Digital Marketing Trends That will Dominate in 2023

Digital Marketing Trends

It is that time of the year when businesses and marketing experts need to learn about the latest trends that might work in 2023. Technology and consumers’ behavior speed up the changes that happen online and the trends we see each year.


Even if the year hasn’t ended, experts have already seen a sudden shift in the behaviors of consumers and social media users. That’s why trends are frequently published to update small businesses and marketing professionals. 


Keeping up with constant changes and trends helps businesses meet the demands of the public. In such a way, they’ll be able to increase sales and build brand awareness.


However, these trends are not 100% guaranteed to happen, or sometimes unexpected events might change them. Take, for example, the 2020 pandemic. Due to the lockdowns and limited freedom to go out, people turn to social media, particularly TikTok. Now, it is the fastest social media platform to be downloaded. Furthermore, cryptocurrency sparked conversation yet again when Elon Musk tweeted about it.


Trends are valuable for businesses and marketing professionals. It helps them get into the momentum, create content that people like, and aid in communicating their brand better.

So, let’s take a look at the trends coming or are happening at the moment.

Digital Marketing Trends that will Dominate in 2023 

Make Short Videos

TikTok, with over one billion monthly active users, has changed the landscape of social media. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, where you can update your status and post curated images, TikTok made video far more desirable. But it’s not about the long videos that made it unique, but the posting of short videos or content.


The demand for short clips has even made giant social media names like Instagram and YouTube join the bandwagon. Instagram added Reels and YouTube included Shorts.


The necessity for basic and succinct messages or compelling material that urges us to participate—whether it's learning a new dance, joining a challenge, or participating in surveys and polls—is highlighted by short videos. Furthermore, 66% of people prefer to watch short videos to learn something instead of reading an article or post.


The great thing about short videos is that it’s easy to do them. Most short videos are behind the scenes, DIY projects, real stories, so they are often unpolished. Taking short shots of clips and putting them together is all you need for short videos.

Learning to make videos and using tools can help in creating your content. You can use simple editing software. It is easy to get the hang of how to use Adobe Premiere Pro or other beginner-friendly tools for your video and short video content.

Being Transparent and Keeping Things Private

Advertising companies collecting data are overrated. Consumers are now demanding strict privacy for online browsing. That’s why digital marketing professionals are getting ready for a tighter privacy restriction.


Even Google has announced that they’ll stop third-party cookies on Chrome until the end of 2023. Hence, the removal of notorious tracking cookies will change advertising companies' and marketers' data collection processes. 


It doesn’t mean that tracking and data collection will stop entirely. Instead, tracking becomes more consensual. It will become an era of trust and transparency since consumers want to know where their data is being used. There will be an option to opt-out, and data collection is limited to necessary information only.


Starting 2023, companies should keep things genuine. They should indicate the data they are collecting and where they are going to use them. 


Embracing this new data collection method prepares companies ahead of time and can build a better relationship with their customers.


Personalization will still be the focus of marketers when reaching out to potential audiences. The data collected with consent are used to create content that impacts the customers. But personalization is not only about delivering content that appeals to your audience in general. 


In 2023, personalization becomes more specific. It’s not only posting content based on your consumers’ persona. But culture, location, and other factors are needed to be considered now.


Make sure that your adverts reach your audience at a specific time and place to create better engagement. For such a strategy, marketers must take the time to understand their audiences and how they perform on the site, and more.


Tailoring content according to the needs, location, cultural background, and more can help marketing campaigns consider different touchpoints of consumers. 

Conversational Marketing

Businesses have been communicating with customers for many years, and it’s still an ongoing trend. With everything happening online and people talking to chatbots for inquiries, more customers desire a conversational approach.


Marketers should begin making content that tells a story and connects to customers. 


The increased interest in conversational marketing is likely due to a shift in consumer behaviors that has been accelerated by technology in recent years. These conversations may now take place on a wider scale, faster, and more fluidly than ever before. Large amounts of data are generated as a result, which aids in the understanding of customers' requirements and expectations.

