A Quick Guide on RAM: Things you should Know!!!

RAM is the short-term memory present in a computer. It is used to keep the items stored that you are using currently. It is used to store the data of the applications or software you are using right now. If you are using more and more software, higher are the chances that you would need more RAM in your computer.

But the thing is that buying RAM is very confusing. Which RAM is the best option because of the number of RAM available options?


What is RAM?

RAM (Random access memory) is like a middle ground memory between the CPU and the cache memory. It uses to store the working parts of the computer. It is a temporary storage of memory.

The Form Factors of RAM

RAM comes in two different parts named DIMM and SO-DIMM where DIMM stands for dual In-line memory module a SO-DIMM stands for smart outline DIMM. Both the form factors work the same therefore it is difficult to differentiate both of these. But the difference is that you can’t jam a DIMM stick into a SO-DIMM space and vice versa. There are two different slots for each of them. The form factor is the first thing you have to consider when it comes to buying RAM.

What does DDR Mean?

The RAM you are using is a double data rate. As the name says, two transfers had been done at a time in one clock cycle.  With the passage of the time, newer types of RAMs are present here such as DDR2, DDR3 and so on. Though all of the RAM generations come in the same shape and size, still these are not compatible with a single slot. Like, you can’t use DDR2 memory in the motherboard that supports the DDR3 and vice versa.

So, don’t you worry if you have bought a different module of memory because it would not fit in the motherboard that has been created for a different memory slot, so you don’t have to worry about the damage of the product? So, when it comes to buying DDR3-SODIMM online, you should consider these factors. Have a look at the below-given factors.

Guide on RAM

Look for the Speed, Latency and Much More!!!

Yes, it is difficult to select the right memory for you because of several available options. But if you consider these a few factors, you can take this decision with ease.

Timing and Latency Time  

Have you ever noticed that there is a series of numbers written on the memory type? These are the numbers that have been referred to as timing. Do you know the time of transferring the data of the RAM can be measured into nanoseconds, it can work in the fractions of the seconds? The lower the series number is, the quicker the memory reacts to a request and therefore the lower will be the latency time. So choose the RAM with the lower series numbers. But do you know DDR4 contains higher series of numbers as compared to DDR3 but the speed of the DDR4 is faster when compared to the DDR3?

Clock Speed and Bandwidth 

RAM has been referred to as two sets of numbers like DDR3-1600 and PC3-12800. Consider the clock speed and the bandwidth of the memory you are buying. If you want to mix it with older and slower modules with the newer ones, you will get slow speed. Make sure you use the compatible memory with the compatible laptops/computers.

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