Unlocking iPhone Security Lockout Without a Passcode: Easy Methods for 2024

How to Unlock iPhone

Apple devices have strict security protocols to safeguard your data and prevent unauthorized access. If you are stuck on the locked screen with errors like “Security Lockout” or “iPhone Unavailable,” it means you have entered the wrong passcode multiple times.


To dodge this hectic situation and make your phone function again, you need to implement a dedicated method to unlock your phone. For this purpose, this article presents necessary information and easy methods with proper guidelines. Here are some methods that you can apply to fix the problem.

  • Use iCloud Services
  • Use iTunes Services
  • Use the Reset Option

In critical cases, you need professional assistance to get rid of locked screen issues. 

How Does an iPhone Get Into Security Lockout?

You should know that the Security Lockout issue is not an immediate reaction from your iPhone. Here is the complete chronology of events to this error.

  • After 5 wrong passcode attempts, an iPhone just vibrates and shows no error.
  • The iPhone gets disabled for 1 minute after entering the wrong passcode for the 6th time.
  • On the 7th consecutive wrong attempt, the iPhone is disabled for 5 minutes. 
  • Then, it becomes unavailable for 15 minutes after the 8th incorrect passcode attempt.
  • If you input the wrong passcode 9 times consecutively, the iPhone gets disabled for at least 60 minutes.
  • When you enter the wrong password for the 10th time, the iPhone shows a “Security Lockout” or “iPhone Unavailable” error message, and you cannot input the passcode again. 

Methods to Unlock an iPhone Security Lockout Without a Passcode

Have you forgotten your passcode or encountered an iPhone Security Lockout issue? You can follow these methods to retain your iPhone’s functionality. 

Method 1: Use iCloud Services

Using iCloud service can help you unlock iPhones with ease and confidence. Before applying this method, ensure that your iPhone has the Find My option enabled. Also, you need to have an Apple ID and its password to use iCloud. Once you get all the details, follow these steps one by one.

  • Initially, open the official iCloud website on any other device and input your “Apple ID” and “Password” in the relevant fields. 
  • After that, select the “Find Devices” option to check the devices connected to your provided Apple ID.
  • Choose that iPhone from the list and hit the “Erase This Device” option to restore your phone.

Method 2: Use iTunes Services

Initially, iTunes was launched as a media player to entertain users. But now, it has become one of the finest iPhone problem solvers, having experienced many evolutions over time. Follow these steps to unlock iPhone security lockout using iTunes.

  • Start by launching iTunes on your PC and connecting your iPhone with it.
  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions to put your phone into the Recovery Mode.
  • Upon doing that, iTunes will automatically detect your iPhone and show a prompt with “Restore” and “Update” options.
  • On that screen, choose “Restore” and click the OK widget to restore your iPhone.

Method 3: Use the Reset Option

In order to fix the iPhone security lockout issue, you need to know the right method according to your iPhone version. For iOS 16 or earlier versions, you can directly select the “Erase iPhone” option and proceed. You can follow this comprehensive guide to unlock iOS 17 or newer versions.

  • First, click on the “Forgot Passcode?” at the bottom right of the “iPhone Unavailable” screen. 
  • Next, add your Apple ID password to the related box to sign out of your Apple ID from your phone.
  • After that, choose the “Delete eSIM and Erase Data” or “Keep eSIM and Erase Data” option according to your preferences.

Method 4: Seek Professional Assistance

A non-technical person often finds it difficult to apply technical methods. If you are one of them, you can seek professional assistance from the  Wireless Waves Repair shop. They have highly skilled technicians who diagnose issues in your iPhone and remove them like they were never there. 


iPhone security lockout is an uncommon issue, but it can happen to you after trying a wrong passcode ten times. If you’ve accidentally fallen into that situation, you can try our easy and proven methods to fix the problem. The first method involves using iCloud with Apple ID and a passcode to restore your iPhone. 

Moreover, the second method involves using iTunes, which can help put your iPhone in Recovery Mode and then restore it. In addition, you can try the forgot passcode method to reset your iPhone and access the main screen.

In some cases, you would need professional help to unlock the iPhone security lockout issue. To help out your ventures, Wireless Waves Repair’s technicians can provide proper solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you unlock your iPhone without a computer?

Yes, you can unlock your iPhone without a computer. If you have forgotten your password, you can use any other device compatible with the Find My app. Access the app and erase your locked iPhone.

2. How many attempts until the iPhone is permanently locked?

Entering the wrong passcode again and again can bring you different consequences. The iPhone gets permanently locked after ten consecutive incorrect password attempts. After moving into that phase, you cannot enter the passcode again.

3. Can you unlock your iPhone without a passcode or Face ID?

There are multiple methods that allow you to unlock iPhones without passcode or Face ID. You can use iCloud or iTunes services to restore your phone. Moreover, you can reset your phone to access the main screen.



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