Focus on Localized SEO

Local SEO will become beneficial to small, local businesses. It is valuable for businesses that operate on a local level to register on Google My Business. It will provide more information about geographical location, operating hours, and ratings. 


Furthermore, prioritizing local SEO will help businesses appear on “near me” searches.

Customers will get more details about a business when it gets listed on the Google My Business listing. Also, it gives a business advantage over its competitors in the local area.

Mobile-friendly Websites

Since most people use smartphones to access social media and websites, businesses must focus on a mobile-first approach.


Website owners should start creating designs that can adapt to any screen size. Flexible layouts can help in improving the overall experience of the website.


Everything from navigation, menus, text size, popup, and more should correctly work with the device. 


Enhancing the appearance of a website will help with search engine ranking. Furthermore, it will benefit from fast-loading pages, voice search, and more.


Remember that about 61% of consumers who browse a website that is not mobile-friendly are more likely never to return to the website.

Facebook Will Still Prevail

Despite the issues arising from Facebook, such as privacy, Facebook (Meta) will continue to grow. In fact, Facebook has the most monthly active users compared to other social media platforms. 


Digital marketers should continue to utilize Facebook in marketing brands and adapting to changes that the company will announce.


In marketing, segmentation means the practice of dividing the target market into groups. There will be subsets based on interests, demographics, needs, and more. Creating segmentation can help target the right audience instead of wasting time and money sending emails, offers, and other campaigns to uninterested individuals.


In 2023, marketers should begin to provide options for their customers to opt-in to content they can receive from their brand. For example, consumers can still receive promos or newsletters from a business, but they can opt-out of any content about Christmas since they are not interested. 


Businesses should be sensitive to their customers, giving them the option to choose what notifications they can receive and what not.


Furthermore, allowing the audience to choose the content to receive will avoid customers opting out of your email list or unsubscribing to your entire email campaign.

Adaptation to Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI) improved in recent years. It has resulted in more intuitive reporting and the automation of marketing activities. But, rather than focusing on what we've already learned from AI, it's time to consider how it will affect digital marketing in the future.


As AI technology improves, it progresses from automated chores and campaigns to the ability to forecast what customers will want next. AI is capable of analyzing more data, at a faster rate, than humans. Hence, it can assess the purchase history and behavior of customers. Then you'll be able to recommend an item or promotion or even a customized ad.


You can target your customers with the product or service they need by using AI to predict their next action. This type of targeting will result in high conversion rates and the impression that you know your client's demands without being invasive or overwhelming with useless ads or content.

Focusing on Voice and Visual Searches

Voice assistants, speakers, and speech-to-text technologies are continually increasing in demand. It is used in both home and office for convenience.


Therefore, the shift in usage of keywords and content construction must be applied. People often ask questions when they do a voice search. So, content marketers should make sure to create content that answers questions. Long-tail keywords are taken into consideration too.


Another thing to consider is using media instead of text. Since most people remember images and save them, they can paste or drag an image to the Google search engine to find what they are looking for.


Digital marketers who optimize their product images with high quality and descriptive keywords help appear on search engines quickly.

Focus on Audience

Since consumers prefer authentic and personalized content, marketing experts should ensure that the content they share should be less sale-y and more audience engagement.


People don’t like receiving content that forces them to buy a product. They want content that they can relate to. That’s why marketers should learn to use data they have collected transparently and come up with valuable content.


Also, digital marketing professionals should learn to create content that tells a story. Storytelling will be the best way to sell content to an audience in 2023.


The digital marketing trends in 2023 will have changes that we don’t expect to practices that have been there for quite a while. Digital marketing trends are fundamental to meeting the needs of consumers and helping businesses thrive. The changing behavior of consumers is the defining point of all the trends, and marketing experts must keep up with them.


Continue to learn about digital marketing trends 2023, experiment with strategies that might help, and always think about the audience. 



Vanessa Venugopal is a passionate content writer. With four years of experience, she mastered the art of writing in various styles and topics. She is currently writing for Softvire Australia - the leading software eCommerce company in Australia and Softvire New Zealand.



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