Steps For Increasing Speed of Your Mobile Phone - All You Need To Know

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In this age of advancing technology and Science, smartphones are considered the best partner of a human being. What we mean is a smartphone probably knows more about us than other human beings. Similar to the three basic necessities of food, shelter, and clothing, the smartphone phone device has become the fourth essential necessity for humans in this modern society. 

A large number of the population today not just own their own mobile phones, but are essentially addicted to them. Smartphones have made our life so much easier by providing us with a number of benefits like better communication, improved productivity, and other solutions to our real-life problems. Well, for instance, we shop online using smartphones, we pay using our smartphones, we don’t wait for transport nowadays we simply call or book a cab using our smartphones. The number of applications and benefits are probably unlimited. Well, if you also want to own an mobile application for your business then we would recommend looking for a firm providing angularjs mobile development services.

However, smartphones are not perfect, they tend to broke, they get a lot slower after a specific use of timespan, etc. Well, nothing can be done if you just keep breaking the hardware, but as far as the lag and slow performance of smartphones are considered, we can help out with it. So, have a careful look at these Steps For Increasing Speed Of Your Mobile Phone - All You Need To Know. 

Know Your Device 

Not all the devices are similar, every smartphone device is made in a unique way. They have different hardware, they might run on a different operating system. So, before, you do anything with your device it’s really important that you understand your own device. 

Most of the people, just buy smartphones based on brand names, completely in dark about what they are actually buying. They are unaware of the device configurations like which operating system it is running on, its storage capacity, RAM, etc. This creates a problem, as they install applications that might consume a lot of memory and space on that device causing it to slow down. So, make sure that you are aware of your device hardware and software before you try making some changes to it. 

Removing Applications 

Most of the time the reason a smartphone performance decreases is due to its reduced storage capacity. Your storage is almost full, then it might cause difficulty for os and RAM to keep up, making your device a lot slower. So, as far as the memory issues go, you can simply clean up your device. It is majorly, advised to remove applications that use a lot of your hardware resources. This makes your device function smoothly than it was before. 

Update The Software 

Your smartphones receive compatibility and security updates on a regular basis based on your hardware. These updates are pushed by the company managing the os of your smartphones. It is always advised to update your device, as these updates generally deal with bugs and other security issues. They might also include some new features and UI for your device as well. Overall, software updates improve your device performance. 

Reset Your Device 

Well, yeah it’s a hassle to reset your device. But, it’s advised to reset your smartphone once in one and a half or two years. Well, it becomes necessary to completely clean your device as a lot of extra cache files are created when you use your device for a long time. A simple reset completely erases the previous data apart from the system files, so you don’t have to worry about the system updates. It just removes things like user data, cache files, etc, making your device as good as new. 

So, if you’re facing minor lags and performance issues, the best thing to do is create a back up for your data and then simply reset your device. To reset your smartphone follow the steps: 
Well, there are 2 major ways to reset your smartphone.

The first way is to do a factory reset from the device settings options. Simply go to settings > Systems> Advanced> Reset> Delete All Data. 

The other way is to do a factory reset through the device BIOS. Simply shut down the device and start-up continuously pressing the volume device. This will direct you to an OS BIOS, here use the volume buttons to move up and down and select the reset option. 

This way you can successfully reset your device.  

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