How to Embed Instagram Hashtag Feed on Website

Nowadays, With the amalgamation of traditional offline and digital media, the business web has become more interconnected at all fronts to target the audience at maximum possible touchpoints. Social media, especially the likes of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have been the prime importance for promotion and communication for the business.

Embedding social media feeds form an excellent interconnection between the website and social media platforms. This gives them the potential of inflated outreach and exposure to a diverse group of audience, that otherwise would not have been possible without the interconnection.

Embedding Instagram to the website is one such stride that businesses are exploring to generate maximum visitors, leads, and conversions by using visual content and its popularity among users.

Instagram Hashtag

Why Embed Instagram on Your Website?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and with its visually appealing aesthetics, recent API modifications, and increasing user base, it becomes an obvious choice for businesses to attract the audience from Instagram to their offerings.

The quantum of influencers and user-generated content, brand awareness capabilities and over 800 million active monthly users exhibit that embedding Instagram hashtag feed on to your website will help you grow customers, drive more engagement, networks, awareness, positive brand image and most importantly revenue flow.

So, we have grouped together a few ways in which you can embed Instagram hashtag feed to your website and avail all these benefits with minimal investments and efforts.

Let’s get underway!

1. Screen Capture and Display 

Believe it or not but photos on any website look good, rather than just alphanumerical content. Adding visual to the website makes it more engaging, lively and attractive to the eye of the beholder.

So, you can screenshot any Instagram post which is concerned with your business or you believe it would be productive for your website and embed it to your website. This photo could contain anything from a positive mention of you by celebrity, influencers or users, new product or trends, testimonial or any controversial post (if required). It gives you the option to moderate and use the best quality content for your business.

And embedding it is extremely easy and simple, and you create a wall of these photos to make it more interesting and attractive. Just remember to not overdo it.

2. Embed Instagram Wall

The Instagram wall is basically a wall displaying content gathered from various pre-defined hashtags into a single feed. This lets you display all the relevant content from Instagram that concerns your business or its theme into one place making it more easier, interactive, and a form of social proof, validated by the wall’s content.

You can use hashtag aggregator tools like Taggbox, to gather hashtag feed content from Instagram easily and embed it to your website by simply copy+pasting a provided unique HTML code to your website.

Besides harnessing quality content, you can also personalize the hashtag feed wall from many creative designing options, according to your business industry, website theme and further moderate the content that you want to display using moderation tools.

3. Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin

A WordPress plugin is another great way to embed Instagram hashtag wall to your website if you have a website built on the WordPress platform. The Smash balloon plugin provides you with multiple configuration options. The plugin can collect content according to the instructions provided for just embedding a single post or even a full-flooded Instagram wall.

It has a responsive and adaptive design for various devices. You can specify the size of the wall, location, length, width, number of posts, size of images, spacing and background of the Instagram hashtag wall.

It is a free plugin but also comes with a pro version that requires payment and the pro version gives you some additional customization and moderation feature for better outcomes.

4. Embed Instagram Shoppable Feed

This is an extended version of basic Instagram feed embedding, Shoppable post allows you to link products to your feed make it easier for the users to buy the products from the platform itself. You need to provide tags to the product(s) in the post to make them shoppable for consumers.

These shoppable posts help the users to make a purchase instantly and evict the process of researching and additional time investment. Taggshop, a product of Taggbox gives you the option of integrating your Instagram hashtag feed wall with a shoppable wall and further embedding it to your website using given HTML code, making your website more user-friendly, discoverable, easy navigation and platform of social proof.

5. Embed Instagram Code to the Website

Instagram itself has an option for embedding a post or a photo or video to your website. You just have to go to a post and get the HTML code for that post and paste it in the backend of your website, where you want the feed to show.

You have a feed on your website integrated to your website, and further, the visitors can interact with the feed similarly as they can on Instagram. Although, this is a great option still it has some customization, moderation and Instagram-specific limitations.

You can still use it to display some one-off post occasionally to add a little creativity and interactivity to your website.

The Closure

If you believe your website could perform better than ever, embedding an Instagram hashtag feed will be an excellent step towards it. It will help you establish a more interactive and engaging website within a span of a few minutes.

Do let us know if you believe these ideas were helpful to you or have any questions. And comment if you have any reviews, opinions or experience of embedding Instagram hashtag feed that you would like to share.

Disclaimer: You need to have an Instagram Business profile to embed most of these methods.

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