7 Factors that Trigger the Fast Adoption of Animated Explainer Videos


Animated Explainer Videos

Online videos, in 2022, will make up more than 82% of consumer internet traffic. The report itself is enough to make the readers understand the power of videos.

However, among that 82%, most viewers prefer to watch explainer videos! Therefore, explainer video services are gaining immense popularity in the digital marketing world.

There are certain factors that have been driving the adoption of animated explainer videos in the marketing industry. But, before we jump into that, let's take a dive into the basics.

What is an Animated Explainer Video?

As the name suggests, explainer videos explain. But, what? Unlike other videos, animated explainer videos help explain complex topics easily and within a short time.

The duration can vary from thirty seconds to two minutes. What happens in an explainer video is that the video animators break the most complex topics into small chunks to ensure the viewers' understanding of the concept.

Moreover, with animated explainer videos, even the most abstract idea can be well represented. Various businesses use explainer videos because it helps them demonstrate the problem and present the solution to the audience.

With animated explainer videos, organizations can instantly deliver the message that the target audience wants! Did you know that 68% of users prefer to watch an explainer video on how to fix a product instead of calling customer service?

According to reports, 86% of businesses use video as an effective marketing tool.

Animated explainer videos serves four primary purposes:

  • Attract the audience
  • Engage the audience 
  • Explain the audience and
  • Persuade the audience 

The Factors Triggering Fast Adoption of Animated Explainer Videos

It Fits Anywhere in the Sales Funnel

Yes, explainer videos are universal! Companies can use an animated explainer video on the top of the sales funnel to target new leads. Similarly, they can also use the animated explainer videos at the bottom to retain the existing customers.

Animated explainer videos are bound to bring in good results everywhere! The best way to use an animated explainer video is by identifying the pain points in the sales funnel and applying the video there.

Animated explainer videos are one of the best ways to promote your service or product to the target audience.

Attracts Audience

What is the main aim of employing any marketing tactic? It is to attract the audience. What's better than animated explainer videos, then?

One thing is natural for all human beings— we get distracted easily. But according to a report, our attention span is even less than a goldfish.

How can we concentrate on a ten-minute long video along with bombarded advertisements? This is where animated explainer videos do the job!

Animated explainers are incredible assets that help attract the audience. Moreover, animated explainer videos relay information by appealing to the audience's emotions. According to reports, viewers retain 95% of the message they watch in a video.

The shorter a video, the better it is for the audience! Explainer videos ensure to do that by driving meaningful insights to the audience.

Skyrockets Web Traffic

How do companies know about the success of an online business? The traffic says it all! If you want to succeed in your online business, try incorporating animated explainer videos.

If your website doesn't have traffic, it will cease to exist in the future. Animated explainer videos are the right way to boost traffic. Reports suggest that 59% of marketers use animated explainer videos to sell their services and products.

With explainer videos on your landing page, your company will witness a spike in organic traffic. Do you know how this happens?

The internet search engines are a great fan of video content. The video content is easier for the internet bots to identify and crawl.

This process of crawling catalogs everything on the World Wide Web for search engines so that the consumers can easily find it.

Boosts SEO Performance

You have already learned that animated explainer videos boost web traffic by crawling and indexing web content. But did you know that these explainer videos improve SEO performance too?

Let's take a look:

  • Explainer videos are easily shareable. It generates backlinks when one website links to another. And backlinks are one primary way to obtain high SEO rankings.
  • Animated explainer videos can improve the SEO performance by enabling rich snippets.
  • With a successful animated explainer video, your website can become a hub of consumers that will help build your credible audience and improve your SEO performance.

Improves Conversion Rate

Reports suggest that 73% of viewers are more likely to buy a product after watching an explainer video. Publishing an explainer video will help websites significantly improve conversion rates.

According to a report, a landing page with a video boosts the conversion rate up 80%

Search engines undoubtedly love videos, but so does the audience!

If you want to skyrocket your conversion rate, use an innovative animated explainer video to stand out from the crowd!

Saves Money

All the benefits, as mentioned earlier, are available at the best rates. Yes, developing animated explainer videos isn't expensive.

Let's see how!

  • Explainer videos are quicker to produce, resulting in fewer production team person-hours.
  • Explainer videos do not require expensive sets because everything is done on a computer.
  • There's no need for live actors in the explainer video process and the extra expenses that come along with them!

Enhances ROI

Animated explainer videos have always successfully engaged viewers and converted viewers into potential customers. It is easier to have a good return on investment with explainer videos at an affordable cost.

Final Words

Explainer videos have gained immense popularity in the present scenario. The benefits that come with it result in its triggering adoption in the business world. Acadecraft is one of the best companies that delivers top-notch explainer videos to various industries.

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