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Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook

Lotus Notes Domino Server is the most using client-server in the world as compared to MS Outlook’s Exchange server because Lotus Notes is more secure as compare to Outlook but because of a much complex structure of data management, the user is switching to Outlook. Both of them are different so they use different file supporting formats. Lotus Notes saves a file in .nsf format and Outlook saves a file in .pst format. So if you are switching to Outlook from Lotus Notes then you need to export emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook.

On the basis of Business preference and industries presidency and home usability lots of time, the transformation of Notes data to Outlook data is extremely important. In this summarized article I will explain step by step all the procedures for migrating NSF to PST and causes required for conversion of Lotus Notes to Outlook.

Some scenarios or causes are responsible for the process of conversion of Lotus Notes to Outlook.

  1. Outlook has a better data management system as compared to Lotus Notes.
  2. MS Outlook is cost-effective than Lotus Notes
  3. The data structure of IBM Notes is more complex to understand for a layman.
  4. MS Outlook provides a much user-friendly interface as compare to Lotus Notes.
  5. Outlook has a gentle GUI.
  6. Job Switching.
  7. The outlook is more reliable than IBM Lotus Notes for e-mails search.
  8. The maintenance cost of Lotus Notes is higher than MS Outlook.
  9. Outlook user can maintain their data very easily and effectively

Best methods to export Lotus Notes to Outlook

Two most popular method is used to export Lotus Notes to Outlook

  • Using the manual method
  • Using Third-party tool

Using the manual method

The conversation of the IBM data file to Outlook Data File can be done in two steps.

  • Export NSF to CSV(intermediate).
  • Import CSV to Outlook PST

Export NSF to CSV 

1. Open Lotus Notes Program
2. Open the NSF file.

3. Open the Mailbox and then click on File Menu and click on Export.
4. Provide a name to the file and select the Comma Separated value option from the file format.

1.     5. Select the option as per your requirements.

6. Exported data will save at a given destination location.
Import CSV in Outlook PST 
  1. Open MS Outlook. 
  2. Click on File Menu. 
  3. Click on Open and Export. 
  4. Select the Import/Export option.

5. Select the Import from another program or file from the dialog box.

6. Choose the Comma Separated Value option and click Next.

7. Provide CSV file path form the browse button and click on the Next button.

8. Give a saving location to save the file and click Next.

9. Click on Checkbox and then click on finish.

Using a Third-Party Tool

As you can see the manual method is so lengthy and time-consuming, therefore, the third-party tool is another solution for the process of conversion. MailsDaddy NSF to PST Converter is the best tool to export Lotus Notes to Outlook. The advantage of using this tool is there is no need to install Outlook in the machine but Lotus Notes must be installed.

The Process of the Tool

The MailsDaddy NSF to PST converter is easy to use and reliable. The process of the tool is very simple.
  • Download and run the software on your machine.
  • Open the tool.
  • Click on Add files.
  • Select the desired file you want to export.
  • Click on the Export button to start the process of migration for NSF to PST.
  • Select an option from each section from the dialog box and click on the Export button.
  • The process has been started now you can check it from the process bar.

Important Notes about the Tool

  1. For the use of this tool, it is not compulsory that Outlook is installed in the machine.
  2. Lotus Notes must be installed on the PC.
  3. You can add more than one file at a time for the exportation.
  4. You can see the clear preview of the selected data item.

Final Words

In the above article, I explained the causes in detail for the purpose of transformation and also said that how to export emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook using the methods as per your need. If you are using a manual method to convert NSF to PST then it will take too much time for the migration. So I suggest you use a third-party tool. The MailsDaddy Support team always ready to help you.

Here I tried my best to explain everything. If you have any suggestions for the article please comment on your good words in the comment box and if you have any trouble or query for the tool or process contact the Support team.

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