7 Little Tricks to Achieve the Best Results in SEO


There is no shortcut in SEO and even, magic cannot happen overnight, which will bring your website at the top of the search engine results. Search Engine Optimization seems daunting to many, but that is not completely true. You must know the right target to hit and half your job is done. Many people think that focusing on keywords only will boost their website’s ranking. However, this is not the case with eCommerce websites. Many other factors affect the website’s ranking. Experts providing SEO services for eCommerce websites consider other factors too, including outbound links, image optimization, and content clustering.

If nobody can find you online, then you won’t be able to generate leads for your business. Therefore, you must perform comprehensive SEO methods on your website for getting potential traffic. Readout these easy tricks to achieve the best results in SEO:

Content Strategy

Using high quality and plagiarism free content on your website is mandatory. This is the first and foremost tip to drive organic traffic on your website. Engaging content encourages the user to stay and also gives them a reason to visit back on your website. Your content needs to be relevant, engaging, and original. Besides, you much add targeting keywords in each piece of content you are going publish.

Build External Backlinks

The quality of backlinks you create plays an important role in getting hidden under other competitor's searches or coming on the first page on Google.  The search engine is more likely to view webpages with most outside links as important and relevant. When it comes to earning backlinks, you can’t stay back and wait for others to notice you. Reach out to people on social media for earning backlinks.

Perform SEO Site Audit 

Using SEO tools is the easiest method to conduct an SEO audit of your website. SEO analytics of your website is a must to track your strategy’s performance and results. Even beginners can use Google analytics to get a comprehensive SEO report.  This tool will help them to get a complete and organized picture of the amount of traffic you are receiving and also display from where it is coming.

Follow On-Page SEO Checklist

The key to boosting the ranking of your webpage is to optimize specific parts of on-page. You can focus on enhancing various elements for on-page SEO including:
  • Header tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • URL
  • Page title

You must ensure that the keywords you choose in the above aspects are of high rankings so that search engines can crawl your website seeing the relevant content. You can use different SEO tools to check the traffic on each keyword to avoid guesswork.

Image Optimization

Images are responsible for slow page load times. Large images slow down the loading of the webpage and create a less ideal user experience. You must optimize the images to decrease the file size using either a script or a plug. Besides, sizing there are other ways too that are used for image optimization. You must use relevant image descriptions using keywords for optimal image optimization.

Demolish Broken Links

Nobody wants to land on a 404 page after clicking on a link. A broken link has no relevance and portrays a bad impression. Besides, the search engine considers them as old links that can harm your SEO ranking. Make sure to fix or demolish the broken link on your website. There are many tools that you can use to ensure your website is free from broken links.

Layout and Formatting

A user-friendly, simple yet attractive layout that encourages the user to engage with your content is a must. Use proper format and understandable content to improve your webpage ranking. You can make the following changes for better layout and formatting:
  • Use bulletin points for more clarity.
  • Use font and color which makes it easier to read.
  • Use apt font size for better visibility.
  • Use sliders, grids, modal windows, drop-down lists to organize content and making it more interactive.


By using all these tricks, you might not see visible changes in the ranking, but in the long run, you will see optimal results. Don’t just get enticed by seeing the number of traffic on your webpage. Traffic is the secondary thing user conversion is the top priority.  


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