Network Interface Card: How to Choose the Best One?

The network interface card is also known as a network card, network adaptor or fiber LAN card. Nowadays, we have a wide range of network interface cards available making the decision even more difficult to choose the right one. It is responsible for the performance of the computer so different interface cards result in different performances of the computer system. When it comes to buying it, some factors that you should need into consideration are prices, transmission rates and much more. 

Some tips on choosing the suitable network interface card for your system!!!

Determining the transmission speed 

Transmission speed is one of the most important factors that you should take into consideration. Generally, people think that the interface cards with higher transmission speeds are better than those with a lower transmission speed. But this is just a misconception and the real facts are different from this general perception that people have. For example, if you have chosen a high-speed card for your computer system that is connected with low-speed internet then the card will offer the same network speed. This means it is not a good option if you use a card with a transmission rate of 1,000 Mbps when your system is connected with 100 Mbps because the resulted network speed will be 100 Mbps. So, don’t just buy a card with a high transmission rate, also consider twisted pair connection speed. 


Again, compatibility is one of the most important factors that can affect your decision of buying a card. Generally, most of the present interface cards are compatible with Microsoft and Windows operating systems but when it comes to Linux and Mac Apple operating system then you need to consider the compatibility of the cards because not all are compatible with these operating systems. So, when it comes to buying a card for your system, first check whether it is compatible with your system or not. 

Supporting connector types 

As the transmission is different, interface cards come with three different connector types. Some cards have two ports on the card while others might have three ports on the card at the same time. Finally, a network card needs to connect with the network so you need to consider this factor. Some of the commonly used connector types are RJ45 connector, LC, SC, RC connectors. So choose the right network card according to its supporting connector type. 

Bus type

Pay attention to the bus detail of the network card to choose the best one. Usually, workstations use interface card with PCI, PCI-E or PCI-X bus types. Make sure PC is basically no longer supported by ISA connector so make sure when you buy a PC, Don’t buy an outdated ISA card. Choose a card with the bus type PCI-X, PCI-E or PCI. 

Type of network you are using 

After all, the task of the network card is to connector your computer with a network there it is important to consider the type of network you are using in your computer when it comes to choosing the right network interface card. Token ring, Ethernet, FDDI are some of the most popular present networks are there. Make sure you choose the corresponding card according to the type of network you are using. 

Consider the brand type and brand of the card 

Of course, the cost and the brand of the card need to be taken into consideration when it comes to buying a network interface card. The cost of different brands of cards is different. Some of the most commonly named brands are Intel, Mellanox, and, Netgear and so on. Most of the customers choose to buy the cards of these brands as they consider that they provide better performance of cards.

All brands do not create the same kind of cards. Some offer better quality than the others, so make sure you choose the right brand of product that can provide you better performance. Apart from these, the cost of the cards affect on the factors such as transmission rate, the performance of the card and its connector types, make sure you consider the needs of your system before you buy a card for the same. 


Consider all the above-given factors when you want to buy the best network interface card. Remember that the performance of it can affect the overall performance of the system so pay attention to every little detail when it comes to choosing the best one.  

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