Digital Marketing During COVID-19: 5 Ways to Help Brands Thrive

Digital Marketing

The year 2020 is a year of unexpected happenings and changes nobody has seen coming. This is true in all aspects, especially economically. Everyone is affected because of the global pandemic that shifted our busy lives in the confines of our homes. Business owners and employees are severely affected by this change of customers’ purchasing behaviors not just because the economy is down but also because people are not going outside anymore to shop and avail of services. 

One good example is the tourism or travel industry, places like Temecula California has seen a slow and declining tourism business. This is where digital branding comes in. 

How to Adapt Your Marketing During the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Use the Extra Resource to Fund free Trial Services

You might think that giving free trial products and services is counter intuitive with your goal to make your brand earn at this time of the pandemic. But it is a great way to reach more people and more customers that are willing to pay. Here is why; The word will spread around fast. 

People always love free stuff and they will be willing to try anything as long as it is free. Letting more people try your services for free will widen your scope of potential customers and people who generally do not need your product may just find out that they do want or need it after having the free trial. It is also a good way to advertise your brand as it will be recommended to more people and you will have more testimonials to prove your product's worth.

Use Cheap Ads

The price of ads is seeing a decrease in the larger web traffic nowadays. It is now the time to use this opportunity to advertise your products and services for a cheaper price. Cheap ads do not necessarily mean poor results. The cost of ads nowadays is lower because there is more internet traffic compared to advertisers, and low demand means low prices. Taking advantage of this golden opportunity will help your brand get the best of advertising for the lowest price. You can use these ads to boost your sales, or gain more followers and see a wider scope of audience that will turn into potential buyers.

Use Online Payment Platforms

The use of online payment platforms is not new to businesses and customers alike. But since people are now spending more time at home and shopping online for their necessities and other leisure, promotions also shifted online. Online payment platforms are not competing for connection with certain brands and shops to gain more traffic on their platform. Because of this, online payment platforms offer promotions that provides an easier and more convenient shopping experience for online buyers. They also provide free shipping, additional benefits, gifts, and even cash back for anyone who uses their platform to pay for their online purchases. 

Partnering with online payment platforms that offer competitive promotions will help you gain more customers and encourage them to shop more because the more they shop, the more they benefit and even save.

Geography Diversification

The whole world is affected by the pandemic and most industries are struggling to make amends. The implementation of lock-downs and social distancing makes it hard for businesses to keep operating, as there are more restrictions, therefore more operational cost, and fewer walk-in customers. This struck the economy of most countries and directly affected certain industries. Although these facts are generally true, some countries and industries are rising and even benefiting from the current situation. Those countries who have recovered from the pandemic are rising and building up their economy and people are spending more on these locations. 

That is why you should take this opportunity to diversify your target market or the market geography for that matter. It will be good to invest in reaching more customers across the shore or even the world to spread the name of your brand. Later on, you can reap the benefits of extending your digital marketing to other thriving lands.

Redefine Your Business 

When all else fails, you can always redefine your business or your brand. You should realign your business’ goals and visions to the immediate need of the market. This means you can rebrand your business leaning more into health, food, or other industry that is necessary for this situation. You can change the way you promote your product or services in a more relevant way. It is also good to redefine the causes that your business support to gain like-minded clients who will help you through these tough times.

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