5 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Marketing Ideas

Being a small business does not mean lack of ambitions. The size will never be a hindrance if a company is ready to break the ceiling and achieve new heights in the industry. There are cases galore where small entities with limited resources have gone on to make a huge marketing impact with innovative concepts and on the back of creative ideas. 

So, basically it all comes down to the effort being put to catch the attention of the target audience and convert them into prospects for the business. There is no dearth of ideas and concepts and low-cost ways to market a small business and achieve big in the industry. The real difference, however, will be inconsistently and approach to marketing. 

When you’re a small business, it’s important to have a plan of action in place and be consistent with that. Visibility is key to achieving marketing goals but that does not mean you break the bank when the imagination can create the difference in true sense. So, you can keep watch on the trends in the market and easily find what others are doing as well.

Let’s look at some of the inexpensive marketing ideas for small businesses- 

1. Blog, blog, and blog 

You can blog your way to glory on the internet. Just create a blog page and start giving out details about your products, services, policies, etc. and see the performance of your business up in quick time. The content you post on the blog will get shared and read on the web and it will help create brand awareness and drive marketing strategy.    

When you blog, the focus should be on producing high-quality content that offers some sort of value to readers who could be potential customers along the way. Blogging is a great way to inform, engage and enrich users and convert them into customers over time. Plus, running a blog won’t cost you much.  

2. Partner with Other Small Businesses 

You can think of doing partnerships with other small businesses to widen the reach of your brand without spending much. This is called synergy and it works big time in boosting the reach and saving marketing cost along the way. You can see the partnership with entities in either your domain or seek useful synergy with players from other industries as well for desired results 

To benefit from this old-age marketing concept, you first need to reach out to local business players or invite them to your place and discuss the ways in which mutual benefits can be achieved in collaboration. The focus will be on promoting interests of other small businesses so that yours too can be done by them for benefits. 

3. Brag about Awards, Accolades, and Recognitions 

When you’re a small business, there has to be a consistent effort in getting noticed in the industry. And once you win some sort of recognition or awards or positive words from others in the industry, you can quickly go on relevant platforms and brag about the same without any hesitation. Any achievement of any worth must be taken to the world to win the trust and achieve marketing goals.  

Any awards, praise or accolades must be shared or announced on social media platforms or via a press release (PR) to leverage that. It’s always a good strategy to nominate your company for relevant awards, or you can nominate partners to hope favor in return. This strategy can work wonders for your business when you look to achieve marketing goals in a cost-effective manner.    

4. Use Customer Referral/rewards Program

The benefits of customer referrals have no equal. Positive reviews from customers can help a small business achieve great things without spending much. However, there have to be effective ways to ask customers to share reviews of your business. You need to put incentives in place or have a customer rewards program to benefit from marketing.

Your business can ask customers to share their genuine experiences online or write reviews on Google so that it can benefit you directly. You need to stay engaged with your customers no matter whether they give positive or negative review about your business.

5. Get Local Media to Cover your Business 

If you run a small business, marketing locally would be the right step in getting value for every penny spent. Local ads will cost way less than what it does on a big scale so you can afford that. The key is to get the local media cover the business and if the event if you’re an event management company.  

You can buy an ad spot with local media or send out a press release to them for publishing. You can also do it yourself by using social media local business features and keep updating users about the event or sales of anything about the business. This will ensure amazing results in a cost-effective manner. 

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