10 Mobile Apps that can Help you with your Business

Running a business is a 24/7 job. It requires you to manage a lot of aspects. Managing all these tasks and taking them with you wherever you go seems to be impossible. But due to the digitized age, many apps and software come in handy, allowing users to bring them with just one click on their phone.

Now you don’t have to worry about everything that’s going on in your business. Since apps and software have already made mobile-friendly versions of their products in order for you to focus on your business easily. 

With that said, we compile the 10 best mobile apps you can download to stay on track on what’s going on with your team. It is high time for you to manage your business in a smooth and stress-free way.


Managing your financial accounts and clients is now easy with just one touch of FreshBooks. This cloud-based software has a mobile version that can make your work easy and handy. 

FreshBooks is designed for small to medium-sized businesses to manage invoices for their clients. With this app, you can create a professional invoice for your customers and communicate with them. 

In addition to customer service and accounting, FreshBooks allows you to accept payments from a third-party app. You can now receive it from Shopify, PayPal, and G Suite.

Other features that FreshBooks offers are managing and tracking the loss and gain of the business.

Mobile version: Android and iOS. Download: Free


When it comes to free video and voice calls, Skype is the first thing that comes to mind. With 300 million monthly active users as of 2019, Skype has been one of the biggest communication apps used all over the world.

This user-friendly application can be used to conduct business meetings with up to 25 people. However, if you require a bigger meeting, Skype has a business feature that gives you the ability to have more than 25 members on a call. This feature starts at $5 per month per user.

Other features of Skype are screen sharing, voice messages, and file and photo sharing.

Mobile version: Android, iPhone and Windows 10 Mobile. Download: Free


Handling a large group of people, and not having the ability to monitor their work progress is daunting. But nowadays, working in a large group is not a problem anymore. With thousands of apps that can lessen the workload, you can now mainly focus on producing great content or projects.

With the help of Asana, a project management app, you’ll be able to manage your team by assigning tasks and scheduling it for them. In addition to easy workflow and management, Asana also allows users to merge other applications such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Now you can be on the go and manage your team.

Mobile version: Android and iOS. Download: Free


If you are handling multiple social media accounts, Hootsuite is a big help for your business. This application allows users to manage content and to gather analytics per social media account. This application is also available for download on your mobile.

With the option of a mobile version, managing all your social media accounts anywhere you go is a no sweat. Hootsuite mobile app enables users to post content directly from their mobile. Also, it allows you to stay on top of your customers' inquiries and comments. 

Stay updated on everything that’s happening on your business with the mobile version of Hootsuite.

Mobile version: Android and iOS. Download Free


When an idea pops in, it’s always better to take down notes than to rely on your memory. With that said, Evernote is the perfect app to handle all ideas, notes, and projects that you want to tackle in the future.

Evernote, an app that’s available on mobile or desktop version, is perfect to keep notes on the go, sync it in any devices, and add web articles or images.

Mobile version: Android, iOS, and Windows phone. Download Free


Aside from checking emails, part of running a business is to go over presentations and graphs. The need to have access to all these files all the time is quite strenuous, but with Dropbox, it’s possible. All data, spreadsheets, and files can be stored on this platform, hence, making it easy to bring wherever you go. With 500 million users of this app, Dropbox has a reputation to prove its reliability as cloud storage.

Mobile version: Android and iOS. Download: Free


Mailchimp’s mobile version is one of the best apps for on the go need to manage or check your emails and newsletters. It can bring you the right audience, send campaigns, manage your social media accounts, and check on stats, all at once.

Mobile version: Android and iOS. Download Free


Monitoring your team and the work progress can be done easily with Slack. This communication app is handy to converse with each team member and to sort out important messages. Slack allows members to join in or move out of a conversation when needed. This fast and reliable app for communicating is the best way to move work forward anywhere you are.

Mobile version: Android and iOS. Download Free


Running your website requires constant attention to the flow of traffic. With the help of Google Analytics, people who run a website can track their site’s activities. This software is the perfect way to help website owners, and it gets even more exciting. Google Analytics has its own mobile app.

With the help of the mobile version, you can now track your website’s traffic wherever you are. It shows real-time activities such as visits and data.

Mobile version: Android and iOS. Download Free.


With about 50 million users, Trello is now one of the leading project management apps out in the market. This application uses the Kanban technique of managing a group.

Trello updates on the work process happening, from the beginning of the project idea to the on-going process and finally to the end product. Each update will notify every member of the work team.
Now you can check out on your team and know who’s ahead of their task with Trello’s mobile version.

Mobile version: Android and iOS. Download Free.

All these mentioned apps are reliable and helpful when you’re on the go. Make your life easy and run your business stress-free with just one simple click on your phone. Give these apps a try today, and say goodbye to work-related tension.

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