10 Mobile Game Development Trends Dominating in 2020

With mobile screens getting bigger, crispier and powerful every mobile game development company is trying its best to grab the mobile gaming market. The gaming industry has made its firm place in the smartphone segment due to its immense adaptability, convenience and gaming experience. 

The Internet has been the catalyst in developing game development companies even bigger than conventional gaming consoles. Both lightweight and the games with high-end graphics are making their ways of dominating this industry. Every mobile game development company is enjoying success due to this transition.

Let’s talk about some of the mobile game development trends in 2020 which are going to shift the dynamics even more in the favour of mobile game development.

1. Virtual Reality/Augmented Technology

VR and AR has been making a buzz for some time now.
  • The new technology offers immersive graphics which are simulated and offer far more realistic than the traditional gaming graphics. 
  • The user experience is close to the real world and the gaming industry is making the most of it. 
  • VR headsets swiftly making its way in the market has indicated towards the shift in the gaming experience.
  • Many popular games have leveraged augmented reality to make the users go gaga over real life capabilities of these games, which in turn brings the engagement of highest levels.
  • Every mobile game development company has tried to integrate VR to lure their customers.
2. Holographic Gaming Experience

Getting a VR headset and enjoying near to reality is amazing, but what’s more amazing is hologram technology that too in mobile game development.
  • Picture jumping out of the screen while eradicating the dependence on screens for playing games.
  • The gamers who prefer playing on the big screens don’t have to compromise on gaming mobility at any cost.
  • A paradigm shift in gaming with real-life experience is expected to change the game of games for every one of us.
3. Earn while you Play Gaming Apps

Money is the biggest motivator and when one can earn loads of cash while playing a game, it gets even more interesting. 
  • The market is flooding with money-making games not just for the developers but also for gamers all over the globe. 
  • Rewards are offered for being on the top of the leaderboard
  • This is one of the mobile game development trends to watch out for.
4. Online Multiplayer Games 

It gets even more interesting when users can compete against their friends. 
  • Online multiplayer games are bringing people closer and also in a fun way.
  • These games become addictive easily as real people are playing against each other. 
  • High definition graphics with the continual upgrading capabilities of a smartphone are the biggest game-changers.
5. Cloud Gaming

Heard a lot about the cloud? Guess what gaming industry is now moving to clouds for better performance and integration.
  • Many mobile game development companies are now focusing on storing the whole game on a server rather than your smartphone. 
  • Making a different version for multiple mobile operating systems has always been a redundant task for the mobile game development company. 
  • Cloud could be the biggest breakthrough in breaking free the industry from the bottleneck of varying device capabilities.
6. 5G Connectivity

Internet connectivity is the biggest boost to the gaming world than any other technological innovation.
  • Increasing speeds come with better performance and user experience.
  • More and more data will be transferred at the same interval without consuming much power.
  • With every high-end graphic connectivity becoming a hindrance, 5G is evolving to solve this problem of ours and let us enjoy even more.
  • 2020 is looking at the super-fast internet with magical streaming capabilities.
7. Casual Gaming

High-end games have always been talked about but casual games with low-end graphics are becoming a new normal with people who are not into intense gaming.
  • Sometimes games become so realistic we lose the track of our own lives, casual gaming is different as they are slow-paced and let us enjoy without paying much attention
  • These games are immensely lightweight with the least detailing but solve the real purpose of joy and bliss.
  • The more bizarre the concept it’s more likely to gain the attention of the audience in this dimension.
8. Traditional Gaming 

Our favourite board games are still on the board but also on our mobile screens. 
  • We spent our childhood playing these games, mobile game development companies have leveraged this fast enough to make us go digital even in this area.
  • Even online capabilities are added to these games to make them even more interesting.
  • They are simple and interesting and everyone could be a part of these games, these aspects make these games even more lucrative for the users.
9. Become a King with Mind Games

Ever dreamt of having a kingdom of your own? Mobile games make this happen in the close to the real environment on your smartphones.
  • Mostly strategies are made to attack and get hold of the kingdoms
  • Mind games are played to exploit the weakness of each other
  • Having the capabilities of being played with your friends, it gives a social edge to these games.
10. Subscription Models

Mostly every mobile game development company relies on advertisements to fund and earn revenues.
  • Premium services are becoming one of the mobile game development trends and leading the revenue models of the new-generation game development companies.
  • Earning directly from the user is a dual benefit model as the user gets an uninterrupted experience and the game development company gets the profit they always seek for.
  • Freemium models are also making their way, some services come free and gamers have to pay for enjoying the premium services.
Wrapping up

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