5 Steps to Drive Engagement on Your Social Content

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Social media engagements are like an open invitation to many business owners to market their brands to their fullest. Social media platforms serve the station where people are welcome to interact and encourage healthy relationships betweEn a business and a client. 

For today’s companies, social media engagement signifies that you have an impactful presence in the market. It’s not limited to gain sufficient popularity; it’s about building with potential customers, which directly influences your ROI and business. 

Businesses tend to spend a sufficient amount from their budget on social media marketing, but somehow they fail in approaching individual engagement targets. In this agony of social media engagements, having brand loyalty is complicated. 

There is always a social media marketing strategy or some steps to follow that give a complete insight to advance your presence and customer engagement.  

5 Simple Steps To Drive Customer Engagement On Your Social Content  

Follow the necessary five steps that guide you in managing, scheduling, and building social media to increase engagement. 

1. Share Authentic Content

Quality and frequently shared content is a must: Don’t spare a day without posting content. Many of us are not aware of the facts about posts ratings. There’s an algorithm that is used to maintaining the quality of content. 

You can follow some of the postings; also, you can indulge in a content marketing strategy.  Avoid posting non assisting content and false strategies of posting.

Social media managers always follow the golden rule of using appealing content material. 

2. Play a Hashtag Game Smartly 

The hashtag helps you in reaching to your thorough research.  It will instantly help you if you follow its basic rules. 

  • Select the hashtag language wisely. If your chosen language is English, it will automatically reach the users globally. 
  • Avoid irrelevant hashtags; use original and relevant. You have a margin of using 30 hashtags in one post, so always add hashtags related to your company or product. However, don’t clutter the post with too many unnecessary hashtags.  
  • Your post gets in danger if you use hashtags with spam. By using those hashtags, your post gets banned from the social media authorities. 
  • It’s better not to write the hashtags in the post; it’s preferred to add in the comment. Because it will make your post look messy. 

3. Must Add Location 

People are engrossed in searching on social media. They are looking for brands, companies, and trends on Instagram. Most influencers believe that Instagram is an excellent platform for influencers. 

This is because Instagram gives easy access to new content frequently. Adding locations help people to access your profile. Sources like geolocation are best if you use it intelligently. It is supremely helpful to get on the top of searches when you are at a popular location. 

4. Filter Your Audience

It seems beautiful to have countless members on your social media platforms. But it is also essential to have active users; it is very unproductive to have inactive users. So it’s better to block those accounts that are useless and give you nothing. 

Many users who follow other accounts will hardly see your account. The best part is the algorithm that aimlessly shows your posts to relevant subscribers. Moreover, if it gets likes, the social network will show it to more subscribers. Which indeed indicates the surge in engagements. If the algorithm selects those accounts that already follow many other stores, they will not respond to your content. 

5. Offer Giveaways

Indeed a giveaway idea is prevalent, but it does wonders. For active engagement, create rules and let your audience follow them. 

  1. Ask the audience to follow your account 
  2. Fix a number of post to like 
  3. Comment and mention 

If your post gets likes and comments, that means your engagement is also increasing; with the reposting option, more users can subscribe to you. You can go with the simple pattern of like comment share for your giveaway post but going for something better and unique also works. Always keep this in your mind that you can attract more and more audience by making your offer attractive. 


We assume that social media engagement is about interacting with a massive audience, well to some extent, it’s right. All you have to do is spend some time communicating with people to get more engagements on your social content. Follow necessary steps and engagement strategies, bring them to the execution point, and witness the difference. 

Author Bio:

Urooj Fatima is a Creative Content Writer - Digital Marketing at ACE Digitals Pvt. Ltd.  Graphic designing and digital marketing are the areas that she always likes to cover in her writing. She has turned her endless passion into a profession by serving various projects with Logo Grand being her primary focus. 


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