Best 10 Tips for Working with Recruiters

Tips for Working with Recruiters

When you are looking for a new job that suits your goals and interests, working with a capable and good recruiter can prove to make a difference for you. Having a good recruiter helps you with many things that are required during the interview for your dream job. It is predicted that hiring is expected to grow more competitive in the next 12 months for 74% of recruiters.  The recruiter can help get your dream company, provide input regarding your marketing material, and guide you related to what works and doesn't work during interviews for a particular client. You can go this website for top c level recruiters, which provide jobs to potential candidates across a wide variety of domains. The following points will help you build a positive relationship with your recruiter to get the most out of your partnership.

Goal Knowledge

You need to identify the factors which inspire you to work in a particular company. You need to figure out the niche industry you want a job in, the company culture that suits you, the dream position you want to achieve, the dream company of yours. All these self-discoveries will help you in securing the right recruiter to fulfil your career goals. The more precise you are, the faster your recruiter can identify the right job for you.

Have an updated resume

Most recruiters want to go through your resume before fixing a meeting. Be proactive and keep an up-to-date resume with you always, to provide the latest career details to the recruiters. You can take the help of online resume writing services to have an optimized and marketable resume. You can go this website for top c level recruiters and submit your updated resume to land a job.

Be respectful and courteous

The recruiters want to work with those people whom they like. It is essential to be respectful and polite while making interactions with recruiters. They help many people get a job in their dream’s companies, so they have full calendars. Keep the communication short and crisp and avoid sending too many emails or phone calls.

Allow recruiter to help you

You need to share a lot of job-related information with the recruiters, so don’t be hesitant about anything. Share every information with them even if you think the information will not help you in any way. For example, you have had multiple short period jobs in the past, and this information will enable recruiters to provide a job that suits you.

Have an open mind to work with other recruiters

Recruiters like honest candidates and will appreciate honesty on all fronts. If you are working with other recruiters, tell the truth. The recruiters understand this competitive market, and you'll likely have eggs in different baskets and respect that honesty.

Ask for constructive criticism

You should be open to receiving constructive criticism. This will help you in enhancing your skills related to marketing materials and the interview process. If the recruiters don’t provide constructive criticism on their own, ask for feedback. This will improve your chances of performing better in interviews.

Keep track of the submissions

Always keep track of the job submissions you made in a book or mobile notes. It can be an irritating situation for both you and recruiters if you receive a call regarding a job role you applied for and you are utterly clueless about it.

Build a communication

Effective communication is having both parties actively involved. Ask your recruiters whether they prefer communication methods, be it text messages, emails, or conversations over phone calls. If the proposed method doesn't work for you, share this information and come up with the best way to communicate so neither of you misses out on each other’s messages.

Offer up referrals

Most businesses work on referrals, and external recruiters are no exception. If you provide quality referrals to a recruiter, it will put you in their good books and at the top of their priority list for future job openings that suit you well.

Stay connected even after you get a job

In some cases, a recruiter turns out to be a lifelong career companion and guide. You never know when you might be in search of a new job, so if you come across a recruiter, attempt to stay connected for the long term. This can be as simple as sending an email every six months to remain active on the radar of those recruiters. It will also provide referrals and possibly help a colleague who is in search of a job.


All the tips mentioned above help you connect to the recruiters better and have a job that suits your qualification and interest. You can also go this website for top c level recruiters that will offer you a job in your preferred domain. 



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