5 most Common Delivery Everything App Development Mistakes to Avoid

App Development Mistakes
Developing a Delivery Everything App, like parcel delivery or food delivery, has many nuances. The basic rules are obvious: make a good design, the interface should be user-friendly, and there should be no bugs. At the same time, several mistakes are repeated and entail risks that should be avoided if deemed necessary.

Even a slight mistake in the programming code can lead to a mobile application crash. That’s why more business owners rely on heavy testing before the actual launch. Such preventative measures are essential for clean and effective project delivery. The bigger the project is, the heavier its testing will be when it comes to developing and launching a mobile application.

In the case of the Delivery Everything App, you are making coding mistakes that constitute a small fraction of the overall mobile app development projects. Other mistakes comprise much larger or broader terms, such as poor budget planning, improper feature addition, the presence of the wrong UI/UX, and wrongful expansion or marketing strategies. Let’s understand some of the most common mistakes and risks when developing a Delivery Everything App.

Mistakes and risks when developing a Delivery Everything App

You are designing or developing a unique idea, and shaping it as a mobile app requires vision and dedication. Many entrepreneurs need help understanding what kind of approach to put forward to develop an app in the right fashion. Therefore, it’s true that only when you have done something on your own will you realize what kind of things should be improved for a much better result. The following are some of the most common mistakes that must be avoided to ensure smoother project delivery.

Too much functionality

Discard any feature that is not needed in an app. To do this, you have to take your time to collect all possible functionality and throw away anything unnecessary. Start with the most basic feature and add only those features that are distinguished enough to set your app apart from others.

The selection criterion is very simple. If the answer is yes to the question, “Will the user still be able to solve the main problem without this function?” Then the feature is discarded instantly, without any thought. Moreover, in the case of thinking through the architecture, after a while, the initial functionality no longer seems effective or sufficient.

However, the more features there are, the more difficult it is to develop an app. This means more time, more clumsiness, and a greater gap in the market. The sooner you start receiving feedback from customers, the higher your chances of success. If this goal is achieved, it will be easy to refine the functions.


Ignoring the differences between iOS and Android

Being different operating systems, iOS and Android have different approaches to design, navigation, monetization, and other aspects of the user experience. If you are thinking about creating an application for both OS, then pay attention to their design principles and navigation systems.

Moreover, Android application development implies that the Android interface is based on material design, which has a deep concept. The principles of the iOS interface have been developed, including taking into account the hardware features of the devices. These are described in detail in the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. These UI/UX design principles are somewhat different. These operating systems have different audiences that need to be analyzed for each niche.

Furthermore, monetization is built in different ways. It is difficult for an Android user to sell a subscription, while he is much more patient with advertising. In iOS, deep sales are developed when a subscription is sold several times with increasingly expanded options. Therefore, a full-fledged application should take into account all the differences between platforms because no one wants to use an inconvenient application.


Bad backend architecture

Design often focuses primarily on what is visible. This is understandable and natural. However, the backend - server logic, database structure, and set of external services to be connected - are no less important. Hence, there is a chance to create an application that will not perform important functions or will perform them very poorly.

It is the thoughtfulness of the server architecture that is important. Please don’t forget about this point, no matter how boring and distant it may seem. Mobile application design is one of the cornerstones of the entire product development process. This is the only visible part of the results of the entire work.

Audience perception

First of all, you need to understand the audience: their emotions, tastes, and principles of perception of the Delivery Everything App. For instance, take logo design as the first step towards brand identity. Here, audience analysis is very important when choosing a logo. What is the risk when developing a mobile application: using the budget for something that will not be in demand?

In any case, people will use what they like, not you. The question is who will either guess faster or create the necessary emotions. Without placing the audience at the center of your app, you are essentially putting an end to all the user feedback you receive in the future. 

No marketing strategy

It is necessary to think over a marketing strategy, at least in general terms, before writing technical specifications. The method of promoting the application, options for interacting with the audience, channels of communication with users, and analytical. Also, the advertising tools used should all be included in the initial version of the technical specification.

Furthermore, both at the testing stage and at the first steps of development, high-quality and convenient feedback from users is necessary. Any person who has a question should be able to ask it with half a click. The answer must be quick and solve the problem.


Everyone wants their application to be popular and in demand. However, with clearly defined goals, you can effectively organize your work and the activities of the team. The market changes frequently as a product of people's emotions, which, by definition, are unstable. You can, of course, move ahead, but it’s better to look around more often. If, at some point in time, there is an understanding that you need to turn, it is not easy to accept it. After all, the idea is your brainchild, on which you had high hopes, which forced us to spend effort, time, and money.



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