Different Security Cameras & Its Functions

ecurity Cameras

Selecting a security camera for your home or office might feel effortless at first, but with all the options available, it can become a daunting task. In today’s society, CCTV and security cameras play an essential role in the surveillance process. With cameras in our surroundings, our daily lives seem more secure every day. However, it is vital to select the right camera, which suits our premises and situations. There are many different types of CCTV cameras available after the advances in wireless, video surveillance, and other smart technologies. 

With the variety of cameras, the retailers are also increasing, which makes it hard to buy security cameras online. The most popular types of security cameras include IP, dome, and bullet cameras. They can be used indoors and outdoors, and come in both types wired and wireless. You can install them as per your preference and use. Here are some common types of cameras: 

LPR/ANPR Cameras

License Plate Recognition(LPR) and Automatic Number Plate Recognition(ANPR) cameras are used to read and store information of registered plates. Many organizations use these cameras to keep track of vehicles entering and exiting the premises. Toll booths, hotel entry and exit points, and other car parking places have LPR cameras for security purposes. Besides, ANPR cameras are more used as road cameras to copy vehicle numbers and get information in high traffic areas. These cameras comprise various smart features, including information storage features, identify vehicles and alert the system, and many more. 

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors at premises for security and surveillance. The name of these cameras is because of its shape, which makes it difficult for onlookers to predict which direction the camera is facing. It is a great piece of security device that deter criminals by creating a sense of uncertainty. Besides, it is extremely easy to install and comes with vandal-resistant and IR night vision features. 

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are ideal for outdoor use as they are specifically designed for long-distance viewing. It is long and cylindrical and installed with protective castings. The casting is for protection of the camera against external threats, including dust, rain, dirt, and snow. Depending on the requirement of the area or premises, it can be mounted and fitted with varifocal or fixed lenses. These bullet cameras have a compact size that aids installation and comes with high-quality image resolution and IR night vision features. So, you don't have to worry about security during the night. You can find different variables of bullet cameras if you search to buy security cameras online. 

C-mount Cameras

The C-mount camera comes with detachable lens features, which can be easily used for different applications. It can also support changes in technology and will never go out of use. C-mount cameras are efficient for indoor use and can cover above 40 ft distance with a proper lens. Its lens changing features makes it appropriate for outdoor use also. They are bulky in size, which makes them visible and deterrent. 

PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras are highly advanced as they offer up to 4k image quality and cover a larger area. PTZ means Pan, Tilt & Zoom, which enables the user to zoom closer or farther as per their preference. The camera is used in premises, where there is a person available for surveillance purposes for operating the security systems. The PTZ cameras offer IR night vision up to 200 m, High-resolution image quality, and X36 optical zoom. 

Thermal Cameras

If you want a camera that provides 24-hour surveillance, then a thermal camera is best for you. These cameras are used in seaports, airports, boards, and other critical infrastructure where quality pictures are needed for better security. No matter what time it is in the day, they will provide you with top-quality pictures. These cameras can easily detect intruders up to 200-300 meters and work excellently even in low light areas. 

In Final Words

These are some sophisticated security cameras that can be mixed and matched as per situation, premises, and function preference. You can set up a complete surveillance system at your home or office with any of these cameras. Whether you need a night vision, indoor or outdoor camera, you can easily buy security cameras online.

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