Most Successful Business Ideas to Start in India with Low Investment

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India is now one of the developing countries in the world and tops the list in terms of GDP. Where they were previously known as underdeveloped, they now have the most popular businesses and they are improving in every industry and sector. What was a distant dream a few years ago is now a reality.


During the Covid-19 period, many people in India lost their jobs. So people are very much interested in starting their own business now. But suddenly starting a business is not easy for them. They need to know the market first. They also need to identify which businesses are profitable to start in the first place.


Most Profitable Business Ideas in India to Start

If you are looking to start a business in India, you can get information from this blog. Today we will discuss the most popular and profitable business in India.


Restaurant Business

Indian people are always associated with a variety of food and their spices. They love to eat and people also love Indian subcontinental food. So, if you are fond of food and you like to cook, you can start with a small food joint. Or if you have a good amount of money, then you can open a restaurant. 


Once your restaurant is famous, you can start offering other services like events and parties. Home delivery services are an important service because now many people choose restaurant food in their home after long fatigue. You can also launch an online home delivery service if you want.


Selling Product Online

Day by day people are becoming interested in online shopping. The Indian people are no different from the people of other countries. They also now prefer online shopping. So if you want to start a new business to start then you can choose to sell products online. 


First you can create your own website where you can categorize all your products. You can then promote your product or website on social media platforms. You can even sell products through Facebook or Instagram pages. Thus, it has become one of the most successful businesses in India.


Travel Agency

For many, India has always been a dream destination. Because India has beautiful landscapes, unique architecture and many patterns of ancient culture. 


One of the Seven Wonders is located in India called the “Taj Mahal”. Every year thousands of people go to India just to see the Taj Mahal. 


The Indian government plans to reduce taxes and create more tourism opportunities to boost economic growth and create more jobs. In the future, tourism will be one of the fastest growing sectors in India, where more and more foreigners will visit India.


So, you can start a tour agency. It is one of the most profitable businesses in India. 



Blogging is one of the best business ideas of 2021 if you are planning to start a new business. There are many ways you can make money from blogging.


The most common method of blogging was to display Google Adsense and monetize it. This is where most bloggers follow.


You can even start affiliate marketing through blogging. Now most of the Indian people are blogging. So you can start blogging with less investment.


Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the largest video broadcasting system in the world. You will find any kind of video on YouTube. With your Gmail account, you can easily create a YouTube channel because it's part of the Google community.


You can make a lot of money by creating a YouTube channel and publishing any useful videos because Google pays to display ads on every video hosted on their servers.


Now almost every person has their own YouTube channel. So, you can even take it professionally. You just need a mobile phone for this. 



Before starting a business in India, first you have to learn about the market and which businesses are the most profitable and successful to start. And then you should select the best one. Hope this blog will help you to do so. 


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