Top 10 MAC Keyboard Shortcuts


MAC keyboard shortcuts are a set of key combinations that allow users to quickly perform various tasks on their MAC computers, such as copying, pasting, undoing, taking screenshots, opening and closing windows, and more. Knowing and using these shortcuts can help improve productivity and efficiency on a MAC.

Initially, the transition to MAC OS can be difficult, especially if you are shifting from a Windows environment. You need to understand the several MAC Keyboard shortcuts to make the best use of the system. MAC has several shortcuts made to make the experience unparalleled. Once you get a hang of it, there’s no going back.


Before getting to know the several keyboard shortcuts get yourself familiarized with the MAC keyboard. A few important keys are mentioned for your reference. The Command key is denoted by the symbol- ⌘. The Option key has “Alt” written on it. There is a Function Key- Fn which is next to the Control Key denoted by “control”.


Now that you have got an idea of some of the useful keys in your Mac keyboard we can help you with some shortcuts. We have listed down the top 10 MAC Keyboard shortcuts for MAC operation System which you must know now.


#1. Spotlight Search

We all are familiar with the search bar in Windows where we can search for files and folders. Similarly, there is the Spotlight Search for MAC. To open the search box you need to use the “Command+Space” Keys. You can’t remember where all your files and folders are located. This helps you search easily all the files and folders. 


#2. Emoji Keyboard

“Control+Command+Space” opens up the Emoji Keyboard. Emojis are so in during the chat over several platforms. The keyboard shortcut opens up the character viewer application. You can search by the emoji type and find as well. 


#3. Preferences

“Command +” keys can be used to customize the MAC applications. In the preferences menu, you can customize an application according to your convenience. Customization is a really great option provided by MAC, you can make the build according to your own needs. 


#4. Taking Screenshots

There is often the requirement to save payment receipts, chat records, stream a game recording, etc. The default screenshot application for MAC can be accessed by using the keyboard shortcut “Command+Shift+5”. You will be given options to capture the full screen, a portion of the screen, or record the screen.


#5. Shutdown Menu

You can access the Shutdown menu by pressing the keys “Control+Power”. By this, you can get to either Restart, Shutdown, Sleep, or Cancel.


#6. Show the Desktop

While working on something you may need to view the desktop several times. Instead of minimizing every app all the time you can use the keyboard shortcut - “Command+F3”. The F3 button in MAC is also known as Mission Control.


#7. Show/Hide the Dock

“Option+Command+D” can be used to hide or show the dock. While the working dock can become disturbing, you can hide it by using the mentioned keyboard shortcut.


#8. Force Quit when Screen Freezes

While working your screen may freeze or a particular application may stop working. You can use the shortcut “Option+Command+ESC”. You can use these shortcuts to close the applications that are not responsive.


#9. Change View

Finder lets you view the items in different ways. You can customize the views from your toolbar. This helps you to quickly view the files and folders. 

  • Command + 1 – Show items as icons view
  • Command + 2 – Show items as list view
  • Command + 3 – Show items in column view
  • Command + 4 – Show items in gallery view


#10. Lock Your Screen

To lock your screen when away you can use the keyboard shortcut “Control = Command + Q”. To re-enter the system you would need to enter your user id and password. 



MAC OS has several keyboard shortcuts to ease your work. We have listed the most required keyboard shortcuts in day-to-day use in this article. If you get used to it, you will save a lot of time while operating the system. Cutting your dependence on the mouse will make your work swifter. 


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