent SQL statements 
  • CTRL+SPACE for auto-completion

Oracle SQL developer has one more specialty, that is drag and drop. You can simply join related objects or tables without using a query. It can even perform data modeling! Just drag and drop a table to a model, it will auto-generate the relational model by reverse-engineering the tables and their related tables, isn’t it amazing and simple!


Also known asset operators, because they work as result sets. Both of these are used for combining results and are similar keywords. But they work a little differently. Union All shows all records in result sets, where Union shows all records except the duplicate ones. In short, Union eliminates duplicates where the union does not. In Oracle, they both are used when removing duplicate rows from the result set after combining, for this Union can be used where if you just want to combine the values and don’t care about duplicates then Union All can be used! In simple Union performs a distinct function. Depends on what your query is they both can perform, whether you want duplicates or not.


Some people don’t like auto-processors to work for them. Oracle SQL developer allows you to disable this function as per your own choice! Either you want to auto-complete or just want to disable it, you have this advantage if you are using oracle.


There are so many useful and commercial extensions that Oracle provides some of them are
Oracle RDB software by using the Oracle RDB Extension, you may connect to any target Oracle RDB database using standard Oracle RDB database authentication.
Fourth Analyzer (digger) it is used as a trace analyzer and has advanced extended trace analysis capabilities.

OrindaSoft it generates java source for any SQL statement you provide.


In Oracle you can simply export data to Excel, importing from excel to Oracle or can build a new one. Additionally, exports and imports are faster in Oracle.

Yet these are some of the simple tricks and tips that you should know before starting working as an SQL programmer. You will find this list very useful and beneficial for your SQL queries. Whereas experienced professionals can enhance their knowledge to get more efficiency. Oracle SQL expert’s shares endless techniques, but this collocated list of tips and tricks can be used to optimize all SQL.

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