How Is the Best Phishing Software Different from Other Email Security Solutions!

Cyber attacks are no more limited to emails that tell inform users about winning a lottery or asking for donations. Attackers are using sophisticated methods to bypass the spam filters and reach the mailbox of users. Many of the software solutions and firewall protections are unable to detect phishing emails for the same reason. It has been found that 85% of the email attachments contain a virus and are harmful to the system. And, more than 30% of the phishing emails get opened by the users.

Though all users of email are at the risk of being duped by a phishing attack, employees are found to be more vulnerable. That is because an employee would lead the attacker straight to the system of the enterprise. The database can be accessed for confidential information; a huge amount of money can be stolen from enterprises at once or through a systematic procedure.

The phishing emails are looking more genuine and it has become almost impossible for the employees (even the trained ones) to identify a fraudulent email. When software solutions have failed, we cannot really expect humans to do any better. Does this mean there is no hope for enterprises, except to lose money and hard-earned reputation?

Of course, not! It only means that the time has come for enterprises to do some research and invest in a powerful anti-phishing software solution that can effectively detect and block all phishing attacks. The Best Phishing Software works differently from traditional email security solutions. It provides complete protection to the email system while educating employees about the different types of phishing attacks. The software can also be used as a phishing simulation software to help enterprises test the strength of their email security system.

Let us see in detail as to how the latest anti-phishing software is one of the best in the market and keeps the phishing attacks at bay.

Built on the Cloud

Built entirely on the cloud, the software stays invisible to others. It runs on the cloud platform and adds a thin yet effective layer of protection that cannot be breached by the attackers. Every email is scanned thoroughly for traces of virus and malicious links that could harm the enterprise.

Highly Extensible and Scalable

The software will support an enterprise of any volume or size. Be it a small scale startup organization or a global enterprise, or a government agency, the Best Phishing Software will work just as efficiently. It can be deployed in a department of an enterprise and gradually scaled to the remaining departments if the enterprise is not sure how it works. As the business grows and new employees join the enterprise, the software will provide them with the same protection.

Computer Vision Technology

Computer vision technology ‘sees’ emails as a human does but with greater clarity. The tiniest of changes made to the domain names of the emails are detected and the source is traced. Any email that comes from an external unknown source is blocked by the software.

Domain-Specific Machine Learning Algorithm

The machine learning algorithm can create behavior patterns of users to compare the emails that are sent in their names. It understands that the email is fraudulent and has been sent by an attacker and not the user. Behavior profiling is a concept of artificial intelligence adapted by the anti-phishing software.

Easy Deployment and Seamless Integration

The software can be deployed throughout the enterprise in a matter of minutes. It can be integrated with other firewall solutions and spam filters. The software also works with any email system. Exchange, G Suite, Office 365, or any other email system can be protected by this software.

Interactive Dashboard

The management can keep track of the activity through an interactive dashboard. The number of phishing emails received, detected, blocked, and quarantined are updated in real-time, allowing enterprises to know the status of the email security at all times.

Educative Banners 

A banner appears with each email to warn the user about the genuineness of the email. Simple words that can be understood by everyone are used to explain the type of threat the email posses to the enterprise. By clicking on the banner, users can report and block the email. They can also learn more by clicking on the ‘details’ option.

Works on any Device

The software works on any device without any additional downloads and provides protection irrespective of the location of the user.

Enterprises will not have to worry about the phishing emails slipping through the cracks. The next-generation anti-phishing software does not allow any cracks to appear in the email security system and keeps the enterprise safe and secure at all times. 

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