How To Fix HP Printer Driver Is Not Available On Windows 10

HP Printer Driver

Have you encountered a problem in your HP printer called "printer driver is not available? It means the printer driver is faulty and it cannot be recognized by the machine.

A 'Printer Driver is Inaccessible/Not available' error appears as a driver status on the Microsoft Windows 10 PC program enabled. The software is available in the Machine Control Panel in devices and printers. The error happens when the driver of your printer is not up-to-date, whether it is corrupted, or if updates on Windows 10 have not yet been installed. So first, the driver or operating system should be checked in order not to understand the status of your HP Printer Driver is an unavailable error occurs.

It's not an enormous challenge to get the right drivers to support your computers and laptops. But it should be done correctly, sometimes the mistake occurs to users where finding drivers of the printer becomes a problem for Windows. Therefore, if your drivers do not exist you do not need to worry, you can fix your error by troubleshooting the below steps. Before this, however, you should know why problems are not visible behind the printer drivers.

When the driver is not on a printer, what does this mean? This generally means that the driver of your printer might be missing or wrong, and the issue can be fixed quickly.

Causes Of ‘HP Printer Driver Not Available In Windows 10’

  • Occupying the old printer driver program which is mounted on the Microsoft Windows 10 PC, the printer driver is not available.
  • Most people forget to upgrade their driver, which is the main reason for the problem.
  • You need to check the operating system to verify that your printer driver is installed on or not on your Windows 10 PC. You can use the following tips that are easy to use to repair the Windows 10 Printer engine.

Solve Printer Driver Unavailable Problem- Troubleshoot Steps

You can use one or both of the steps outlined below to make your printer driver available: But first, it is essential to uninstall the Windows printer.

Uninstalling the Printer

Most of them are two key solutions that can be used to fix a 'printer driver' malfunction. The printer device can be uninstalled and installed on your device. Or you can use all of the drivers available and select the one that's right for your computer.

We will take away the installation of the printer and all applications and try connecting it to it. In turn, the default driver will be mounted.

PCS, printers, and other interactive electronic devices are a major component of drivers. The printer will stop working if the system driver fails to operate or is disabled. You will have to restore the HP printer driver immediately if you notice an error that is not usable for Windows 10. Therefore, to solve this problem, take the above measure. For users of HP Envy series printers, the HP Envy Printer Driver is equally critical. The lack of printer drivers can cause significant Printer problems

After uninstalling, you can use one or both of the steps outlined below to make your printer driver available:

  • Reinstall the driver of the printer
  • Set up the printer driver notifications in windows manually

Choice 1: Reinstall Driver of Your Printer

If the "Printer Driver is not available," the most likely explanation behind the issue is a missing or corrupted driver. Therefore you can help to delete the error by uninstalling your current controller and installing a new driver. How to go about this:

  • To lift the Run box, click the Windows and R logo keys on your keyboard.
  • Put DEVMGMT in prose. Click the choice OK and MSC.
  • Locate and click on your printer. Click on "Uninstall computer" option afterwards.
  • If you are prompted to confirm, click on the Uninstall option.
  • Try downloading Driver Quick and installing it.It automatically detects your device and finds and installs a precise printer driver and other drivers to be modified for that driver.
  • Run the Easy driver and then press the "Scan Now" button. Driver Simple tests your machine then and senses the driver’s issue.
  • To download and install the correct version of all the missing or obsolete drivers on your device, click the option 'Check all.'
  • You need a basic Pro driver version. There's no need to worry, there is a money back guarantee of 30 days, and so, if you don't like it, you can get full payment.
  • If not, you can push on the 'Update' button in the free version next to your printer to automatically download the correct drivers if you want to install the driver manually. You can install it manually once you have downloaded it.
  • Check whether or not your printer will work, resume your machine and print the paper. If so, well then your problem has been solved. Continue with the given steps otherwise.
  • If the "Driver is out of stock" error happens you possibly have to reinstall your driver or skip a few updates.

Choice 2: Manual Windows 10 Update

One reason you get the "Driver is out of stock" error could be that your device is out of date. Therefore, you should install the Windows updates that are available to correct the issue. Given below are steps on How to do this:

  • Type "update" to Start
  • Choose Update Review.
  • If updates are available, they are automatically installed by Windows.
  • Upon completion of the Windows update, restart your PC.
  • Now try printing something out of your PC to see if it's fixed.

If your printer is Plug and Play

It's much easier to do if your printer is a plug-and-play. Here, you must-

  • Unplug or unplug your pc printer.
  • Link it again and follow the wizard instructions.
  • If you don't see the wizard:
  • Go to Start > Configuration.
  • Click devices. Click devices.
  • Choose attaching a printer or a scanner.
  • Wait for your printing device to identify and follow the instructions on the computer.

Experts recommend getting your PC loaded with trustworthy anti-malware software – such as Auslogics Anti-Malware. This and other errors can be avoided by the programme that identifies and eliminates malicious objects on your PC.



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