10 Ways Small Businesses can Improve their Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Social Media nowadays is one important area to build on your online presence and image. If you are a medium or small business social media can really be a game-changer for you. Since small businesses don’t carry that luxury to spend n aggressive digital marketing campaigns social media provides a free and effective method to get interactions and identification. The rise of the demand for Social Marketing Services India has already substantiated how popular and important the area is.

To get the best out of this a planned approach and the right mindset are enough. While big businesses with a good fiscal room can get promotions on social media through paid highlights for small businesses this thing has to be managed with a streamlined process and measures. While you might be wondering what’s the crux of the topic we want to talk about then let me tell you it's nothing but this approach only.

Yes, we are here to discuss some of the easy and effective ways that you as a micro, small, or even medium business can use to enhance your social media presence and drive that desired results. With all that talkings here we go straight to the business:

Choice of the Platform  

You don’t need to be all over social media right from day 1. That is you should not go for targeting all social media platforms at once rather go for ones that are related to your business. Take an example, you have a bakery business now the best possible platform for you to start with would be Instagram and Facebook. Instagram because you can do the picture post of your items and get that visual attention. Facebook is to build a community and to get shares and recommendations and obviously the orders. Now, if you choose Twitter or Linkedin as the first your results would not be impressive as these are more professional ones. 

Don’t Sound as Promoter

If you keep on posting for promotion your social media followers would soon unfollow you. By saying this I don’t mean to say don’t promote just don’t sound like that. Say for example if you make 5-6 posts a day then try to make them in a way that they promote your business without conveying that sense. Takin that bakery example as discussed rather than talking about the bestness of your product mention something like how it connects with the mood and flavor or something that is ongoing or trending on the social media. Take the example of Amul Topicals. 

Take the Feedback

The comments on your posts, the likes, the dislikes, the shares are all the feedbacks from the side of the users. Some of them might be your clients while some can be a potential one. So, listen to what they are saying (of course not to the meaningless ones) about the product and services reply to them and incorporate that change in your service/good deliveries from next time. 0


Creating engagement is all you want. And to do that you have to attract the audience. What you can do here is to announce some giveaways, offers, or simply organize quizzes and polls so that your user gets to have the understanding of your services and are engaged with you for a certain amount of time. For these offers, quizzes they would log in and through this, you can get access to their data like e-mail ids. Now, the next time you can send them mail and inform them about your services and all and don’t need to wait for action on social media

Track the Progress

Keep a tab on conversion that you are getting from social media. Here segregation is the key. That is you should assess the data and capture which social media platform is bringing a better return on investment for your efforts. Getting this idea would help you to make smart investments as a part of your social media strategy

Divert Traffic

While as you post and keep on engaging your users on a regular basis try to divert them to your main website. Say for example if you are a news media portal then you want the users to get on to your page to read the complete story. So, to divert the traffic mention certain highlight points of the story and leave the user guessing for more so he clicks and sees the entire story. The idea behind this is simply to reveal some to divert on your webpage. 


Don’t miss posting on festivals and events as you would say we have holidays. In fact, on holidays people tend to spend more time on social media and businesses know that. Just use scheduling to get your posts published on the given date and time. Further, try to schedule some offers or contests kind of a thing on festivals as users expect such things during the period.  

Follow and Observe 

You must follow the accounts of established business and global brands apart from the nearest rivals on social media. The idea is simple here to get the best results you need to learn the best of the practices from all. And on social media, you can keep track of that by following so follow and observe to implement and improve things that are good at your end.

Quality at Top 

Your posts on social media are content that you are serving to the users to create an image for yourself. With just quantity, you can’t win their trust and attention. Quality is what you need. Say for example if your business is about infrastructure information delivery, then a post about how a certain sector has affected amidst pandemic triggered slowdown would be quality content for the audience to watch and investment time in rather than a post of building project that is 8-7 years away. 


Last but surely the most ignored part of social media presence creation, regularity. You must post on your business’s active social media handles regularly. It should be not like you posted on Facebook and Instagram and now you take a 4-5 day break and then post. This is the biggest killer of your engagement and presence. So, be regular to get the most of it.  

Author Bio:

Hermit Chawla is an MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web Design and Web Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. He loves to share his thoughts on the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in California.


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