7 Web Design Hacks That'll Skyrocket Your Website Conversions

Web Design Hacks
On average, a typical website conversion rate is just about 2 to 3%. Which means, out of every 100 visitors on your site, only two to three are likely to convert. If your site is not optimized for conversion, it will stand to lose a lot of prospects, as you can clearly gauge from the statistics.    
So, naturally, you need a site that helps boost conversions by impressing visitors. This is however not possible unless you know the art of engaging visitors with website design. You must also understand how the user’s experience with the site matters, and it can also lead to better conversions as well.      
So, your focus should be on having a well-designed website as it encourages visitors to linger or stay longer. And when visitors stay longer, they will purchase, and this is how conversion rates can go up in the process.
Let’s look at some design hacks that will help boost your website conversions - 
1. Use Big Bold Typography
The use of big bold letters in website design is quite a popular trend as it delivers advantages. In fact, typography can be a factor in determining the visitor’s experience with a website. When a site uses bold typography, it basically conveys things in a simple and clean way and also sends a clear message.  This kind of typography is quite helpful in catching a visitor’s attention and making them stay longer on the site.  
2. Boost the Speed of Your Website  
Visitors today are quite finicky and impatient. They won’t wait for even a second longer if your site loads slow. If your web pages don’t load fast, your prospects might click off to competitor’s sites. Clearly, delay in loading can directly affect your site’s conversion rates. So, make your web pages load as faster as possible else it might adversely affect its search rankings as well.    
3. Make the Site Mobile Friendly  
Mobile searches have long replaced desktops. Plus, smartphone penetration is going at an exceptional rate. More people these days use their phone to search and buy products. So, if your web pages are not mobile-friendly, it means you’re then losing out lots of prospects in the process. More importantly, mobile-optimized sites enjoy better search engine rankings which directly affects conversions. So, make your site ready for mobile and boost visits to the site. 
4. Simplify Your Navigation
You should avoid having too many options and choices on the navigation bar. It often distracts visitors and affects conversion rates. With few choices on the navigation bar, visitors will find it easier what they are looking for. Similarly, you also need to put the navigation brads in the header of the site rather than on the sidebars and footer areas, to make it convert more.   
5. Video Landing Page
It’s always better to use videos instead of text and infographics landing pages to give a boost to conversion rates. Visitors today are more inclined to visual content so you can expect them to click on a video rather than reading blocks of text. And if the video is engaging, it will keep visitors hooked for longer and they will stay longer. But yes, keep the video point-to-point with the focus to inform, engage and enrich customers.   
6. Benefit from Online Reviews & Testimonials  
A lot of people these days read reviews before deciding to purchase anything online. The sites that have positive product reviews tend to have a better conversion rate than those who don’t. You can always ask or encourage happy customers to leave behind some words of encouragement. Genuine reviews posted by your customers can help a great deal in boosting the conversion rate of your website. All the same, benefits will also accrue when you post testimonials on the site.     
7. Leverage Voice Search
The future of voice search is rosy. More people now use devices to search through voice. You can thus sense the change in search patterns and include voice search feature in the web design. You can add keywords and include FAQ that is both voices friendly. You can hire a top web development India company and get it fit voice capabilities in the design. This will help your site’s conversions for sure.

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