MilesWeb Review: Powerful and Flexible WordPress Hosting

Is it easy to work with your web hosting provider? Or you have to face several issues such as late replies, downtime, etc.? Does it offer affordable services and allows you to focus on your business development or do you look after server management to? If your answer is no, then you should surely migrate to cloud hosting.

WordPress is one of the most used and easiest platforms to create a website. It contributes to over 34% of websites as it is free and easily accessible to all. But it important to have your website built using such a great website builder to be hosted on an equally amazing web hosting platform.

Have you ever thought what would happen if your WordPress website is hosted on cloud? You will be able to get the benefit of cloud as well as WordPress hosting.

But is such web hosting solution available? Yes there is a web hosting provider that offers WordPress cloud hosting solution.

MilesWeb – An Overview

MilesWeb was launched in 2012 and ranks among the best web hosting providers today. They are popular for their reliable and affordable web hosting solutions. You will find all types of web hosting solutions with them. Shared, WordPress, best VPS hosting India, dedicated, reseller and cloud hosting are some of the web hosting solutions offered by them.

They offer the best uptime to keep your website always available for your visitors. They offer managed hosting solutions which helps users to concentrate on their business growth rather than involving in the tasks of server management and maintenance.

You will find that their customer support team is very helpful and active in terms of resolving the issues of their customers. You can confirm this with the below reviews:

Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Plans

Key Features

LiteSpeed Web Server 
  • Powerful LSCache for Dynamic Content
  • Handle Tons of Concurrent Users
  • Enhance Your Server Capacity, Reduce Hardware & Support Cost
  • Fully Managed WordPress
  • Free WordPress Migration
  • Built for Performance

The Advantages of LiteSpeed + LSCache 

Server-Level Full Page Cache

The combination of LiteSpeed and LSCache helps to cache multiple versions of generated content depending on user agent, currency, geography and more.

When LSCache directly communicates with LiteSpeed Web Server, it enables storing static copies of dynamic web pages. Due to this the pages get retrieved fasted as compared to the uncached content. It offers a powerful cache management tool and tag based smart purging of the cache. Additionally, it also enables caching of multiple versions of user generated data like geography, agent, currency and more.


Due to the continuous activation of Crawler, the pages that have expired in the cache get refreshed. LScache offers visitors the cached content and reduces resources consumption on the server smartly.

Content Delivery Network Support

LSCache supports the use of CDN for static content. Cloudflare can be used as a CDN for your static content without any plugin for your WordPress website. It will serve static content to visitors from geographically closer locations to them.

Private Cache

It also helps to cache user specific pages where content is restricted to that user only. Pages having restrictions to cache publicly, can be cached privately. In this, logged in users of a website will also be involved.

CSS, JavaScript, or HTML Minification

The size of source code gets reduced and all unnecessary whitespace characters, newline characters, and comments from CSS, JavaScript, or HTML code get removed with the use of LSCache. It can be configured separately and only minification functions can be enabled, if you want.

Browser Cache Support

Due to LSCache, there isn’t any need of any browser cache plugin. You get a simple setup without the need to configure files. The .htaccess is edited by the LSCWP. It helps in storing the content locally on user’s device and this is then pulled from the local storage of device till the expiry of browser cache. With the help of browser cache, your WordPress website’s speed will increase by taking into consideration that the images will be served from the user’s device rather than server resources.

Edge Side Includes (ESI)

LSCache works on the ESI or the punching holes technology. Holes are punched in pages which include the visitor specific information. Cache memory serves dynamic content and the visitor information gets truly processed as dynamic. When another visitor browses your website, “holes get filled” with this/her information. Additionally, complete per user pages get cached for repeating visits and there is no requirement of holes for this user.

Lazy Load Images

Asynchronous loading of images and iframes is supported by LSCache. Only the media necessary to fill the current viewport is displayed by it. Mobile visitors get alerts related to the cost of bandwidth. Other images and iframes are displayed as and when needed.

Image and Database Optimization

The size of your website’s images gets reduced due to LSCache for improving page load times effectively. Additionally, the speed of the database queries gets increased by making the WordPress database smaller and as efficient as possible. There is no separate plugin required for Image and Database optimization.

Other Features of WordPress Cloud Hosting:
  • Cloudflare Railgun
  • HTTPS By Default
  • GZIP/Brotli Compression
  • SFTP Access
  • WP-CLI
  • Dedicated WordPress Support
  • Cloning
  • Daily Backups
  • CDN
  • Server-side Optimizations
  • Caching

You can see that MilesWeb’s WordPress cloud hosting uses LiteSpeed Web Server plus LSCache for offering the best performance for your WorDPress website. Thus, MilesWeb offers you the best features and pricing for their WordPress cloud hosting.

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