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The aesthetics of the mobile app is a critical aspect of any business for driving the traffic north. The design is the most important cog in the wheels of a visually appealing mobile app. The design is the preliminary visual guide of the potential app. The design establishes schematics for app navigation and prioritizing of information on display to the app visitor. Practically, a design can be represented even by a sketch on a notebook or a sophisticated graphics file created on commercial graphics software.

An effective first impression of any mobile app depends on its visual appeal. An impeccable design ensures the success of a mobile app. It is due to this very reason that companies hire a mobile app development company to develop their mobile app. There are several design blunders to avoid and tips to enhance the process. The top 10 of them are covered in this blog post.   

Tips # 1: Opt for a Responsive Design

A successful design starts with a consistent display on all types and all sizes of screens. A responsive design ensures that the display is adjusted on a pro-data basis based on screen size and resolution. This is important as Smart phones come in all shapes and sizes and then there are tablets and smart TVs popular among users. An optimum design makes sure that the important content gets the majority of the space on the screen irrespective of the device size.

Tips # 2: Understand Target Platforms

Understanding the platforms on which you are planning to launch your mobile app is a must for knowing the pros and cons of the UI/UX of the target platform. Observing the UI as a user helps a lot in the long run to know the resemblance and distinctions between the user interfaces. Moreover, the UI guidelines of all mobile platforms are available in the public domain for one’s perusal. These enable you to design a superior and enriching UI in addition to helping you out with external APIs. 

Tips # 3: Simple is Beautiful

Excess of everything is not good. Keeping a simpler design gives a lasting impression. An elementary design is always better than a super cool but complex design. Trying to fit multiple things in one frame might clutter things on an already small screen. This might leave an unpleasant experience. Moreover, the loading time of the app, a decisive factor in the success of the app, for a complex app is more. A complex design distracts the users and reduces conversion rates.

Tips # 4: Understand Target Audience

Try to fulfill the expectations of the target audience of your mobile app by understanding demographics, competition, current trends, etc. Thorough research of the market needs and demographics is needed. A personalized approach e.g. usage of regional language if targeted to a specific region, makes the user feel special. The usability testing to finalize the UI goes miles in building a connection with the target users. An interactive mobile app always amuses users and enhances its usability.  

Tips # 5: Multiple Log-in Options

The ease of usage gives wings to a mobile app. The app should be flexible enough to provide multiple log-in options including that of mobile no, email, or social media accounts. This would save the time of users and encourage them to use it often due to its suppleness. This would also facilitate the business to fetch the user’s details like email address, social media account, etc. that can be used in future for communicating with the user.

Tips # 6: Ensure 508 Compliance

Section 508 states that any piece of ICT development should be accessible to people with disabilities. These rules, if taken into consideration during the early stages of design, save a lot of time afterward. It also minimizes the project completion time and improves the mobile application user’s efficiency.

Tips # 7: Ease of Navigation is the Key

The most critical aspect of the design is the ease of navigating from one screen to another in a mobile app. There are various ways of navigation through lists viz. via pictures or bullets. One can add a variety of menus including expandable ones on the app to cut on the space requirements. Whatever type of menu you use, make sure to keep the navigation process as simple as possible. The user should not be forced into excessive zooming, horizontal, or vertical scrolling to see the page content.

 Tips # 8: The Color Combination Matters

The mobile app’s UI should be chaos-free, and ease of navigation should be the primary objective. The perfect color combination enhances the legibility of the content and augments the visual appeal of the app. The background and foreground colors should be contrasting in nature to give a perfect oomph to the mobile app. One can use the colors important to the company’s vision and mission to build an emotional connection with the customer.

Tips # 9: Test, Test, and Test 

Detailed and thorough testing of the design throughout the mobile app development life-cycle is crucial to avoid major anomalies in the app. The errors should be found and fixed in the initial stages of app development to cut the costs and time required.

Tips # 10: Follow Latest Trends

The world is changing fast in all domains including development and design. The novel ways to design using new technologies should be used if possible in the mobile app. The designers should keep up with the latest trends in the designing domain to give vigor to the app. This would enable capturing a new target audience, especially the millennial generation. 


The designers of any mobile app development company should remember that designing is a tricky task. It is crucial to keep yourself abreast with the latest design trends and practices while designing a triumphant mobile app. Over thinking and over-simplification are a strict no. Sticking to basics and following the above tips will get you on the road to success.

Author Bio:

Rahim makhani, CEO and managing partner at Nevina Infotech, Enterprise Web App & Mobile Application Development Company, helps global businesses grow by the internet of things development. His 10+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and Blockchain, and some trending technologies.


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