How “Buy Now and Pay Later Furniture” Checkout Options can Help your Consumer?

Buy Now and Pay Later Furniture”

Nothing is as tempting to the modern shopaholic as the idea of Buying Now and Paying Later. Luckily, this dream of the shoppers is now the reality. As the name implies, the consumer can check out their purchase without paying over the cash while purchasing. With an urge to buy new things and drive additional eCommerce sales, BNPL is the next big payment trend in the Retail World. 

Buyers must be thinking about the difference between Credit Cards and BNPL. The BNPL method does offer some similarities to credit cards. The purchasing phycology behind BNPL offers the perks, which credit cards cannot compete. One case study found that the average sale orders are growing up to 33% solely due to the Buy now pay later method.

It's not a fun sight to come home to every day if you have old beat-up furniture. If you have a broken family chair can be a danger to your kids. Old sofas lose the strong support you need for your back and the last thing you want after a hard day at work is an awkward sofa to try and relax on. It's the best time to turn your furniture off if you go home. It's the best time to turn your old furniture off if you go home.

What is Buy Now Pay Later?

The concept of Buy Now pay later is simple. The customer purchases their desired product without having to pay fully. The user can make the payments over time. The working of BNPL is similar to credit cards. A famous holiday shopping choice in which shoppers set products aside and pay them off over time. It also helps the retailer to move the products quickly to inventory.

Stores can offer the customers their financing or can provide through a third party like PayPal or Klara Credits. Regardless of the payment process, BNPL is growing exponentially in popularity sooner. Even the big banks are scrambling to get on board, such as Chase and Citi.

How Does BNPL Work?

Living in a house with some good quality furniture is the common thing now. It can help better your life to surround yourself with quality furniture, and we'd like to be part of that. So, you can buy your desired product and pay later through the BNPL method. 

While purchasing your furniture, your brand offers you the option of BNPL through a third party, Klarna. At the time of checkout, Klarna offers multiple options for repayment. 

  • Pay later in 30 days.
  • Pay in 3-4 equal interest-free installments.
  • Finance by Splitting the cost into 36 months along with a minimum interest fee.

After selecting your preferred method, you need to pay some 3-5% commission and a fixed transaction fee. 

While purchasing with the BNPL method, a customer can buy his product without paying the whole amount upfront. The product can only be yours in certain conditions. The third-party does a soft credit check – means they approve the credit score before approving the application. If the score is not good, they disapprove of it. The providers avoid those users who have a general disregard for the repayment.

The use of this BNPL method is for online shopping. But now, it has also started working offline. While purchasing, the customer needs to scan a code, and the retailer receives the credit from the provider. The user pays the amount to the third party in the stipulated time.

BNPL – Beneficial for the Customers

The hot new e-commerce trend is to buy now pay later furniture. Also, the retail owner thinks that BNPL is also attracting customers. But what is the general advantage of providing BNPL to clients? Along with the clients, the retailers are also having the benefit of increased sales.

Through this method, a customer has the benefit of paying later if he is not having the cash on hand. You do not have to look for alternate choices for credit. In BNPL, at the point of sale itself, you are given instant credit, allowing for a quick and frictionless purchase.

Without swiping their card and PIN, entering their net banking data, or transferring money from an e-wallet, BNPL allows customers to make safe payments. An OTP is produced, which is required, and sent to their registered mobile phone.

Summing it up

As the world of e-commerce continues to grow and alter, it is not surprising that e-commerce includes payment methods. For years, digital wallets have been on the rise, but trends have not stopped there; today, more clients favor buying BNPL than ever before.

For clients, the options are entirely free to use. BNPL creates a win-win situation for both the customers and retailers. BNPL has to be part of your checkout process if you want to attract young buyers and open the door to more purchasing than ever before.

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