Why Should You have a Mobile App for Your Magento Store?

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The chances of users scrolling through the app are higher than visiting a website. This is why you should have a mobile app for your store. 


Mobile apps are convenient and quick to access. Users can directly proceed with their shopping without any entry level barriers like website search, Security, location, irritating sign up popups, etc. They can look for products and services they might be interested in, instead of some random categories. 

For example, if I have to buy a dress, it’s convenient for me to use the Zara app as my preferences and choices are known. I don’t have to login and most importantly, I can scroll anytime and save it for later. Even if I miss adding a dress to the cart, I can go back to history and check it. Websites, too, offer this convenience but not the way an app does. A mobile app offers personal experience, which can increase sales by 2 to 6 times better than a website. 


There are various reasons and benefits of using a Magento 2 mobile app for your estore. Here’s a quick look at some of them: 


Creates Direct Marketing Channel

Apart from visibility and serving multiple benefits at the same time, a mobile app acts as a direct channel for sales and marketing. In addition to products and their updates, everything including sale, offers and promotions is available at your fingertips. With features like push notifications, you can bring your customers closer to your brand. You can remind them of their products in cart or the upcoming sale whenever you want. If they haven’t visited the app for long, you can even remind them that with a notification.  

Provides Personalized Experience

Another benefit of having a Magento 2 native app is personalization. With mobile analytics, you can track customers' data from product discovery to purchase and understand their psychology and preferences. This way, you can recommend products and services they are likely to purchase. You can even send them offers and discounts on their preferred products. 


With a mobile app, it’s easy to know and track the purchasing habits  of your customers. 

Brand Recognition

This is the benefit that your online store gets with the development of a Magento 2 mobile app. As said above, a mobile app offers better personalization than a website. So, if your customers download the app, you can notify them and leave a lasting impression by reminding them about your presence and services, once in a while. Seeing or hearing of your brand continuously throughout the day will get you truly noticed. That’s possible only when you have an app that your customers have installed on their mobile phones.     


Improves Customer Engagement

Whether you are offering travel services or food deliveries, customers prefer a convenient way to reach you. Having a messaging feature within your Magento 2 native app will change the way you communicate with your customers. For example, if a customer wants to cancel the booking, they can cancel it with a few clicks on the app. So, what do you think they will prefer - calling you to cancel or doing it directly from the app? Besides, the outstanding features and functionalities that Magento app offers encourage customers to interact more with the brand. 


Gives Competitive Edge

Mobile apps provide instant access to real-time information, helping customers stay up-to-date with the business offerings and make purchase decisions from anywhere. They satisfy customers' needs and help keep up with the trends. Moreover, you can build a strong relationship with your customers by personalizing services. During pandemic, where customers are expecting easy and quick service, having a mobile app can help you stay ahead of your competitors. They would prefer reaching you rather than visiting a website.  

Expand your Reach

Mobile apps are the best approach from an SEO perspective. They provide an X factor that adds to customer service and helps retain them. Talking about the Magento 2 mobile app, they are both SEO and user friendly.  

Makes your Brand More Human

A mobile app allows you to resolve customer queries, make them aware of offers and discounts, provide a platform to interact, and suggest products and services your customers might be interested in. 


They make customer service easy and efficient. For example, customers can talk with the representatives at any time and set their appointments. They can even leave messages for customers reps and wait for them to reach rather than wasting time on call. 


An app bridges the gap between your store and customers. It provides them with in-person-like experience in a virtual environment.  


Thus, you should have a Magento 2 mobile app for your Magento store. 


Tips to Build a Magento 2 Native App

You can go for custom mobile app development. However, if you have time and budget constraints, go for no coding development. Choose a Magento 2 mobile app builder and launch your app within days or weeks. 


While deciding on the builder, ensure it's flexible enough to add custom features. It should also consist of the essential features related to orders, customers, marketing, and sales. 


Don’t forget to ask about the updates and post launch support. Do share your experience with us.


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