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The costs of phones, especially for iPhones, are hiking continuously with every newly launched model. This is the reason that repairing such phones is also expensive. Thus, it becomes essential to protect such a device used in nearly every aspect of life; regularly, some necessary measures are required to enhance the life span of this tool, which is iPhone 12 pro skins and wraps.


Different types of covers and wraps are available for iPhone 12, so if you are not familiar with all of them, then you have landed on the right page. Continue reading to know more about some best and budget-friendly iPhone 12 skin wrap.


Some common and effective phone cases for iPhone 12


Silicon Case

Silicon cases are widely used by iPhone users as well as android users. It is the best phone case that is light weighted and does not change the shape of the phone. These covers are made of flexible material and give complete protection of phone back from scratches and can also absorb little energy while slipping of phone from a short distance.


However, it may not protect the screen of the phone that way. But it was combining silicon cases with iPhone skins to safeguard the phone from backs and front damages. It is cheap and easily replaceable.


Leather Case

These are the opposite of silicon cases as they are not cheaper and flexible like silicon and give premiums look with all protection. Leather cases can protect the phone cases from the front and back, and one can also use flipping leather cases in case of extra security and room for e-money, cash, and id proofs.


Stand Case

Online video games are fun but also tiring at the same time for the user as they have to hold their phone in hand for a long time for a better view that causes tiredness and body pain. To solve this problem, stand cases are also available in the market that one can stick to the back of the phone as a prop. It is more prevalent among those who regularly watch content videos on YouTube.


Waterproof Case

Waterproof phone cases are the best and, or you can say, a necessary device to protect your expensive iPhone 12. With the help of these phone cases, the users can enjoy their favourite water activities and capture them underwater without any stress. 


Waterproof cases for the expensive iPhone model are well-designed and a dependable item that ensures phone protection throughout the scuba diving, snorkelling, water skiing, swimming, and diving communities. It is one of the expensive accessories that will be worth the cost.


Wallet Bookcase

Wallet phone cases are designed for multi-purposes as it gives robust protection and at the same time replace your wallet by carrying your essential credit and debit cards. This cover offers flip pockets or books to keep your id documents, money, cards, and other essential documents. These cases are fabricated with genuine layers, but you can get them at a lower price with mixed plastic materials.  

Screen Protector 

Screen protectors are designed to protect the screen from breakage. The material of these protectors is plastic, film, or glass sheet. Due to the mixture of these essential elements, they shield your iPhones from scratches, cracks, bullseyes, and other blemishes on the screen. 


This screen protector is widely used due to the property to avoid effects or hinders touch screen functionality, which means the user will not have to compromise with the phone's usability. 


It is cheaper than most phone cases and wraps and is easily replaceable in an old design or worn. According to the experts, the investment in screen protectors is worth it and gives extraordinary ROI (Return on Investment).

Aluminium Case

If the iPhone users demand availability and diversity both at the correct reasonable prices, then Aluminum cases are best to use. These are not like other phone case accessories; they do not require antenna reception problems as aluminium has some conductive properties that block any signals.


Specific phone case for extreme protection

For the robust protection of  iPhone 12 Pro Max back skinthe following specific phone covers are widely used by users:-


Access Case 2 for iPhone

Access Case 2 for iPhones is usual like other cases, but the thing that makes them different from others is the presence of speakers at the back. This black bumper speaker is differentiated into two parts. 


The first protects the cover of the phone sides and edges, and the second one is laced with multiple buttons for various functions like volume, power, and play. This part also differentiates the microphone and speakers to receive calls and listen to music that gives clear and good quality music. 


Due to the availability of power sources, it also works as a portable power bank. This case is best for those who use more phone speakers and want good sound quality and robust protection together.


Trident Aegis Case

Most iPhone users widely accept the trident aegis case as it offers outstanding protection to the whole phone, whether it is front, back, or edge from scratches, fallouts, slips, and simple water drops. The thickness of the covers makes it suitable for those who often work outdoors or in a heavy-duty activity.


The manufacturing material of the phone is durable and ensures protection from every kind of fallouts and slips. It also offers a protective screen cover to protect the phone from the front. This cover is followed by 810F military standards that guarantee the adequate protection from every angle and in every situation.


Speck Candyshell Grip Case

This phone case is best to use for good grip on your device. It uses a unique technology to protect the phone, as the rubber strips separate the hard cover to avoid slips on grips, making it suitable for one-hand use. These cases are two-in-two protective covers that offer style and protection together. 


The hard outer shell worked as shock-absorbent cushioning on the inside; they both are fused together for multiple impacts on conservation. These covers are available in different colours, sizes, and designs and are also budget-friendly compared to other specific phone cases.


Kenu Highline

Kenu Highline phone covers come with an attached bungee cord so that you never lose your iPhone. It is best to use for those who usually work outside the house. These bungee covers secure the phone and protect against fall out on the ground. 


The installation of such covers is also straightforward; all they have to do is attach their devices to the protective case. There is nothing special that you have to do in this process. 


It has differentiating values available in the lightning port that allow the cords to fasten the phone case securely. At the same time, the other cord of the bungee is attached to the zipper that protects the user's phone in any situation and is protected from being broken, fallen, and lost.


Do you  Really need an iPhone Case?

We have already discussed the various types of iPhone cases but still many people are doubtful about the need of iPhone cases. Are you also thinking about whether you need an iPhone case or not? Well! Here we will help you realize the need of an iPhone case.



We all experienced one of those days when everything goes wrong! No matter how good we try to make it, things don't work out on particular days. On such days, when nothing seems to function according to you, you mess with your iPad and phones too.


Phone skins provide improved functionality to your phone. Yes, you heard it right! A mobile phone cover can enhance the functionality of your phone by allowing you to use your phone hands-free. 


In addition, many of our mobile phone cases come with a feature to mount the phone on the dashboard while you're driving. This is a beautiful feature, especially if you're using GPS to navigate the airport, library or wherever you want. 


Some mobile cases also come with stands that allow your phone to be used in the vertical or horizontal position, which is perfect for watching movies, reading books, or binge-watching Netflix.


Look & Feel

Last but not the least, the fantastic look and feel. The look of modern mobile phones can be cold and futuristic, which is lovely if that's the look you're going for.


Summing Up!

Hope you get a sneak-peak of iPhone 12 pro skins and wraps through this article. However, many phone cases are available in the market that offers protection and functionality of various features at a reliable price. But it is not essential that all the trendy covers will suit your phone as well as your profession. 


So before opting for the right cover for your phone, evaluate every aspect of your phone, such as use, functions and unique features, especially what you want to increase the functionality of the phone case. Get your iPhone a most stylish phone case that protects your phone as well as enhances its functionality. 


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