8 Affordable Ways to Protect your Phone from External Damage:

Ways to Protect your Phone from External Damage:

Your smartphone's screen is its most appealing feature but also the most fragile. Accidental drops, exposure to liquids like water or other substances, intense cold or heat, and other factors are typical causes of phone damage. Your phone's screen might fracture or get scratched if it is subjected to some of these circumstances.


This is why thinking about safeguarding your new phone from harm is one of the first things you should do after purchasing it. Some solutions include using a high-quality screen protector, purchasing a case with a good design, and signing up for phone protection insurance.


As the price of a smartphone rises, so do our worries about dropping such an expensive gadget and breaking a phone used to be a relatively small annoyance when it was exclusively used for two-way communication. However, if your smartphone is broken today, you cannot access your work email, calendar, camera, GPS and more business commitments, family communications, and social engagements. 

Some Essential Tips for Protecting Phones from External Damage

We have listed down some of the ways and tips for protecting phones from external damage:


1: Keep the Phone's Outside Clean

The best phone cases are also some of the finest at coating your phone in mud, bacteria, dead skin cells, and other impurities. The input jacks and sensitivity settings on your phone could become messed up by all this grime. You can use different phone cleaning alcohol-based solutions or use alcohol wipes to keep your phone disinfected. 


2: Buy a Durable Screen Protector

Most modern smartphones have screens made of Gorilla Glass or similar material, which often impact- and scratch-resistant. The screens must be protected with a screen protector because they are not indestructible. 


If your keys scratch the screen while the smartphone is in a bag or your pocket with the attachment guiding the screen, you may easily purchase a new protector. Compared to the factory-installed screen that came with your smartphone, replacing your screen protector is far simpler and less expensive. Additionally, several screen protectors have an oil-resistant layer that lessens the likelihood of fingerprints and smudges.


3: Try Purchasing Good Quality Phone Cases

In a world where multitasking is necessary to keep up with its fast pace, you might unintentionally drop your phone at some point and break it. A facility of mobile cases can help you deal with this nuisance. This device will provide the smartphone with the greatest physical protection and keep its exterior looking brand-new even after extensive use. Good-quality mobile covers are also available online. To buy them at a discounted price, you can use SUPCASE discount codes


4: Handle your Mobile properly or Use a Pop Socket Phone Holder

The most frequent cause of a phone or tab unintentionally falling out of your hand is how you're holding it. You must therefore maintain a strong hold on the mobile device. Your smartphone or tablet is pretty delicate, so never handle it freely. Try attaching a pop socket phone holder to it, which is a great prevention to help avoid mobile dropping even when you hand them to your toddlers.


5: Try Buying a Good Quality Phone

Prevention of external and internal damage starts with buying a good quality phone. A mobile that has problems like short battery life, bad-looking displays, and performance and flimsy exteriors is a big no-no. Besides, these mobile have greater chances of getting externally destructed. Buying good quality phones usually means opting for expensive options; however, it does not necessarily mean that. You can still buy good quality mobiles at a discounted price using Affordable Mobiles discount codes.


6: Prevent your Phone from getting wet

Your smartphone will get wet and begin acting up if it comes into contact with water or other liquid. This can happen when holding the phone in wet hands at the beach, in the rain, or even in the pool.


Unless it is waterproof, ensure your smartphone or tablet doesn't come in contact with water. It is recommended to keep waterproof phone cases on occasions like downpours or rain.


7: Don't take your Mobile to Places like the Bathroom or Bed

The bathroom is a phone safety nightmare. The safest option is to leave your mobile in another room. Open water should never be approached while wearing gadgets because it poses a risk to you and your phone. However, you may already refrain from using your phone while bathing; steam droplets might damage a phone that is carelessly left on the counter. So it's not safe to use your phone in any way while in the bathroom.


Keeping your mobile beneath the pillow is not safe. So it is always recommended to charge your phone during the day and on a non-flammable surface, if at all possible.


Your body heat, the heat from the pillows and blankets, the power from the charging cable, and even background apps could cause your phone to warm up. All of these, put together, can cause your phone to overheat, damaging the hardware and, more significantly, endangering your safety as you sleep.


8: Get Phone Protection Insurance for your mobile

The easiest way to guard against your phone damage is to purchase a phone protection insurance plan. A smartphone is one of the most used electronic gadgets and is quite expensive. Once it is insured, you can rest easy knowing that you won't have to shell out additional thousands of pesos for maintenance or replacement.


Mobile insurance would help you avoid the unwanted nuisance of mobile replacement. It is also more affordable than replacing the damaged one with the new one. The mobile warranty can only cover basic issues like hardware and manufacturing faults. Getting your mobile insured would help your phones recover from robbery or other accidents.



Keeping your phone's exterior is essential if you want to keep your phone in good condition. The tips for protecting your mobile from external damage mentioned above would be helpful and a solution for making you avoid investing unnecessarily in purchasing new phones.


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