10 Facebook Advertising tips for Small Businesses

If you are thinking of advertising on social media, then it can be quite frustrating, especially when you aren’t sure what you’re doing. But what if there were a few important things that would enhance your Return on Investment.

Here are some of the best Facebook advertising for small business tips that not many people don’t actually know they can do with Facebook. Well, these tips mentioned were learned through trial and error and we thought to share them with you so as to get you started on the right foot.

1. Square Videos - As we all know that utilizing videos were introduced because they built trust other than meeting people face to face. As per the stats, more than 65 percent of Square videos take more estate than those of rectangular ones.

If you’ve got any existing rectangle video, then make your video square. It can be easily done if you just crop both the right and left parts, as long as there is no info left.

Moreover, these videos take up so much room in your mobile, which is more compelling than a regular rectangle video. Your face will be more visible to the people and they can see it on a square video and also will be able to read the text clearly.

Also if you want to repurpose an existing rectangle video, then any video editing software can be utilized. Nowadays, there are many software available which are as cheap as 100 dollars and others a few more bucks. Getting a perfect one, you can export the videos you choose to the ratio according to you. So instead of doing a typical ratio of 1280 *720 pixels, you can actually do 720*720 pixels.

2. Competitor Ads - Your competitors are always finding innovative ways to advertise, and could be in any city or even overseas. And the best thing is that you can reach out to them either by Google or Facebook. However, Facebook has recently implemented brand new rules regarding content transparency and advertising.

So, the question arises on how to utilize this transparency for your business? If you go through the Facebook advertising library, there you will find the competitor name and see the ads run by them currently, this will give you an idea about what they are targeting.

Have a look at them after a couple of weeks, and if these ads are still up and running that will simply mean these are effective and works for your competitors. You can use them to your advantage and model them or change them up a bit. Keep the structure but insert your own pictures or copy your own products.

It is important to know that it doesn’t begin with a blank slate, instead start with something already proven in your field in the industry. This can count as watching your competitors and is more about market research. And if someone was placing an advertisement, they will probably go and look for a Facebook template.

But isn’t it strange to use an outdated template of six to a year old one, when you can get a week old one from someone just happens to be in another country?

3. Captioning Your Videos - Did you know that the captions are very useful and lots of people watch videos in silence. That is because they are either at work or traveling. Well, if you don’t have captions on your videos, then you will be missing out on those people who watch videos on mobile devices.

Therefore, it will be a wise choice to add captions to all your videos otherwise it is a waste of money and time for placing ads that have a video without any caption. For example, when you place a Facebook ad you can upload a captions file. This SRT file you will upload will cause frustration when it doesn’t appear on the device. Therefore, the best is just to bake them in so it's in the video.

4. Building Relationships - Nowadays, many business owners want a sale right now. They usually talk about how this offer is special, but in fact, marketing is like matchmaking. There should be a warm-up phase of building a strong relationship. Building a relationship is by giving solutions to the issues of the people in an educative way. That is the best trust-building thing and all great things come with giving away free education.

5. Emojis - A small win will be to use emojis and when you place an ad you can’t enhance the font size and underline things. You have to rely on emojis so as to commence formatting. The textbooks look very boring without pictures, the same goes for the ads.

6. Test - It is important for all the business owners to test with at least three different audiences and at least three different types of ads. Test of at least three different audiences at least three different ads over a seven day period.

7. Handling Client Objections - It is important to handle objections in your Facebook advertisements. Most of the marketers, as well as business owners, get so on this track saying something good and bad things never cross their minds. Be prepared for the negative comments and try to resolve the client’s issues if any persists.

8. You Don't Need A Website - Some of the marketers think when doing Facebook ads, it's mandatory to create a website and then create a click funnel This leaves you feeling like you get lost down.

Lead Form is a thing on Facebook where people can fill in an opt-in form without leaving the platform. They click a button, pop up a form still within their Facebook newsfeed which pre-populates their name, email address their mobile number if they've given it to Facebook in the past. Therefore no need for a website or a landing page.

9. Lookalike Audiences - One of the most important things in your Facebook ad is who you're targeting. The easiest way to do that is to give Facebook examples of your clients.

The lookalike audiences are shortcuts and a case of having a number of existing customers and finding exactly like them. It is obviously better than any PR company could ever do in that way because it's so niche.

10. Evergreen Ads - We all know what evergreen means, and let us say you have got an ad. The only issue with running this ad is that it can’t be switched back on after some months and you have to do your marketing automated.


The aforementioned advertising tips are just a few out of many, and you will be able to find more of them on the internet. But these are important as far as your Facebook advertising for small business is concerned.

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Marek is the CTO of a popular marketing app groost. With years of experience, he has been able to bring up the marketing solution through an app, it guides you at every step; how to advertise your business on any platform by getting required guidance for executing the best strategies according to the business niche. 

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