Step by Step Guide for Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

Trademark is a vital protection to your business and gives you a legal authority to take action against any misconduct to your business and plan. It also allows you to expand your business in a wider range and assures hundreds of perks all over the globe. Your main focus should be your business and the interests of the target audience to refine and assemble your ideas more effectively. 

Your Trademark should be creative and distinctive enough to catch the eyes of the consumers. A registered trademark works more strongly because of the legal security and certification. The overall registration is a lengthy procedure that takes several months. Here you can find step by step guide for your Trademark registration concerns:

Research Before Plan

It requires rigorous research over your idea. Search on google and other relatable and helpful websites or take a guide from the registration experts or existing Trademark holders. It essential that your trademark doesn’t have a match with the previous ideas or pending profiles. In case of any similarities, your application will be rejected without any warning or permission for amendments.

Consultancy with the professional can help you to know which type of Trademarks are already present and how you can distinguish your idea. The research before the plan also enhances your exposure and makes you more confident and competent. It opens up to you thousands of more ways to robust your selection.

Trademark Analysis

Once you have done with planning and have selected your trademark then a deep analysis of its type and format is important. Ask yourself questions like is your trademark easily understandable and clearly defines your product? If the answer is ‘Yes’ it is a generic trademark that is too weak to be registered. You need to work on it and specify it.

If your trademark doesn't have a direct connection with your services and products and can fascinate your consumer then it's good to go. You can also create a captivating ‘self-made’ trademark that doesn’t exist in the dictionary. Moreover, you need to analyze its format, whether it is a word, color, design, sound, or shape, you should submit it under the instructions of the registration authority.

Application Submission

You can now fill the form keenly and it's better to take help from any trademark registration service for positive results. You have two options from which you can choose to fill the application form.

Use in Trade: This option indicates that the selected trademark has already been used in business, with proof.

Intent to Use in Trade: It shows that you will use the trademark in your business in the future, but it not has been used before.

You can find the registration form on USPTO official website to make your trademark globally registered. A filling fee is a must for the form submission.

Due Charges

If you are registering with UPSTO, three different packages are available there that range from $225 to $325, and the fee increases with the increase in the categories of products. You can pay the fees with a credit card, or a bank deposit, money orders, checks, or electronic funds. But, submitting your application doesn’t mean that you are ready to get approved. A panel will observe and examine your application in the next step.

Getting Approval

After fulfilling the form requirements, your application will be forwarded to the examination attorney, that will judge your credentials on the basis of notability under the magnifying glasses of copyright risks. After keen observation, the attorney decides, whether your trademark should be registered or it has to be reshaped. In case of rejection, a letter is issued to notify the applicant. If no office action is taken within six months of submission, it means that the attorney has approved your trademark and sent it back to the authority for further process. Now the authorities will certify it within 30 days, after which you’ll be the lawful owner of your trademark.

Sustaining Registration

When you have been registered, it's your duty to stay updated with your registration status. You need to check annually your certification through Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR). Furthermore, you need to remember the date of your trademark expiry so that you can apply for its renewal because once it is expired, you will have to file a new application from the first.

Wrap Up Note

By following the above steps, you can get to achieve your goal. Your trademark can be a name, logo, or design, symbol, or sign; either it is optimized in any form, it gives the same privileges. Using your trademark you can have patent protection for your business and can be able to legally expel the illegal infringements against your identity. Also, you can avail your trademark in boosting your business by using the popularity it brings. 


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