Ways to Choose Best Keyboards for Designers


As a designer, you would not like to pay more attention while you are choosing your keyboard. Most probably I Am not wrong, right? But we actually forget that a perfect keyboard can improve our working level also. While using the keys for productive commands, A perfect keyboard can help you to get more productivity results. So if you want to work without strain & wrists pain, then you should select the best designing keyboards for you. 

To do more creative work like photo editing, photo retouching you just need the best suits keyboards for you. This is so important to keep the best comfort working zone. Sometimes the designers would like to use the Ergonomic keyboards just because of their best features. The Mac and windows both users also like to use the Ergonomic keyboards

How to choose a Keyboard for Designers

Every creative person would like to enjoy the freedom of the working method. So you should not choose those kinds of keyboards which can bother you after a while. Here we have shown all essential criteria you should check before obtaining the keyboards to do your designing task. 

Work Type

All graphics designers' working field is not the same. Some would like to work on creating visual identity or marketing or advertising or interface, publication, packaging design or so one. All types of task command sources are not the same. Motion or animation designers do not use the same keys as the others do. Based on working criteria you will find different category keyboards on the marketplace. As an example, the gaming keyboard is not preferable for a typist or a web developer. So this is the first issue to select the designers' keyboards. 


Different keyboards come with different features & functional keys. All are not doing well for the designers. Logitech Craft has a multi-functional key called Crown. That can help you to control the parameter while you are working with Illustrator CC, Photoshop or InDesign CC. This will follow a very fast Zoom in & Zoom out the command. This functional key may not be available with other keyboards. 


Naturally, we use the copy, paste, cut, select all, Find, Undo, save & Zoom in or Zoom command from our keyboard. They are the maximum using the command for all types of keyboard users. But the Graphics designers also need to use the Hide selection, Redo, paste in place, Brush shortcuts, tool capacity, tool flow & so one. So you must check that required keys are available or not in the keyboard.  

While you want to use the keys to get opacity like pressing the button 3 will give you 30%, 6 then 2 will show you 62% opacity. If you want to create a new lear then you also need to tab Ctrl + Shift + N. Now what to say? If you don't have those keys or the keys are not in a comfortable place then you can't hit command in a second. You just need to grope your keyboard for a long time. So the position of all keystrokes is really very important for the designer to supply a fast service & to keep his satisfaction on his task.

Extra Functions

Different keyboards have different quality keystrokes, set up pattern, size & other features. Gaming keys are not the same as typing keys or the ergonomic keys. All are different. Some keyboards have extra key facilities. You just need to check it out, is it necessary to you or not.  The extra function is naturally used for media features. They are not actually included in the 104 keys list. 


All characters in a keyboard are arranging according to the working sequence. Maximum people would not like to place their hands on the keyboard straightly. This can also create wrist pain after a while. We feel tired while using those normal as usual keyboards. You can see that some keyboards' keys are rising above. Those will help you to place your finger perfectly. If you like to place your hands in a separate place, then the ergonomic keyboard has its best design.  

Wired vs Wireless

If you want to maintain a proper distance from your PC, then wireless will be the best for you. A wireless keyboard will make it easy to operate your computer or laptop. You may not like the gathering of wiring on your PC table. Then the wireless will also help you to feel light. 

The wired keyboard is comparatively long-lasting than the BlueTooth or wireless keyboards.  

RGB vs Non-RBG

This is actually the combination of Red, Green & blue light. Working like the backlight of the keys. It will help you to work in a bolt of dark or insufficient lightning. If you like to play with colors then you must like these features. No doubt the designers always like to get in touch in a creative environment. 


Basically we think, the price of a keyboard is always in a reasonable range. No, this is a wrong idea. Depending on modern features, there are many pricey keyboards in the marketplace.so you also need to adjust the budget range. Quality brand products will always be in a high range.  

Final Verdict

Obtaining a keyboard is not a simple task if you really want to use this professionally or seriously. Especially to the designers, it should be an important task. So you should spend a while when you are going to buy a keyboard. Our content will help you to save your time. So read this carefully to get full satisfaction after obtaining your keyboard. 


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