Insanely ways to fix your iPhone

Yes, our device needs to be protected from a lot of things. But even with all the meticulous guarding, there are still some mistakes that may occur and which will need to get fixed immediately. Oftentimes when many of the accidents occur you may not have the time or be buoyant enough to take the phone to a store for repair. Here are a few DIY ways to save your iPhone from some common problems.

How to fix your iPhone

Insanely ways to fix your iPhone

1. Full Storage

You've just gotten a notification for an upgrade but hit a wall while actually doing it because of storage. Annoying right?

You can find an alternative photo storage solution and delete old iCloud backups. This is because photos and videos are the biggest culprits but you can still check to know if there are others. Go to Settings > General > Storage > Manage Storage.

If it is photos, use Google Photos - the free app and website, to store unlimited photos. In the app's settings, you can tap "Free Up Space" to delete original photos and videos from your device once they are backed up.

If that does not work, check your iCloud account. It may be full of backup from past phones. Check Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage. Then tap the outdated backup to delete it.

2. Battery Always Low

fix your iPhone

You want to use your phone to the maximum but your battery is always running low. For the moment, you can go to Settings then General and tap on Battery to enable Low Power Mode. 

Also in Settings, tap on Cellular and turn off Wi-Fi Assist.

If you need more than that, then Settings > Accessibility > and turn Grayscale to ON. Turn your phone face down so there's no lighting up when you receive notifications. 

If all these don't work, then there may be other reasons for the battery drainage. 

Check your email settings, it may be 'fetching new messages' too frequently. You may have turned on too many push notifications or your brightness is too high. Just go to Settings > Battery to see apps consuming the most power. 

3. Frozen Screen

The screen is frozen? 

Hold down the power (sleep/wake) button to power the phone off. 
If it does not work then you can try this:

Force-reset the device. Press the home button and the power button at once for 10 seconds until the Apple logo comes on. This type of rebooting simply cuts off power to your iPhone and should only be used as a last resort as it may corrupt your device.

4. Dropped in water

You mistakenly jumped into the pool with your phone or it fell into the water, try the following. 

If the phone is off, do not turn it on after retrieving it. It could short-circuit the device and damage the phone. Wait for about two days for it to dry completely before turning it on.

If the phone is on but asleep, you can quickly wake the device to power it off while hoping you don't get any notification that will turn on the phone in sleep mode. 

Remove the phone case of there's any. Wipe off the liquid from the exterior while gently shaking the device to remove any liquid stuck in its ports. 

You can also place the device in a bowl of uncooked rice, but covering the phone with Silica gel packets is more effective. 

5. Broken Home Button

If your iPhone home buttons have stopped working then it could be as a result of water damage, dirt, or drops. But this could be fixed. 

Turn on the accessibility feature called AssistiveTouch. 
Go to Settings > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch then switches it on. A little black square will appear. It serves as your new virtual home button. 

6. Cracked Screen

When your phone screen cracks, don't panic. You should take your phone to an Apple Store to repair. Don't DIY unless you know what you're doing and can navigate your way round a mother board. 
But first, backup your phone's data using iCloud or iTunes. 

If you want to try it yourself then:

Remove the screws from the base of the phone with a small star-shaped screwdriver. 

Use a suction cap to pull up the screen. You can cover the screen with packaging tape if the suction cap does not stick. Insert a pry tool once the cover starts to lift up and slide the cover around the edge. Then it reveals the components. Be careful so you don't damage your device. You can also look up more instructions on how to remove the components. 

7. Forgot Password 

There's not much you can do if your phone is locked. Getting past a locked phone is as difficult as washing dishes with a stone. The best option is to wipe the phone.

After inputting the wrong password for 6 times, the phone disables and locks you out for a period of time.
If you can't remember your password, you should reset the phone.

To do that: If you have to Find My iPhone enabled, use iCloud. You can connect it to a computer. While it is connected, press and hold the power and hone button until the recovery screen shows. Then, tap Restore.

8. Lost Phone 

If your 'Find My iPhone' is disabled, then make a report to your carrier: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. If it was really stolen, suspend service and blacklist your device to avoid unauthorized use.

If the 'Find My iPhone' is enabled, go to, click All Devices, and tap the missing device. Lost mode protects your device with a password if there is previously none, and then you can enter a phone number in case it is found. 

Using Erase iPhone will completely wipe the device, and should be only used as a last resort because you'll lose Access to Find My iPhone. 

Contact the police if you locate the device. Do NOT to retrieve it on your own if it was stolen. 

9. Wi-Fi Not Working 

First, stay next to your router to remove any connection issues. Go to Wi-Fi network > Forget This Network. 

Return to Settings > Wi-Fi > Select the network again > Re-enter the password. 

Or Tap on Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

However, it erases all stored passwords and networks. If there's full Wi-Fi signal but you can't connect to the internet, reset the router and restart the phone.

While trying to fix your phone no matter the problem, you should use the recommended accessories and tools. This is to avoid ruining your phone the more. That is where comes in as they are only one click away and you can shop for all your iPhone accessories, whichever you want. 

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