How Digital Transformation Can Help Freelancers Make Money Online

make money online

At such a time when technology advances and develops at an exponential rate, digital transformation has become more than just a mere option but rather a necessity in any given business today.

Digital transformation refers to the process of businesses “going paperless,” in which, everyday company procedures and methods are shifted from old, traditional ways into new, innovative ones - ones that involve technology and anything digital. Today, many companies all over the globe try to accelerate digital transformation so as to improve both user and customer experiences. In fact, most companies attend various digital transformation summits to learn more about the ins and outs of digital transformation and how it can promote next-level business processes and better workflows.

While digital transformation is evident in big and small companies worldwide, it’s also an effective tool or medium used by many freelancers today. Besides that, digital transformation also helps businesses generate higher income as compared to those who do not push such change forward. Growing a lot more curious? Here’s how digital transformation can help freelancers make money online:

Personalizes and Improves Customer Experience

One of the main goals of digital transformation is to actually improve and personalize the customer experience. That way, users or customers are all happy and satisfied. Nowadays, consumers want to be treated as unique individuals; hence, looking for the perfect company - or freelancer, for this matter - is quite a challenge. But, with the rise of digital transformation, things have definitely changed because customers are happier than ever when companies or freelancers use their data to improve and accelerate their experience.

With digital transformation, freelancers can easily identify a customer’s personal preferences, purchasing history, and habits. In turn, they can recognize which customer is which, giving only the best, utmost, personalized products or services to each individual. As a result, conversion rates increase every now and then, turning one-time or first-time buyers into repeat customers.

Provides A Seamless and Faster Experience

Today, technology has made it possible for consumers to get what they want, whenever they want, and how they want it. In turn, more than half of today’s consumers now expect companies to have active customer service lines so as to get a response within an hour, at the very least.

This is a significant vantage point for all freelancers out there. Companies may not be on the line 24/7, but freelancers can definitely answer and attend to customer concerns at any time of the day, possibly even the minute right after a customer sends in an inquiry, feedback, or concern. Almost everything now happens in real-time, and it’s going to be quite challenging not to be able to catch up; hence, so much of today’s customers now opt for freelancers that can do the job in an instant.

Improves Skill Set

As mentioned, technology continues to advance and develop at such a rapid rate these days. Therefore, freelancers are required to update their skills so as to meet the challenging (yet fulfilling) technological environment. As a result, with digital transformation, both the knowledge and skills of freelancers and other creatives are honed and elevated.

With an increase in their knowledge and skill, more customers are then attracted since the quality of work is elevated. No customer will ever want to hire freelance digital “experts” that are way behind what’s currently trending, and what helps generate sales.

Wrapping Up

Digital transformation positively affects many aspects of business, whether you’re in a company or a freelancer, and, of digital transformation processes are correctly and successfully implemented, there’s a higher chance of generating higher income. Improving customer experience through digital transformation also leads to customer loyalty, and, in turn, this guarantees more significant ROI more than anything, especially for freelancers that focus on specific fields while also being able to attend to customer concerns even through online meetings immediately.


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