How to Enhance eCommerce Business Performance?

enhance eCommerce business

To keep the ball rolling in this ever-changing eCommerce market, it is significant that your e-store provides a positive user experience. Whether you are a startup or running a successful business for several years, acquiring more eCommerce sales will profit your organization. 


Amazon has raised the bar high when it comes to customer expectations. So, it will be a tough nut to crack for the other online retailers to compete and address high customer expectations and accomplish more conversion rates. 


Here we discuss the essential ways to enhance your eCommerce store’s performance, provide a great user experience, and decrease cart abandonment rate that will aid transform potential customers into sales.  

#1. Focus on Existing Customers 

Targeting your already existing customers will enable a high ROI compared to focusing on obtaining new potential customers. Instead of giving all the attention to customer acquisition, concentrate on customer retention.  


Present customers are also highly suitable individuals that will help you to test the new products. No matter whether it's a new collection, a new product, or classifying in a sub-branding, you can leverage your existing customers to predict the quality and the potential growth of your latest campaign. 


Your existing customers can assist in developing a database of valuable insights about different behavioral patterns and concerns of your core audience. 

#2. Develop a Trustworthy Website

Customers are unlikely to have faith in your website if they do not find any sign of security. 


When your business has an online presence you need to mention on the home page or checkout page that your website is secure because cybersecurity is a serious concern for shoppers nowadays. 


You can showcase multiple security badges on your site or get a padlock in your URL. All you need to do is to obtain the SSL certificate for your domain. Implementing HTTPS on your website is a sign of a secure website.

#3. Provide a Demo through Videos

Product videos are a significant aspect of today’s eCommerce. It will help businesses bring storytelling to real life, help customers to stay informed, answer shopper’s frequently asked questions, and positively influence customer experience once they land on your pages.  


Four times as many consumers see a product video compared to reading a product description. Videos boost engagement and attract shoppers in whatever you are trying to sell. 


Videos influence people more as they will most likely remember what they have watched compared to what they have read about any product. It is also a visionary strategy for the e-stores selling unique and creative products compared to competitors.  

#4. Add Actual Photos in Testimonials 

When you add a photo to your client testimonials, it will boost your website’s credibility to the next level. Testimonials that do not have photographs are considered fake. Including a picture of a face shows he/she is a real person and not just someone you have created on your own.


Not only photos, but also include customer name, company name, and job title. It represents the reality of the clients and what they do in real life. 

#5. Identify Your Mobile Customers 

Just because you own an eCommerce website, it does not mean your customers will purchase from their computers and laptops only. Today people are more likely to shop from their smartphones and tablets. You can't overlook this truth. 


You need to ensure that your website is responsive and optimized for all the devices and all the screen sizes. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you will definitely lose on your potential buyers. It must be your top priority if you want to survive in today’s market. 


#6. Provide Discounts 

Offering discounts on buying is one of the most appealing ways that drive people into your store. Whenever you tell a shopper that he/she can save their money, you are likely to get their attention directly. 


Discounts are not fruitful only to the buyers but also aid businesses to boost sales and improve reputation. A discount may be one game-changing aspect that can bring business success. 

#7. Display top-selling Items 

Show your potential customers what people are buying the most from your platform. Not each person who is browsing your site will know exactly what they are searching for. If you sell an extensive range of products, it can be amazing for a new customer. 


Add a “Best Seller” category on the homepage of your website so when someone comes to visit your site, they can discover the products popular on your e-store.

#8. Promote Holiday Sales 

Often people look for shopping and spend more money on some special events compared to normal days. That is the reason eCommerce websites need to actively ramp up promotions when it is the holidays. 


It is an opportunity for online retailers to grab huge sales throughout these particular events by breaking out their best offers. Send emails to your subscribers to encourage them to shop during the holiday season.  

#9. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

It is necessary to generate a sense of urgency when you are running an online store. It will urge customers to complete the checkout process as soon as possible rather than waiting for a long time or never. 


Let your customers know about the limited quantity of products remaining even if there is stock available. This strategy can incite price-sensitive shoppers to make impulse shopping decisions. You can also run a flash sale. 

#10. Accept Payment Options

You need to enable your customers to pay through different payment options for the products they purchase from your online store. If you only enable Visa and Mastercard, you are losing customers who want to pay using PayPal and Apple Pay. 


There are high chances that a customer wants to buy items from your platform, but you are not accepting the way they want to pay. So they abandon the cart without completing the checkout process. Making checkout as smooth and quick as possible will help to drive more sales.  

Summing Up

Knowing the basics will help you to save some of your lost sales, so start experimenting with these tactics. Develop an eCommerce website for your targeted audience, but keep in mind it is better than the competitors. 


Just keep in mind that raising the total number of orders on your e-store is a step-by-step process. You can not get a drastic change in multiple days. However, you will see an important boost in your store’s order volume.



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