Beginner’s Guide To Use Square Payment Gateway with WordPress

Payment Gateway with WordPress

In this article, we will discuss a guide to  add payment methods for
woocommerce square payment plugins and how they work. We will also introduce the best payment gateways available for WooCommerce and how to choose the best payment gateway for your website.

 Let us have a look!

  • Account creation and verification will take a few minutes. You can open a commercial bank account without going to the bank in person. Therefore, you can immediately start receiving payments through the Square Gateway. 
  • No hidden fees. You only pay when you make a sale. You can learn more about transparent pricing from Square. 
  • Payment is safe from the beginning. Square complies with PCI level 1 standards, and all card payments are end-to-end encrypted. 
  • Prevent fraud. Square's fraud prevention team uses real-time monitoring programs to keep your account safe 24/7 and notify you if they suspect anything unusual. You can also improve the security of your Square account by enabling 2-factor authentication, notification of account changes, and adding employees with limited permissions 
  • Easy payment dispute management. As with any transaction, there is always the risk that the buyer will object to the purchase. You can provide information about the transaction to the Square team, and they will resolve the dispute on your behalf.

WooCommerce custom payment gateway settings 

This situation may end up rarely for your store, but some customers may come to the checkout page only to find that it does not provide a payment method compatible with their location or currency. You can implement a custom payment gateway configuration as a workaround. 

This type of setup allows customers to submit orders with notes stating how they wish to pay. If they agree, you can work with customers to complete their orders. 

What is the Square payment gateway? 

Square is a popular mobile payment gateway and merchant service provider based in San Francisco, California. Its software and hardware product range includes Square Register and Square Reader. Square Payment Gateway is a top-of-the-line variant for merchants and individuals who need to receive credit cards through both Android and iOS apps. 

Impress Your Visitors With The Best Payment Plugin For Square

WP Easy Pay plugin provides a variety of powerful functions to meet your needs. In case you are looking for the best Square payment gateway for your WordPress site, WP Easy Pay is the leading plugin which accepts credit card payments online. Use shortcodes to generate dynamic buttons and use the Square payment gateway to enable payment forms on your WordPress site. 

WP Easy Pay is very suitable for accepting simple payments, donations, subscriptions, and recurring donations. Satisfy your one-time payment requirements so that your business can easily maintain normal operations. WP Easy Pay integrates many new features in the new update, and now coupons can be granted, additional fees can be charged in the checkout form and payment form. The new subscription dashboard can be displayed on the interface to track their subscriptions and other Plugin activity.

Square settings 

Setting up on your website The Square payment experience ranges from simple to complicated, depending on who you need to pay with the gateway. And this is one of Square's advantages in WordPress.

The developer-centric style gives you the freedom to create customer friendly custom checkout processes. With Square elements, you can ensure that your customers quickly and correctly enter their information through real-time verification, dynamic localization, auto-completion, and improved formatting and scam blocking.

Ecommerce Integrations

Although you can't customize as many things as Square allows, Square is friendly enough for beginners, anyone can use it, and advanced enough that developers or large companies can use it.

 Square integrates with Wix, Weebly, Ecwid, BigCommerce, and 3dcart, suitable for users who are just starting out. Square works well with Drupal, WooCommerce, Magento, and custom websites for those who need more. 

Billing And Recurring Payments:

Periodic billing and payment-Periodic billing technology keep consumers and businesses in touch. Rapidly, it enables large companies to integrate subscriptions and spend more time providing valuable products and services, reducing the time required to manage defective payment systems. 

Square processes subscription bills and recurring payments immediately, when consumers sign up for an account, they agree to provide a standard payment method to access the service 24 hours a day. Consumers only need to register once, and their bills can be charged regularly according to their preferences, such as annually, quarterly, or in other ways. 


The payment gateway that appears on your WooCommerce website plays a vital role in the customer's decision. This is because consumers have special benefits in how they want to transact with the platform. Before choosing the right payment gateway, you may need to work hard to understand the demographics and security of your customers. Worry-free payments are always a factor in a customer's decision to return to your website. Therefore, before choosing a payment option, carefully consider the available options and the benefits of the existing customer base.


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