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Business is challenging today. Its main component is it’s ‘employees’. They can make it or break it. You and your business always depend on them. Fraud by an employee is the biggest liability in the business. Because there are various departments through which theft can take place. So what if your business faces a big disaster one day? Or what if your company loses thousands or millions of dollars due to your suspicious employee?

According to American surveys, criminal activities in banks or companies are mostly perpetuated by their staff members. As a result, banks face fraud or forgery of millions. Money laundering and corruption are common. Thus we can say business has become highly vulnerable. So business owners have to be conscious. Using the right technology can save you from losing your money.

Types of suspicious schemes

1. Money Laundry

The launderer can manage accounts. It is to ensure that receipt of the stolen funds is not blocked by the bank’s security processes. As a result, launderers can freely transfer money between the accounts.

2. Commission Fraud

An employee may inflate sales numbers to receive higher commissions. So he falsifies sales that did not occur or collaborates with customers to record and collect commissions. Your employee might be involved in such a commission right under your nose.

3. Vendor’s billing scheme

In a billing scheme, an employee generates false payments to himself/herself using the company’s vendor payment system. He might manipulate the vendor’s account to get himself more and more money.

4. Leakage of Data

Similarly, your employee can be leaking data to some other party. Every company has its confidential information. So he might leak it to hackers. This can cause the company a high loss.

5. Personal Purchases

If your employee is handling accounts, he may be involved in this one. What if he is using the company’s money for his purchases?

How can you prevent suspicious activities of your employee?

Above mentioned frauds and scams are very serious to reconsider your policies. Let's look into some better ways of preventing your employee from any illegal activity.

1. Spy apps

Firstly, spy gadgets top the prevention list. Spy apps are surveillance apps. They are the most reasonable and efficient solution to your problems. They are sources through which you can spy every activity of your employee. As a result, you will be keeping an eye on them 24/7. Similarly, you will be constantly updated about their activities. Likewise, spy apps can enable you to check call logs also. Thus you can take action at the right time.  All you need to do is make android spy app a major policy if your company. So that your employer knows that he is being watched. Like this, his performance will improve as well. He would be conscious that he is being watched. But supposedly, any employee even engages in fraud, you will be updated.

2. GPS

Secondly, location whereabouts are extremely important. As a boss, you need to keep a record of your employee’s activities. Because of his efficacy, routine, work and activities affect your company. Especially, if you run a business which involves your employee to travel. He has to visit client-sites. For example, a construction business, an architect or cleaning company, or delivery business. So, in that case, you need to track your employee’s location and traveling routine. But let's look into detail why you need GPS finder.

3. Internet Usage

Thirdly, an internet check is extremely important. What if your employee is spending hours and hours on the internet? Or is visiting suspicious websites because he is up to something dangerous? We know everything takes place through the internet. Whether it is social media accounts or web browser, you need to check him.

MocoSpy: Best Android Spy application 2020

MocoSpy is a well-known phone spy app, used for remote monitoring.  This application consists of numerous benefits in regards to spying your employee’s device.  It offers you vast options of spying categories, with which you can bring out the best outcome.  The prime features it offers are:

  • Call History record
  • Surround listening
  • SMS history
  • Hidden voice Recorder
  • GPS tracker
  • Key Logger details
  • Screening Time graphs
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Hidden Screen Recorder

With the help of these amazing features, you can easily get access to your employer’s phone. You will be constantly updated by their whereabouts and internet activities, sp that whenever you find something suspicious, you may take prompt action.


Conclusively, suspicious activities by employees are a bitter reality. Our businesses are at a high stake. So, using proper digital means to protect your company should be your internet. In the end, it all comes up the importance of spy apps. MocoSpy is completely reliant on checking your employees. Download it and write success stories of your business.


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