4 Easiest Way to Merge PDF Files on Mac

Merge PDF

In a digital age where paper documents are becoming obsolete, PDF files have become the go-to format for sharing and storing information. Whether you're a student, professional, or just someone looking to simplify their digital life, knowing how to merge PDF files on your Mac can be a valuable skill. In this blog post, we'll explore four of the easiest methods for merging PDF files on your Mac, helping you streamline your workflow and save valuable time.


#Part 1

You can compile PDFs on a Mac using the Preview software for Mac users. Here we'll simply show you how to use Preview in Mac OSX to merge several PDFs into one File.

Here's how the two PDFs can be combined: 

Step 1: In Preview, open a PDF. 

Step 2: Navigate to View > Thumbnails. In the sidebar, you can see thumbnails on-page. 

Step 3: Pick the thumbnail for the page where you want the other document to be added. 

Step 4: Click Edit > Insert > File page (if the File selection page is dimmed so you can't click it, make sure that the File you've opened is a PDF file. According to Apple, certain encrypted PDF documents can not be merged. We can check the PDF by choosing Tools > Show Inspector, then click the lock icon). 

Step 5: Choose the PDF that you want to add, and hit Open. 

Step 6: Choose File> Export as PDF and save.


#Part 2

Here's how to merge portions of a single PDF with a separate PDF: 

Step 1: In Preview, open the PDFs you want to merge. 

Step 2: Select the View > Thumbnails option in each text. In the sidebar, you can see thumbnails on-page. 

Step 3: Press and hold the Command key, and then select the thumbnails of the page to be added to the other document. Let the Command key go. 

Step 4: Drag the selected thumbnails to the other PDF sidebar, then drop them where you want them to go. (If you have macOS Sierra or earlier, drag thumbnails directly to the other PDF thumbnail.)

Using this link, you can learn to easily edit PDFs on Mac. You can rotate, remove and reorder pages from the thumbnail section also.


#Part 3

PDF element Pro is used as a professional Mac PDF combiner software for macOS users and allows us to edit and combine PDF files on macOS. Here's how we can merge PDF using 

PDF element Pro

Step 1. Run the PDF Combiner on Mac

To install software on your Mac, download the software and follow the built-in installation instructions. Then start the software.

Step 2. Add PDF Files into the Program

Click the Tool button on the left toolbar, click the Combine PDF > Add button to click and import your preferred PDF files from your computer to the application.

Step 3. Start to Combine Multiple PDFs

You can pick options in the Combine PDF window to configure the merged PDF as you wish. To start merging, press the Apply button.


#Part 4

Most of us have Adobe Reader pre-installed on our device but to merge PDF files, and you need to upgrade to Adobe Acrobat. The full guide to doing so is below:

Step 1. Launch Adobe PDF Merger

On your Mac, open the Adobe PDF Merger. And in the upper left corner, click on the Create tab > Merge files into a single PDF. If the tab Create is not available, just go to the tab View to pick Task Buttons and then press Show All Task Buttons.

Step 2. Import PDF files to the program

Next, the Combine Files window will open. To pick the PDFs you want, press the Add Files button and import them into the program.

Step 3. Begin to merge PDFs with Adobe

Get the imported PDF files rearranged as you like. In the upper right corner, search Single PDF and choose your desired file size. Click on the Combine Files button to start merging.

You can also search the Internet for open-source PDF merger to fuse PDF on Mac. Here we use PDFsam PDF Break and Combine. This open-source PDF software will help you free of charge to break and merge PDFs on a Mac. And the latest PDF files can be encrypted too.

Here's the easiest way to combine several PDFs through your Mac: 

Step 1. Launch PDF expert

Open PDF Expert, and at the top left of the page, press File. 

Step 2. Merge File

Click File Merge. Select 2 or more PDFs that you want to combine and click Merge. 

Your File has been prepared!


Merging PDF files on your Mac doesn't have to be a daunting task. With these four easy methods at your disposal, you'll be able to streamline your digital document management and make your work more efficient. Whether you prefer the simplicity of the built-in Preview app, the convenience of online tools, the versatility of third-party software, or the automation offered by Automator, there's a method that suits your needs. Say goodbye to juggling multiple PDFs and hello to a more organized, efficient digital workspace on your Mac.



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